How to Run with Your Phone – 6 Great Options to Consider

Many runners used to leave their phones at home before going for a run.

This way, they felt they could actually focus on getting fit without being distracted by calls and messages. However, for some people, keeping a phone is crucial.

A phone isn’t always a distraction, as you can use it to track your miles, take a selfie, connect with other running partners, and even ask for help in case of an emergency.

So, you’re probably wondering how to run with your phone without dropping it or obstructing your movement.

You’re lucky because you found this article, as we’ll suggest the best ways to carry your phone while running. We’ll also list the worst ways that you should avoid, so let’s dive in.

How to Run With Your Phone

Running is an excellent way to stay fit, smell some fresh air, and unwind to get rid of stress. And runners are always looking for the best set up to help them stay focused and motivated.

Some runners prefer to leave their phones at home and enjoy the peace, but others think that carrying a phone is necessary.

In fact, your phone might save your life or the life of someone you care about while you’re enjoying a run.

Think about accessing trail maps, listening to music, tracking your workout, and connecting with your family and friends.

Carrying a smartphone is no longer a luxury, so how do you carry yours without damaging it or confusing yourself?

There are actually several options to consider, and each one of them has its pros and cons. So you need to think about those before picking one option.

1. How to Run with Your Phone: Carry It in Your Hand

This is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you grab your phone.

It’s an easy method, requires no gear or preparation, and will keep your phone safe if you’re using it in the right conditions.

In addition, this is the fastest way to access your phone, check a message, or call for help while you’re running.

You can definitely carry your phone during short and moderate runs, especially when you’re not going too fast.

To add some grip, how to run with your phone, you can add a hand strap or a ring grip to the phone’s case, so your hands won’t slip when they get sweaty.

However, this method might not be the best one to pick if your hands tend to sweat a lot. At the same time, there’s no water protection if it suddenly starts to rain, and your phone isn’t waterproof.

Moreover, there will be some imbalance between your two sides, as you’re carrying the phone and its weight in a single hand.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a straightforward option that works for you anytime and anywhere, this will definitely be the one.


  • Cheap method that requires no preparation or gear
  • You can easily use the phone when needed


  • Phone might slip if your hands are too sweaty
  • Imbalance between the two sides of your body

2. How to Run with Your Phone: Put It in Your Pocket

Most men’s running pants and shorts have small pockets on both sides to fit different items, including a smartphone.

Although these pockets aren’t specifically designed for this purpose, you can certainly keep your phone in the pocket while running.

Things are a bit different for women’s running outfits.

It might be a little challenging for women to find running shorts or pants that have pockets, but with some research, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Again, this method is quite popular because you do not have to buy any specific gear to secure your phone.

In addition, this option minimizes the risk of dropping your phone and reduces the imbalance between both sides of your body, as both hands are free.

Moreover, if the pocket is zipped, your phone will be perfectly secured.

However, there are some cons that you need to consider if you want to carry your phone in your pocket. First, finding the right outfit can be challenging since some good designs won’t come with pockets that are big enough to accommodate your phone.

Second, a small pocket that doesn’t secure your phone is actually a hazard because it will fall with the slightest movement.

Depending on the pocket’s design, accessing your phone for an emergency might not be that easy. For example, a zipped pocket will provide more protection but might not be the easiest to access if you need to make a quick phone call. In addition, the pocket might change the way your shorts hug your body, which can increase the risk of skin chafing and blisters.


  • Cheap method that requires no special gear
  • Hands are free, and both body sides are balanced
  • Risk of dropping the phone decreases


  • Limited choice of outfits that feature a pocket to carry your phone
  • The phone might not be that easy to access.
  • Your outfit will fit differently, which might cause discomfort.

3. How to Run with Your Phone: Use a Hip Belt

how to run with your phone: phone in hip belt

Using a hip belt is an excellent way to carry your phone, keys, credit cards, or other valuables while going for a run. This belt is a practical accessory for avid runners who like to run fast for long distances because they can actually focus on their runs, knowing that everything they need is within reach.

There are different models of hip running belts on the market. Some are basic with one pocket to carry your phone and maybe your keys while others are fancier with special compartments for everything you need. Most hip belts are made of stretchy material that won’t restrict your body or cause any discomfort or chafing. Some also feature a water bottle carrier to keep you hydrated.

Choosing a good model with a wide and flat band is crucial to keep you comfortable. It won’t dig into your skin, and you’ll be able to focus on your run with no pain.

The best thing about using hip running belts is that they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can definitely pick a model that fits you and keeps your phone and other valuables safe. They’re also quite popular because of the way they distribute the weight around your waist without causing any imbalance that might affect your performance on the trail.

Hip belts might not suit some people, as sometimes they tend to ride up your waist, causing restriction or discomfort, especially if the belt does not fit right. The belt might also bounce if it’s not secure enough. In addition, if you’re adding too many items, you might notice a change in your running pace. 

Moreover, a hip belt is a piece of additional gear that you’ll have to buy separately, so it won’t work for you if you’re looking for the cheapest option. Lastly, the ease of accessing your phone depends mainly on how the belt and the phone pocket are designed.


