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Are you a runner?  Have you ever wanted to try running?  Have you ever set a goal to run a race? Have you ever tried to beat your personal best? Have you ever had a goal to get healthier and thought that running could help?  If you have ever had questions like these, Runnersgoal.com is the place for you.

Runnergoal.com is a site dedicated to achieving running-based goals.  The site is maintained by Spencer and Stephen and we are just like you, a couple of recreational runners who are trying to balance the may responsibilities of life with an interest in long distance running.

Both of us got into long distance running for the purposes of weight loss and have found a rich and rewarding lifestyle by using running to achieve our goals.  As our goals are ever changing, we do not know where running will take either of us so the purpose of this site is to document our goals and motivate YOU to achieve your goals.  Along the way we hope to educate ourselves and others with everything involved in distance running.

To learn more about us, check out our individual pages and goals.  What we hope you will find is folks just like you who are motivated to be successful and achieve their goals through the craft of running.

We would love to hear from you and to hear about your goals, your motivation, your failures, your successes, and what brought you to the craft of running and more important what keeps you running day-in and day-out.

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