Best Flip Flops for Walking Long Distances

Whether you’re spending time at the park or the beach, your flip flops will keep your feet comfortable and fresh during hot weather. Regardless of your style, you probably have a pair waiting for the right occasion.

Flip flops come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the best flip flops for walking long distances will keep your feet healthy and reduce fatigue. Your goal is to find a pair that provides support and protection because it’s made of the best materials.

We decided to help you and suggest some of the best flip flops on the market. So, let’s dive in.

How to Choose the Best Flip Flops for Walking Long Distances

Flip flops are pretty popular, but they’re not suitable for every type of activity. So, if you’re planning to walk, you might be prompted to wear a pair of sneakers.

Yet, if you’re already on the beach or going shopping, then decide to walk around and run some errands, you don’t have to find another pair of footwear. All you have to do is pick the right pair of flip flops to begin with.

Right Size

Before you pick a pair of flip flops that look nice, make sure you’re buying the right size. The flip flops should be wide enough to allow your toes to wiggle freely. At the same time, the foot opening should be big enough to accommodate the rest of your toes without bending the big one.

Ensure that your flip flops aren’t too wide, or your foot will slide and slip, and you might fall. Wide flip flops can also allow small rocks to rub against your feet, and you might end up with a painful injury. If the foot opening is too tight, the material can cause too much friction that eventually causes painful blisters.

If you have wide feet, make sure that the straps are adjustable. This will allow you to get the perfect fit, especially after walking for long distances.

It’s always a good idea to check the size chart before picking a pair, and you can also read other buyers’ reviews to know if your flip flops run small or big.

Proper Model

The way the flip flops are designed will affect their functionality. When the straps are too thin or too many, you might end up with painful blisters after walking for long distances. Make sure that the straps are soft and won’t rub against your skin to avoid inflammation and cuts.

You need to pick flip flops that provide a good range of motion because you want to walk comfortably. If your feet feel too restricted, walking can be painful.

Some flip flops have an extra strap at the back for more stability. This way, your feet won’t slip even if you start to go faster.

Flip flops with upper coverage can be a little too hot, but they’re suitable if you have sensitive skin. Unlike thin straps, these ones don’t rub against your skin, keep your feet comfortable, and reduce the frequency of blisters and sores.

Suitable Material

Flip flops can be made of synthetic materials or natural ones. Synthetic materials like rubber can be lightweight and more affordable. However, they’re not as durable. On the other hand, suede and leather are more breathable and more expensive.

Leather is an elegant choice, but leather flip flops can be too hot. They also don’t tolerate getting wet. So if you’re planning to wear your flip flops to the beach, go for synthetic rubber.

Enough Flexibility

To walk comfortably, the flip flops should bend at the ball of the foot. If they bend everywhere else, you won’t be able to walk and might easily fall and injure yourself.

On the other hand, if your flip flops are too stiff, they can cause pain and even trigger an injury. You might even fall while you’re walking around.

Cushioning and Support

Flip flops with a high-quality insole will keep your ligaments supported. You also need to ensure that the outsole is adequately cushioned to absorb shocks. The outsole should provide enough traction so your feet don’t slip while you’re walking.

Good Price

Remember that quality comes with a price. Although you want to choose a budget-friendly model, your feet are worth the investment, especially if you’re walking for long distances while wearing your flip flops.

Are Flip Flops Good for Walking?

Best Flip Flops for Walking Long Distances: walking in flip flops

Flip flops protect the bottom of the feet while you’re walking on warm or cold surfaces, and they’re not as confining as sandals and shoes. This is why they’re extremely popular during summer, as they allow your feet to breathe comfortably.

Wearing flip flops in public places like around pools protects your feet from infections like warts and athletes’ feet. They can also be extremely stylish as they come in all shapes and colors.

However, they’re not always suitable for walking. Because of the way they’re made, flip flops lack the needed support, and without this support, walking while wearing flip flops can cause foot fatigue and pain.

This is why you need to pay special attention to the insole and arch support because you might end up with a painful case of tendinitis if you walk in the wrong flip flops. You might also sprain your ankle if you tip over and fall because the flip flops don’t provide enough grip.

How to Protect Your Feet in Flip Flops

Fashionable doesn’t always mean comfortable, so you need to make sure that you’re picking a comfortable pair of flip flops. Here are some tips to protect your feet while using flip flops.

