Best Running Rain Jacket To Keep You Dry While You Train

Best Running Rain Jacket

When you’re preparing for a big race, you don’t have the luxury of taking days off just because Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with your training. You have to stay on schedule. But training in the rain can leave you soaking wet, which can lead to unpleasant chafing. To keep your plans even when it’s pouring … Read more

Best Barefoot Running Shoes For The Track And The Trail

Want a great running shoe that offers great traction and can be worn on or off the running track? These are the best barefoot running shoes made for serious runners.

When regular running shoes aren’t treating your feet well, you may want to try barefoot running shoes. Serious runners have trusted them for years, but even non-runners have taken notice of them. The best barefoot running shoes offer you a great amount of traction and can be used wherever you want. Keep reading for more … Read more

Best Walking Shoes for Women – Comparisons and Reviews

Best Walking Shoes for Women

You may not realize it, but anytime you intend to go on a lengthy walk or plan to be standing up for a long time, you should protect your feet. Many women trust walking shoes for these reasons. The best walking shoes for women will be lightweight, comfortable, and offer good traction.What to Look ForNot … Read more

The Best Running Strollers For Moms & Dads Who Love To Run

The Best Running Strollers

Many parents count on strollers no matter what type of situation they are in. This includes when they take time out to exercise, including walking or running. The best running strollers have room for everything you need to take with you and are also made to ride smoothly on different types of terrain. Here’s a … Read more

What are Minimalist Shoes?

Minimalist-style running has become popular over the last few years. Thanks to the availability of things like Vibram FiveFingers and Nike Frees (some of the most popular minimalist shoes), and exposure through books like Born to Run, minimalist runners seem to be everywhere. A lot of people are curious about the topic, or want clarity … Read more

The Benefits of Compression Socks for Runners

Any runner knows that it does not take a whole lot to convince you to try something new.  Especially when it promises to enhance your performance.  Faster races, easier recovery, superhuman powers and more are all associated with the hot new product for runners, but compression socks stand out as something that truly can enhance … Read more

How Do I Know When I Should Get New Running Shoes?

Running in old, worn shoes is going to cause you as many problems as running with poor technique.  Your running shoes are responsible for absorbing shock, stabilizing your feet, and preventing the injuries that normally come with overuse.  The easiest way to avoid injuries that come with these is to buy new shoes when you … Read more

How Accurate Are GPS Watches?

GPS watches seem like a gift from above for runners. The ability to track time, distance, pace, and more are all built in and let you analyze them all against previous runs with the help of a computer. When you want to know how much you have truly improved this is one of the most … Read more

The Techy Guide to Running: Great Gear to Keep You Moving

Running is the perfect sport for techies. There is more technology available for runners than almost any other type of athlete. Watches can track your mileage and measure your heart rate, shoes can be fitted with chips to track your runs and keep your data, and you can fly cyborgs with certain sets of headphones. … Read more