Best Running Belt for Marathon – Comparisons & Reviews For Marathoners

Best Running Belt for Marathon

 While running a marathon, your ordinary running belt might not cut it. You will need to find something that has enough room to accommodate everything you’ll need to bring with you. To learn more about selecting the best running belt for marathon purposes, read our guide and check out our top picks. Bias Alert: Our Top … Read more

Best Running Belt for iPhone – Comparisons & Reviews

Best Running Belt for iPhone

Bias Alert: Our Top Running BeltWe’ve just released a running belt of our own, the Beam Belt, which holds all your gear + has a detachable LED light on the front to keep you safe. We think it’s pretty awesome, click below to check it out:  Buy on Amazon  Cell phones have become our lifelines. … Read more

Best Armbands for Runners To Hold Your Phone & Have Better Visibility

 ​Our phones have become increasingly important to us in today’s mobile and high-tech world. We can’t imagine being without them, even sometimes when we’re on a run. In order to have your phone with you while you run, you’ll need a place to store it. That’s where you can benefit from the best armbands for runners.Quick … Read more

Best Reflective Running Jacket – Reviews & Comparisons

Best Reflective Running Jacket

 ​When it comes to running in the spring or fall, one of the best resources for staying warm enough on a run is a running jacket. But in order to give you your best shot at safety, your jacket should feature some reflectivity that allows drivers to see you. This article will help you determine what … Read more

Best Running Belt for Women – Comparisons & Reviews

Best Running Belt for Women

Bias Alert: Our Top Running BeltWe’ve just released a running belt of our own, the Beam Belt, which holds all your gear + has a detachable LED light on the front to keep you safe. We think it’s pretty awesome, click below to check it out:  Buy on Amazon  ​To make sure you have everything … Read more

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Men – Top Picks For Bigger Runners

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Man

This guide will show you how to find the best running shoes for heavy men so that you can have the tools to pursue your running dream.Quick Look: Top PicksWhy Are the Right Running Shoes Important When You’re Heavier?Running is great exercise and has many health benefits, but it can take a toll on your … Read more

Best Ankle Brace for Running – Comparisons & Reviews

Best Ankle Brace for Running

If you love running, but it kills your ankles when you do it, you don’t have to give up your need to cross finish lines. With the proper gear, you’ll be able to indulge in race after race without hobbling your way back to your car afterward. With the best ankle brace for running, your … Read more

Best Trail Running Gaiters Reviewed – Comparing Our Top 5 Picks

Best Running Gaiters

If you’re a hardcore road runner who has never stepped foot on a trail and has no desire to change that, gaiters aren’t a necessity for you, unless you run in a lot of snow. Why spend money on something that won’t benefit you?But if you’re a trail runner, you’ve likely used gaiters. If you … Read more

Best Running Skirts/Skorts for Women – Comparisons & Reviews

Best Running Skirts/Skorts

Why Should Women Runners Wear Skirts or Skorts?I think the better question is why not? You might think of skirts as something only women tennis players want to wear, but a number of women runners are embracing this trend, too. For women, the appeal about running skirts is not that they should wear skirts when running … Read more

Best Cold Weather Running Gear For Winter – Comparisons & Reviews

Best Cold Weather Running Gear

Why Do I Need Cold Weather Running Gear?Many of us who live in colder climates find our running really suffers in the winter. We get lazy and the thought of braving those single-digit temperatures has us shuddering from our seat on the couch. Unless you live in a warm coastal region, you’ll need some warmer clothes … Read more

Best Laces for Running Shoes Comparisons & Reviews

Best Laces for Running Shoes

You finally found your dream shoe that will get you through mile after mile of your runs without any injury. But a couple miles in, you realize you hate the shoelaces. No problem — you can still love the shoes. You just need to find the best laces for running shoes.Do Running Shoelaces Really Matter?We … Read more

Best Running Backpack For The Money: Comparisons and Reviews

Best Running Backpack

Not everyone is in the position to head outside for a run without having to carry anything. If you have stuff you need to bring with you, like keys, water, and a cell phone, you might want to find the best running backpack you can to put all your gear in.Quick Look: Our Top Picks … Read more