  • Avoid applying cream or lotion to your feet right before going for a walk. Moisturizing your feet keeps the skin healthy and supple, but your feet might slip, and you end up injured if you’re wearing flip flops.
  • Break in your flip flops before wearing them outside. This way, you can guarantee that they’re not rubbing against your skin or causing blisters.
  • If the flip flops feel too tight, put on a pair of socks and try to wear them a couple of times at home. You can also wear socks while you’re walking outside.
  • Rub sunscreen on the top of your feet before heading outside. Sunburns are the number one cause of skin cancer, and most of the time, people forget to apply sunscreen to their feet.
  • Apply an anti-chafing gel before going on a long walk. It will help the straps slide on the skin without causing painful blisters.
  • Clean your flip flops and wash them if they get muddy.
  • Don’t put on your flip flops while they’re still wet, and let them air dry completely.
  • If your feet feel swollen at the end of the day, use ice packs to reduce the swelling. You can also take an anti-inflammatory medication to alleviate the pain and discomfort.
  • If you end up with blisters, treat them as soon as possible before they get worse. Blister tapes work and protect the skin where it rubs against the flip flops.
  • Whenever possible, take a break. You can take off your flip flops and elevate your feet to reduce any swelling.
  • If you step into water or your feet get too sweaty, dry them using a towel. The wetness can make the flip flops’ material rub against your skin and eventually lead to skin infections.

When Shouldn’t You Wear Flip Flops for Walking?

Despite being extremely popular and trendy, there are several situations where walking in flip flops is a no-no.

  • You already suffer from plantar fasciitis. You need to wear footwear with good arch support to avoid pain, or the condition might worsen, and you might end up with a fallen arch.
  • You suffer from fractures easily. If you have a problem with your bones, walking in flip flops can cause minor fractures in your feet.
  • You’re walking on a rough trail. The sharp objects can easily penetrate through the flip flops’ outsole and eventually cut your skin. Moreover, the outsole won’t be thick enough to provide comfort on a rocky trail.
  • You suffer from diabetes. Any injury to your feet needs special attention, so it’s best to protect them with adequate footwear.
  • You have bunions or hammertoes. Wearing flip flops will worsen the condition.

Quick Look: Best Flip Flops For Walking Long Distances

In this section, we suggest some of the most supportive flip flops that will keep your feet healthy and comfortable while you’re walking for long distances.

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Pizazz flip flops for walking long distances

Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk Pizazz Flip Flop,Black,8 M US

These sporty flip flops are suitable for walking, fishing, hiking, and spending a day at the park. They’re made of high-quality materials to protect your feet and keep you comfortable. However, they tend to run a little larger, so you need to size down by half a size to protect your feet.

Key Features

  • Unique technology to keep your feet as comfortable as possible while walking
  • Special Go Walk 3 insole and a spongy footbed to keep your feet supported
  • Go impulse sensors and high cushioning for performance and comfort
  • Resalyte midsole with memory retention to absorb shock and impact
  • Good traction on wet and dry surfaces with a high-quality rubber sole
  • A wide range of colors and sizes for all tastes.

What People Say

One Amazon buyer says that the Goga Mat material in the footbed is the right balance between squishy and supportive. In addition, the footbed features small balls to massage the feet and keep them comfortable.

These flip flops provide the needed traction on different surfaces and stay in place all day long, even if your feet get sweaty at the end of a long day.

Clarks Women‘s Breeze Sea flip flops for walking long distances

Clarks Women's Breeze Sea Flip-Flop, Black Synthetic, 10

Women’s feet are anatomically different from men’s feet, and these flips are specifically designed to keep them comfortable. They’re supportive with a little heel that provides good traction and makes them suitable for different occasions.

Key Features

  • Synthetic textile construction to protect your feet from blisters
  • Soft comfort technology to protect your feet from fatigue
  • The cushioning design bounces back with every step to protect you from falls and slips
  • EVA midsole for more comfort and better shock absorption
  • Outsole to provide decent traction on all surfaces
  • Come in 31 colors to suit every outfit

What People Say

Buyers agree that these flip flops run half a size larger, so you need to size down to get the perfect fit. However, one buyer confirms that wearing them is an excellent decision because the outsole is designed so you don’t flinch with every pebble you step on. As a result, these flip flops are suitable for running errands or taking a walk in the park without worrying about spraining your ankle or injuring your feet.

Crocs Unisex Crocband Flip Flops for Walking Long Distances

Crocs Unisex Crocband Flip Flops, Graphite/Volt Green, 10 Men/12 Women

These Crocs flip flops are suitable for men and women because they’re comfortable, lightweight, and stylish. In addition, they’re perfect for hot weather because they keep your feet dry and cool, and they match beautifully with different summer outfits.