  • Different models to choose the most suitable one
  • Distribute the weight evenly
  • Can have different compartments to carry more valuables


  • A piece of running gear that you have to buy and pay for separately
  • Some hip belts tend to ride up the waist and cause discomfort
  • You might get carried away and add too many items, eventually affecting your pace
  • The pocket might not be that easy to access

4. How to Run with Your Phone: Invest in a Hydration Vest


Lots of runners wear hydration vests because they provide an extra layer of protection and provide easy and fast access to food and water, especially during long runs. The vest usually contains a water reservoir or bladder for easy sipping on the go, so you don’t have to carry a separate water bottle. However, some models come with special pockets to carry your water bottle, which is a lot easier and faster to refill.

Hydration vests usually come with several pockets, and one of them could easily fit your phone, minimizing the risk of dropping or breaking it. However, you need to take a good look because this is not their primary purpose. Some models also come with a whistle that you can use to stay with your running group or to ask for help in case you get lost or fall down.

They represent a good option for carrying your phone during a run because they’re designed to protect you from the elements and will keep your phone safe. Moreover, they keep both hands free and might come with additional pockets to fit other essentials like your credit card or keys.

You need to make sure that you’re buying a good hydration vest to last while you’re running and pick the right fit to reduce the risk of chafing or discomfort. Accessing the phone pocket might not always be that easy with a water bottle or a filled reservoir.


  • Low risk of dropping your phone
  • Both hands are free
  • Ability to carry other essentials
  • Several models to choose from


  • Good hydration vests aren’t cheap
  • Accessing your phone might not be easy, depending on the pocket’s design and the other items you’re carrying

5. How to Run with Your Phone: Use an Armband

Armbands are specifically designed to carry your phone while you’re running or working out. There are several models on the market, so you need to do a little research to pick a model that actually fits your phone.

An armband can have a clear screen that allows you to check your phone without taking it out if you want to calculate your pace or look at a map. Some models feature a mesh pocket to keep your phone within reach.

Although this is an additional accessory, an armband is usually affordable. You should, however, make sure that it’s adjustable to fit your arms perfectly, or you might lose your phone. Since there are lots of good models on the market, this shouldn’t be an issue. Some models are also water-resistant, so your phone will be safe if it starts raining.

Always look for a stretchy wide band that won’t restrict the blood flow, and choose a smart design that allows for easy access. Armbands will keep your hands free, but you’ll be carrying the phone’s weight on one side of your body.

Moreover, if your arms are too small or too big, you might not easily find an armband that fits. It might slide up and down your arms, causing skin blisters, especially when worn for extended periods with the sweat accumulating under the band.

In most cases, you actually need to stop running to take your phone out if you want to make a call, but if you just need to check a message, a model with a clear screen will be a good option. If you run in the morning or at noon, you might end up with weird tan lines if you’re not wearing your armband on top of a long-sleeved t-shirt.


  • Affordable option
  • Both hands are free
  • Protects your phone from the elements
  • Might be able to see the phone’s screen without taking it out
  • Several models to choose from


  • Might not work for you if your arms are too small or too big
  • Can cause skin chafing if the fit isn’t right
  • Accessing the phone is usually more challenging
  • Weird tan lines when worn directly on the skin

6. How to Run with Your Phone: Keep it In Your Sports Bra

running essentials

This one is for the ladies, and it’s fair because, in most cases, women’s running outfits don’t come with enough pockets to carry their valuables. However, some sports bras do.

If you’re in the market for a new sports bra, you might find a good model that comes with an extra pocket to keep your phone. Of course, you need to get a good fit and make sure that the bra’s bands are wide enough to support your body. The material should also feel smooth when it touches your skin.

Your phone will be perfectly safe, and your hands will be free. It’s not like there’s a weight on a single side of your body, so you’ll feel more balanced. Plus, you already need to buy a sports bra. And all you have to do is to pick a good model that comes with a phone pocket.

Despite being an excellent option, there are several things to consider. The pocket’s location might not be the most convenient for most women. This might mean that you have to twist your hand if the pocket is located at the back of your bra.

For some ladies, the idea of grabbing something out of their bra is a bit uncomfortable. Moreover, your phone will definitely get sweaty, so you might need to put it in a zip lock bag to keep it dry.

Finally, since finding a good sports bra that fits right isn’t the most straightforward task, adding a phone can change the fit and make you extremely uncomfortable, so you need to think carefully before opting for this solution.


  • Keeps your hands free
  • Protects the phone from being dropped


  • This option might make some ladies uncomfortable
  • Accessing the phone might not be easy
  • Phone will get sweaty
  • Carrying a phone might change the way the bra fits

What Are the Worst Places to Carry Your Phone?

We’ve talked about several cool options to carry your phone safely while you’re running, but there are several methods that should be entirely avoided.

  • Carrying your phone in your sock might seem like an easy option, but this solution will affect the way your feet move. Moreover, your phone is likely to fly and drop.
  • A wrist wallet is similar to an armband, but it affects the movement of your wrist. As a result, you might not be able to grab an object, and your hands will feel restricted.
  • Some people opt for a magnetic hip or clip and then secure it to a sports bra or vest that features a metal clip. However, if you have a medical device like a pacemaker, you shouldn’t use this method.
  • You might think about using an adhesive strap to secure your phone to the water bottle. Nevertheless, the strap can get undone, and carrying a bottle in your hand through long runs is a bit inconvenient.

Final Thoughts on How to Run with Your Phone

There are several methods to run with your phone without damaging it. Each option comes with some pros and cons, so you might try different ones until you find the most comfortable method.

The idea is to choose a method that keeps your phone within reach and protects it from falls. At the same time, you should pick an option that allows you to focus on your run.