The Best Minimalist Running Shoes To Help You Move More Freely

Best Minimalist Running Shoes

If you’re not a fan of all the padding and thick soles that some running shoes showcase, you may want to give minimalist shoes a try. The best minimalist running shoes you can find will let your feet, ankles, and legs do more work while taking the spotlight off of your shoes.Best Minimalist Running ShoesWhat … Read more

The Best Tri Suits to Take You Through Each Journey of A Triathlon

Best Tri Suits

You love running, but lately, you’ve had a desire to become a triple threat. If you’re thinking about adding a triathlon to your list of accomplishments, you’re going to need the proper gear. This guide will help you find the best tri suits on the market, so you’ll be able to pick one that suits your … Read more

The Best Running Tights For a Confident and Comfortable Run

Best Running Tights

If you’re looking for the best running tights to compliment the rest of your running apparel while protecting you from the elements, here’s our top choices. Running tights can sometimes make you look like a wannabe superhero. They cling closely to your body and come in crazy, bright colors. But, having the best running tights can … Read more

Best Running Gloves To Keep Your Hands Warm During Your Runs

Best Running Gloves

 Safeguard your hands during your runs. Wear only the best running gloves to keep your hands warm and dry during the colder, winter months. When the weather turns chilly, it can be harder to make yourself want to get out and run. Finding the right gear can make a world of difference to your motivation level. … Read more

Best Running Compression Socks: Comparisons and Reviews

Best Running Compression Socks

 Do you dread how your legs feel the day after a run? If so, you may want to consider running compression socks to help your legs recover better. You’ve seen all the hype but still aren’t sure what compression socks can do for you as a runner. Are they worth the money or are they just … Read more

Best Earbuds for Running To Pump You Up During Your Workouts

Best Running Earbuds

We all know the power of a good playlist and how it pumps us up during our workout routines. When listening to your playlist, you’ll want to have the best earbuds for running or working out that you can find. Finding the right pair can be difficult. There are so many different kinds to choose from, … Read more

The Best Running Shorts For The Money – Comparisons & Reviews

The Best Running Shorts

You want to be able to run without the feeling that your shorts are trying to get away from you. To avoid chafing, droopy bottoms, epic wedgies, and other common problems while running, you need to find the best running shorts on the market. With a great pair of shorts, you can concentrate on your run … Read more

The Best Underwear for Running – Comparisons & Reviews

Best Underwear for Running

If you wear the wrong underwear on long runs, it can feel like your nether region is on fire. You can get painful chafing that will make you reconsider your training goals. Instead of giving up, you should look for the best underwear for running to help solve the problem.Quick Look: Our Top PicksWhy Does … Read more

Best Running Beanie to Keep Your Ears Warm While You Run

Best Running Beanie

On colder days, you need the warmth and comfort of a beanie to keep your training on track. They’ll protect your ears from the elements and help you keep your mind on your run, not the weather. This guide will help you find the best running beanie, and we’ll share our top five picks with … Read more

Best Hydration Belts For Runners – Comparisons & Reviews

Best Hydration Belts

There is nothing worse than when you are running and are thirsty and in need of water. Typically, on your everyday running route, there are no water stations. It’s hard to go on when you just need that little taste of cold water, especially if it’s hot. What do you do? A hydration belt is an … Read more

Best Cushioned Running Shoes To Give Your Feet Comfort & Support

Best Cushioned Running Shoes

You love running, but your feet are really feeling the aches and pains. You aren’t sure how much longer you’ll be able to hold out at this rate. Before you consider hanging up your running shoes for good, take a closer look at your shoes. They might be the culprit. You might just need the best … Read more

Best Shoes for Zumba to Make the Most of Your Dance Workouts

Best shoes for zumba

Zumba. Maybe you’re asking yourself, what is Zumba? Zumba is a type of exercise that mixes many different types of Latin dances with traditional exercise moves. There are many different sub-types and levels of Zumba classes. This type of dancing is a fun alternative to regular workout routines. You can get reap all the same benefits … Read more