Best Under Bed Treadmill: 2022 Full Buying Guide Product Reviews

It can be a bummer when you want to buy a treadmill but can’t because there’s not enough room. Unless you get rid of the bed in your bedroom, you won’t be able to fit a full treadmill inside.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy one at all. Under-bed treadmills are available widely; they fold down on themselves to save space.

So, you can work out on them, then store them under the bed.

Under bed treadmills aren’t only convenient and space-saving, but most options are also budget-friendly. So here’s a buying guide for your next under bed treadmill!

Under Bed Treadmill: The Affordable Side of the Market

Your folding treadmill needs to be space-saving yet functional enough to fulfill your workout goals. In addition, it needs to offer many features yet be budget-friendly enough not to break the bank. With these considerations in mind, here are the market’s best affordable options.

GYMAX Electric Folding Under Bed Treadmill

GYMAX Folding Treadmill, Slim Foldable Exercise Running Walking Machine with LCD Monitor & Tablet/Phone Holder, Ultra-Thin Installation-Free Treadmill for Home/Gym

If you’re a beginner runner, the GYMAX motorized treadmill may be what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, its speed only goes up to 5MPH, so it’s meant for people who only use it for jogging or walking. You may think the speed is underwhelming, but most treadmills in this price and size range can go up to 4MPH max, so this one is quite the catch.

The treadmill features a rubber deck that has a slip-resistant surface. So no matter how soft your shoes’ soles are, you won’t slip on this deck. As for the motor, it’s 450W, which is enough for light runners and walkers.

The GYMAX can carry up to 220 pounds, which is pretty decent considering the price. Plus, if you’re worried about your safety, you can always use the red safety key that comes with it. You attach it to your clothes, and it serves to stop you whenever necessary.

The treadmill comes fully equipped with an LCD display that keeps track of your distance, time, speed, and burned calories. Additionally, there’s a stand for your tablet or phone if you want to stream shows online while working out.

The treadmill folds down to a compact size that you can easily store under any bed. It also comes with two wheels on the bottom for easy transportation.


  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Suitable for tight budgets
  • Sturdy despite its low price


  • Some users reported they need to adjust the belt frequently while working out.

Goplus 2 In 1 Folding Under Bed Treadmill

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Under Desk Electric Superfit Treadmill, Installation-Free with APP Control, Remote Control, Bluetooth Speaker and LED Display, Jogging Walking for Home/Office

If you’re looking for convenience in a treadmill, this 2-in-1 model from Goplus may be what you’re looking for. It doubles as a walking treadmill when you get the riser down, making it suitable for people who practice running and walking.

The treadmill features a 2.25-CHP motor that operates quietly without vibration. When the handle is down, the maximum speed is 4MPH, enough for walking. When it’s up, the maximum speed is 8MPH, which is perfect for runners.

For its affordable price, the Goplus treadmill achieves relatively high speeds.

It comes with a monitor that tracks your running data, but it’s only available when the handle is up. However, the best feature remains the running belt, which is made with a high-density texture to minimize the chance of falling. It also has an insulative surface that doesn’t make a sound when you’re running, so you can run at night all you want. Not only that, but the surface is also water-resistant and shock-absorbent. It shouldn’t hurt your joints while you’re running.

The deck is only 40 x 16 inches, which is well over the minimum for running, but it may be small for tall runners or runners who have large strides.

Thanks to the built-in speaker, you can easily connect your phone to the treadmill via Bluetooth. That way, you can listen to music while running without bothering with earbuds.


  • Sturdy, shock-absorbent deck to protect against runner’s knee
  • Excellent value for money
  • Remote controller included for adjusting the speed


  • Some users mentioned it’s not comfortable for runners over 200 pounds.

SereneLife Folding Under Bed Treadmill

SereneLife Folding Treadmill - Foldable Home Fitness Equipment with LCD for Walking & Running - Cardio Exercise Machine - 4 Incline Levels - 12 Preset or Adjustable Programs - Bluetooth Connectivity

With its pre-set workout programs and incline setting, the SereneLife is worth much more than its light price tag. It’s one of the best affordable treadmills on the market and for all the good reasons.

