Can You Run the Boston Marathon Without Qualifying?

Run the Boston Marathon

Running the Boston Marathon is something almost every runner dreams about. It’s a race known for attracting top talent and runners. Many runners face grueling training schedules just to knock a few minutes off their best times in order to qualify for this legendary experience. What happens when you just aren’t fast enough? Do you have … Read more

How to Find the Absolute Best Shoes for Marathon Training


You’ve made the decision to run a marathon and you want to make sure you’re totally prepared. You’ve picked out your race, you’ve selected your training plan, and you’ve got your eye on that technical shirt that you’re proudly going to wear when the race is over. There’s a lot to do to get ready for … Read more

How Should I Recover From Running A Marathon?

A marathon is an incredible experience that people train for months to prepare for. After 6 months of work, the day is finally here and you are reaching the finish line. Once you make it across, and I’m sure you will, you’ll have a whole new challenge on your hands. Recovering after the race is … Read more

Effective Carb Loading for a Marathon

Carb loading before a marathon is an essential way to build your energy stores prior to the big race. The body relies heavily upon these stores for a successful race. Pushing yourself through several hours of hard or even moderate running will deplete your energy more quickly than you think. While many runners carry gels … Read more

How to Effectively Hydrate During a Long Distance Race

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of running a successful race. The body uses an enormous amount of fluid during a long distance run. Sweat removes healthy fluid from the body which must be replaced to maintain health. Successful running is dependent upon proper hydration on and off the road. There are many … Read more

Best Shoes to Run a Marathon In

If you are getting ready to run a marathon – whether it is your first or your tenth – you will want to have the best possible shoes on your feet when you walk to the starting line.  Quite obviously, your shoes are the only piece of equipment that touches the ground during your run, … Read more

What is the Best Marathon for First Timers?

Choosing a marathon is as important as training for one, especially for first time runners. Races are not one size fits all; they are meticulously plotted to attract various calibers of runners. There are races that are dominated by speed, and there are races that are dominated by degrees of difficulty. First time runners do … Read more