How to Run a Marathon: The Ultimate Guide To Marathon Training

Marathon Training - How To Run A Marathon

Running a marathon is the ultimate testament as to how physically tough you are. When you toe the start line, no one can do the work for you—you’re going to have to tough out every single mile. There are no shortcuts—it’s just you, your training, and your heart. If you manage to finish a marathon, … Read more

Best Running Belt for Marathon – Comparisons & Reviews For Marathoners

Best Running Belt for Marathon

 While running a marathon, your ordinary running belt might not cut it. You will need to find something that has enough room to accommodate everything you’ll need to bring with you. To learn more about selecting the best running belt for marathon purposes, read our guide and check out our top picks. Bias Alert: Our Top … Read more

How Fast Are You Really? A Summary of Average Marathon Times by Age

Average Marathon Times by Age

Have you ever wondered how your own marathon times stack up against that of other runners your age? Sure, we’re all our own biggest competitors. But how fast are you really? Perhaps knowing the average marathon finishes for your age group will inspire you to have a long-term goal to work towards?Average marathon finishes across the … Read more

A Half Marathon Training Schedule When You’ve Got Less Than 2 Months

half marathon training schedule

You only have a few weeks to train for your upcoming half marathon, and you’re starting to freak out wondering if you’ll be ready. Here’s a 6 week half marathon schedule to help you safely reach your goals.6 Week Half Marathon ScheduleA half marathon is a challenge that you’ll be proud of accomplishing for the … Read more

Can You Run the Boston Marathon Without Qualifying?

Run the Boston Marathon

Running the Boston Marathon is something almost every runner dreams about. It’s a race known for attracting top talent and runners. Many runners face grueling training schedules just to knock a few minutes off their best times in order to qualify for this legendary experience. What happens when you just aren’t fast enough? Do you have … Read more

Run a Half Marathon in 6 Weeks – It’s Possible, Here’s How:

how to run a half marathon in 6 weeks

Runners don’t always tackle goals the same way. One runner may spend months preparing for a half marathon, while others simply show up race day with little training and decide to wing it. Unless you’re an elite athlete who logs countless miles every week, winging it isn’t a good idea.  Here are some reasons you actually … Read more

Can You Run a Marathon While Pregnant? Tips For Playing it Safe

can you run a marathon pregnant

You have two big dates coming up — the due date for your baby and a marathon you signed up for before you even knew you were pregnant. Can you run a marathon pregnant? Should you should scrap your plans to run a marathon, or lace up your sneakers anyway and kick some major butt with … Read more

How to Find the Absolute Best Shoes for Marathon Training


You’ve made the decision to run a marathon and you want to make sure you’re totally prepared. You’ve picked out your race, you’ve selected your training plan, and you’ve got your eye on that technical shirt that you’re proudly going to wear when the race is over. There’s a lot to do to get ready for … Read more

How Should I Recover From Running A Marathon?

A marathon is an incredible experience that people train for months to prepare for. After 6 months of work, the day is finally here and you are reaching the finish line. Once you make it across, and I’m sure you will, you’ll have a whole new challenge on your hands. Recovering after the race is … Read more

What Are the Health Benefits of Running Half Marathons?

Running a half marathon has many health benefits for athletes who are just starting out as well as for those who are veteran runners. The half marathon is a good running distance for both the mind and the body. The distance is not too long to take over your whole schedule or drain your energy, … Read more

Effective Carb Loading for a Marathon

Carb loading before a marathon is an essential way to build your energy stores prior to the big race. The body relies heavily upon these stores for a successful race. Pushing yourself through several hours of hard or even moderate running will deplete your energy more quickly than you think. While many runners carry gels … Read more

How to Effectively Hydrate During a Long Distance Race

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of running a successful race. The body uses an enormous amount of fluid during a long distance run. Sweat removes healthy fluid from the body which must be replaced to maintain health. Successful running is dependent upon proper hydration on and off the road. There are many … Read more

Best Shoes to Run a Marathon In

If you are getting ready to run a marathon – whether it is your first or your tenth – you will want to have the best possible shoes on your feet when you walk to the starting line.  Quite obviously, your shoes are the only piece of equipment that touches the ground during your run, … Read more

What is the Best Marathon for First Timers?

Choosing a marathon is as important as training for one, especially for first time runners. Races are not one size fits all; they are meticulously plotted to attract various calibers of runners. There are races that are dominated by speed, and there are races that are dominated by degrees of difficulty. First time runners do … Read more

How to Run a Half Marathon with a Cold – Prevent Viruses While Training

If you have been running for any length of time, you have likely encountered the great conundrum faced by all runners at some point; to run or not to run with a cold. As cold weather settles in and race day approaches – maintaining your health is absolutely critical.   Personally, I would not let anything short of … Read more