For one, this treadmill features a quick, efficient hydraulic folding system, so you can store it under the bed with ease. It also comes without side rails to let you get on and off easily and save room.

Moving on to the functionality, the SereneLife treadmill comes fully equipped with 12 pre-set working out modes. So, you can adjust it to one of them and start running immediately without bothering with changing the speed manually.

If that’s not your forte, you can always choose the manual program and personalize the settings according to your preference.

Aside from the pre-set programs, there are four incline positions available, so you can train uphill wherever you like. Unfortunately, the incline option makes the treadmill thicker than necessary when folded, but it should fit in a small space without much hassle.

The treadmill can run up to 6MPH, which lies at the center of the scale between slow and fast. Of course, it could’ve been faster, but for the low price, we’re not complaining.

In addition to all these impressive functions, the SereneLife comes with a 3-inch LCD display that monitors your distance; calories burned, speed range, time, and heart rate. Not only that but there’s a dock for your phone or tablet in case you want to stream songs or videos while running.

For a foldable treadmill, this one has it all; we’d say it’s quite the bargain for the price it comes with. Its only major downside is the 40-inch length, which may be uncomfortable for tall runners.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Incline options available
  • Pre-set workout modes


LSRZSPORT 2 in 1 Folding Under Bed Treadmill

LSRZSPORT 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill 2.5HP Under Desk Electric Treadmill with Speaker, Remote Control and LED Display Walking Jogging Running Machine for Home Office, Installation-Free, Upgraded Version

Like the GoPlus treadmill, this one from LSRZSPORT is a 2-in-1 machine, and it falls within the same price range. However, this one has leverage because its weight capacity is better than the former.

The treadmill comes with two modes for walking and running. The running speed goes up to 12km/h, equal to about 7.5MPH. When in the walking mode, the speed only reaches 6km/h, which is approximately 3.7MPH. You can adjust both modes using the remote control that you’ll receive with the purchase.

For the affordable price, the LSRZSPORT’s motor is up to the mark, with a horsepower of 2.5. The treadmill belt also offers excellent value, having been made of five layers, topped off by an anti-skid surface to prevent slipping. And let’s not forget the eight-point cushioning that keeps the impact of your running soft on your joints.

The treadmill is designed for office and home use, so it’s luckily not a loud one. Even at the maximum speed, the sound only goes up to 57dB, which is more than tolerable.

There’s a multi-function console on the handrail that enables you to control the speed and stop the treadmill when you’re done. Next to it, there’s a phone holder to let you watch videos while running.

On top of that, there’s a small LED that keeps track of your data and a built-in high-quality speaker that connects to your phone.

Upon purchase, you’ll receive the treadmill fully assembled. It has transportation wheels on the bottom for easy transportation, and its foldable frame fits easily under furniture.


  • Multifunctional treadmill for running and walking
  • Excellent value for money
  • Bottom switch for turning off and on


  • No incline settings

Under Bed Treadmill: The Expensive Side of the Market

If you have a loose budget for your folding treadmill, you may be interested in looking at these luxurious options. They may be costly, but they offer considerable value for what you pay.

3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat/Incline Under Bed Treadmill

3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill - Folds Flat Storage Treadmill - Store Under a Bed - Compact Runner's Treadmill - 325 LB User Capacity

If you want a fold flat treadmill that still offers the functions of a full-fledged one, this is the one for you. It packs a heavy price tag, but that’s only because of the awe-worthy features it offers.

With its incline options and an 11MPH speed, the 3G Cardio 80i is made for serious and pro runners. It offers a 15% incline range, so you can practice uphill running inside the comfort of your home gym. Its max speed is also more than most similar options on the market, thanks to its 3-HP motor.

If you’re worried about its storage, the 80i only folds down to a height of 9.75 inches, which should fit comfortably under most beds. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to move around. This beast still weighs 225 pounds, making it no easy feat to move it around.