Key Features

  • Sporty look and feel for warm summers
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole for more support and comfort while walking for long distances
  • Synthetic and lightweight materials to reduce fatigue
  • Adequate arch support to prevent injury and pain
  • Croslite foam midsole to absorb shock and provide excellent cushioning all day long
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof materials that dry fast

What People Say

Buyers agree that, unlike regular flip flops that feel too thin, these ones are designed to provide good traction and protect your soles from pebbles and rocks. Nevertheless, an Amazon buyer suggests that you size up because they tend to run small. Yet, these flip flops are excellent for moist summer and humid conditions.

Megnya Women’s Comfortable Walking Sandals with Arch Support Flip Flops for Walking Long Distances

Summer Comfort Sport Sandals for Women, High Arch Support Slide Sandals with Slingback Straps, Women's Outdoor Sandals for Camping Beach Travel Hiking size 11

If you’re worried about your feet slipping out of your flip flops, then these ones are for you. These women’s flip flops are lightweight, attractive, and highly stylish, so they’ll be a great addition to your closet. Moreover, they are comfortable enough to be worn during long walks.

Key Features

  • Feature multiple straps to keep your feet in place and prevent slipping
  • Come with an extra strap at the back to stabilize your feet
  • Handwoven braid straps that won’t rub against your skin or cause painful blisters
  • The strap can be adjusted for the most comfortable fit
  • Rubber outsole to provide traction on all surfaces
  • EVA foam midsole to support your feet and keep them comfortable during long walks
  • Adequate arch support to reduce fatigue and prevent injury
  • Water-resistant construction that won’t fall apart if you wear them at the beach or while engaging in any water activity

What People Say

Buyers agree that these elegant and comfortable flip flops are game-changers. One Amazon buyer admits that she hates flip flops because they’re always too thin and too stiff, but these ones are different because the foam is thick enough to protect your feet. Moreover, there’s some texture, so your feet won’t slip even if they get sweaty after a long walk.

OluKai Hiapo Men’s Beach Sandals

OluKai Hiapo Men's Beach Sandals, Full-Grain Leather Flip-Flop Slides, Compression Molded Footbed & Comfort Fit, Enhanced Grip Soles, Lava Rock/Lava Rock, 11

These leather flip flops are truly built to last. They combine high-quality materials with good craftsmanship and attention to detail to provide you with elegant, stylish, and comfortable flip flops that look great no matter how long you wear them.

Key Features

  • Naturally tumbled or marbled full-grain leather that gets better with age
  • Hand-sewn whipstitching for excellent durability
  • Polynesian tattoo artwork detail on the footbed
  • Soft microfiber lining for more comfort while walking for long distances
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole to provide good cushioning
  • Non-marking rubber outsole that provides enough grip on all surfaces
  • Lightweight construction to allow you to walk comfortably
  • Come with a one-year warranty

What People Say

An Amazon buyer explains that these flip flops are durable enough to withstand everyday use and can definitely be worn during long walks. They’re true to size, and the leather feels nice when it touches your skin.

Unlike other flimsy flip flops, these ones provide enough arch support and cushioning to protect your feet from injuries. However, they’re more expensive than other models on the market and will be damaged when they’re in extended contact with water.

Merrell Terran Post II Flip Flops for Walking Long Distances

Merrell Women's Terran Post II Grey/Pink Sandal 11 M US

If you have sensitive skin and flip flop straps make you uncomfortable, then you should consider this model. These unisex flip flops feature a unique design with the material wrapping around your big toe and no thin straps rubbing against your skin.

Key Features

  • 100% nubuck leather for more durability and comfort
  • Rubber outsole to provide a good grip and traction on different surfaces
  • Breathable mesh lining to keep your feet comfortable in hot weather
  • Soft microfiber footbed to provide better cushioning
  • Remember Me foam to cradle and support the natural contours of your feet
  • Merrell air cushioning in the heel to add more stability on rough trails
  • Absorbs shocks to minimize the risk of injury

What People Say

An Amazon buyer confirms that these flip flops are designed to last for years. They work if you have joint pain or bad tendons from years of walking with no support. However, if you live in extremely hot weather, you might need time to get used to the covered upper part.

Final Thoughts

Flip flops are suitable for the hot summer and will complement your casual outfit, whether you’re spending time at the beach or in the park. They can also work for walking long distances, as long as you choose a pair made of high-quality materials and features good arch support.

As you can see, the looks come second to quality and comfort, so you need to choose a durable and supportive pair.

Keep these factors in mind before choosing your next flip flops for walking long distances.