What is a Vastus Medialis Injury?

Vastus Medialis Injury

Running and injuries sometimes go hand and hand. It’s just a part of the sport. A vastus medialis injury is one of the more uncommon types of running injuries. Anyone that has been running for a while has probably had an injury of some kind. Most of us have probably experienced the more common running injuries, … Read more

How Should Runners Deal With A Blister Under Their Toenail?

Blister Under Toenail

You’ve heard about the unsightly and painful blisters your running friends have experienced during their years in the sport. But now you’ve got your own, and you aren’t sure how to handle it. If the blister had appeared on your heel, you’d know exactly what to do. But what do you do when it’s under your … Read more

What Can Cause of Blood in the Urine After Running?

Blood in Urine After Running

Everything seems to be going smoothly — you’ve been killing your runs lately. However, you notice blood in your urine after running and you begin to worry that something’s seriously wrong.What Could It Mean?First of all, take a deep breath and relax. While blood in your urine can be a frightening discovery, it doesn’t always … Read more

What Can Cause Ankle Pain from Running?

Ankle Pain from Running

Running is your favorite thing to do whenever you have a free hour, but you could definitely do without the ankle pain from running. Here’s what may be causing that pesky pain and what you can do to free yourself from it.Ankle Pain from RunningYou love almost everything about running — how your heart pounds … Read more

How To Deal With Big Toe Pain While Running

Big Toe Pain While Running

In your pursuit of the famed runner’s high, you’ll probably experience a few lows, like aches and pains. If you get big toe pain running, here is what’s happening in your foot.Big Toe Pain Can Cause a Big DisruptionIf you suffer from big toe pain from running, you might feel like you should be able … Read more

Should Runners Take Iron Supplements To Increase Iron Levels?

should runners take iron supplements

Runners sometimes need extra nutrients because of the vigorous exercise we put our bodies through. Most of us are well aware we need extra potassium because we tend to sweat a lot, especially in hot weather. But what about other key nutrients like iron? Should runners take iron supplements to make sure our performances and health … Read more

Quad Pain While Running – Why Do My Thighs Hurt So Bad?

quad pain while running

One minute, you’re Quadzilla out there on your run, gobbling up the pavement. The next, you’re limping along wondering where you went wrong. That, my friend, is what quad pain can do to you. If you get quad pain running, here is the 411 on what causes it and how to avoid it.Quads and HamstringsSometimes quad … Read more

Why Do I Have Stomach Pain After Running? Causes & Prevention:

stomach pain after running

You thought the actual running was supposed to be the hard and painful part of this sport. If your lungs, legs, feet and stomach are fine during the run, why are you getting stomach pain after running?Stomach Pain During Your RunMost runners are familiar with side stitches — that intense, take-your-breath-away pain you can get … Read more

7 Magical Tips for How to Run with Shin Splints

Shin Splints–They Don’t Have to Last ForeverYou were running the other day and you felt a pain near the tibia in your lower leg. It could be a lot of things. But if you determine that your injury is shin splints, don’t worry. This is an injury that affects a lot of runners from time to time. The … Read more

How To Deal With Side Pain When Running

Side Pain When Running

The air is crisp and cold, the skies are clear, and you’ve just started your morning run. You only have 20 minutes to squeeze in a training session, so you decide to skip the warm up.  You’ve been running for a few minutes at your training pace, when suddenly, a sharp pain in your side … Read more

What Vitamins Should Runners Take? A Nutrition Supplement Strategy

what vitamins should runners take

Whether it’s to cure a disease or enhance performance, research is always being done on the 13 essential vitamins the body absolutely needs. However, some nutrition experts say it may not be necessary to supplement certain vitamins. Each vitamin has a specific Job to help the body grow and develop. In some studies, research shows vitamins can even help … Read more

What to Eat on Race Day – Tips from a Pro


If you’ve ever wondered what you should be eating on race day, then Ethan Newberry (a.k.a. the Ginger Runner) has got some advice you definitely don’t want to miss. In this video, he shares some of his favorite foods and brands that will “get you to the finish line”, although you should also bear two things … Read more

The Best Stretches Before and After You Run a Race

Stretching before and after a run

Stretching before running is almost a universally known rule, probably because it’s drilled into us at school from a young age. We are taught that if you don’t stretch you’ll probably pull a muscle and end up injured. We completely agree that stretching is important, but you might be surprised to know that the type of … Read more

How To Start Jogging – 9 Awesome Tips For New Runners

How To Get Into Jogging

So you’ve decided that it’s time to turn off Netflix, get off the couch, and start jogging.  That is great!  Making the commitment to be more active is a decision you will never regret. This post will give you some tips on how to get into jogging and stay true to your pledge to improve your physical … Read more

Simple, Indispensable Tips From a Pint-Sized Running Pro

Ever heard of Isabella Fons? I hadn’t either. But now that I have, I’ve quickly become her number one fan. Isabella is a 15-year-old high school freshman with her own YouTube channel, where she uploads tons of fun videos about her passions, which range from veganism to running.She has more than 10,000 subscribers and a very impressive resume, which … Read more