Luckily for you, it comes with two wheels at the bottom to help with that. Plus, the heavyweight allows the treadmill’s weight capacity to be 325 pounds. So, most runners should use it comfortably without weight issues. The deck is also 58 x 18.5 inches, which is comfortable enough for tall runners.

Like all treadmills on this list, the 80i has an LCD that monitors your data while running. Contrary to the other options, this one has a heartbeat sensor.

The console on the treadmill has easy controls that allow you to adjust the incline degree and the speed. There’s also a built-in speaker that you can connect to your phone and listen to music or to a podcast while running. Unfortunately, there’ isn’t a phone holder, so you won’t be able to stream shows while running.

Lastly, the 80i comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame, plus a 5-year warranty for the parts. It may be expensive, but it’s well worth every dollar.


  • Incline option available for uphill running
  • Heartbeat sensor available
  • Suitable for pro runners


  • The price may be high for a folding treadmill.

Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric Under Bed Treadmill

Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill, 400 lbs

The Exerpeutic TF1000 lies in the sweet spot between being affordable and expensive. It’s not on the affordable side, but it’s cheaper than luxury treadmills, so it may be a good option for you if you have a good budget.

The TF1000 is a walking treadmill that folds down compactly to fit under your bed. Its maximum speed is 4MPH, which is pretty decent for a walking treadmill-all thanks to the 1.5-HP motor that the treadmill comes with.

In case you want to upgrade your walking session, the treadmill offers two incline options-3% and 6%. The incline degrees may not be a lot, but they’re enough to challenge your skills and upgrade your walking workout.

Like most treadmills on this list, the TF1000 comes with an LCD that monitors your running data, including your pulse rate.

One of the best selling points of this treadmill is its weight capacity. It can hold users up to 400 pounds, which is a number rare to find in a flat folding treadmill. They’re often flimsy because of the folding mechanism, but not this champ. You can even walk on it while holding your baby or your pet if you need extra motivation.

The walking deck of the machine is 40 x 20 inches. The length may be a bit limiting for tall users, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem because the treadmill is essentially meant for walking.

Luckily for you, the TF1000 comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of putting it together. All you have to do is attach the console and plug the treadmill into the wall outlet. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.


  • Adjustable speeds and incline settings
  • Safety handles available
  • 400-pound weight capacity to fit all users.


  • No pre-set programs

LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Electric Under Bed Treadmill


LifeSpan Fitness TR1200 Portable Walking Under Desk Treadmill 350lb Capacity, 2.25HP Quiet Motor, LED Console, Non-Bluetooth, for Home or Office Standing Desk Workout

The LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 is a bit costly, but it’s worth every dollar you’ll pay for it. It’s different from all treadmills on this list, and it has some features that are completely unique.

For one, it features a non-slip, high-quality deck that’ll feel soft under your feet and absorb the shocks from your running motion.

The running belt is 50 x 20 inches, which means it’s quite sufficient for all users, even tall ones. It’s also self-lubricating, so you don’t have to bother with the process yourself. That means that the treadmill is low-maintenance and doesn’t need much effort on your part. The manufacturing company promises that you won’t have to maintain it for the first couple of years.

That’s not the best feature yet. The LifeSpan treadmill also has an Intelli-Step technology that counts your steps as you’re walking or running. That’s not the only thing it does, but it also stops the belt automatically 20 seconds after you step off. The treadmill is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and easiest to use on the market.

Moving on to the specs. The LifeSpan dons a powerful 2.25-HP motor that generates speed up to 4MPH. The speed could’ve been faster, but considering the treadmill is meant for walking, it’s enough for that purpose.

The treadmill has no side rails because it’s an under desk treadmill, making it pretty easy to store under your bed. It has two wheels on the bottom to help you move it with ease.


  • The treadmill comes fully assembled
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Quiet operation for working out at night


  • On the expensive side of the market

Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Premium Slim Folding Under Bed Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Space Saving Treadmill, Motorized with Low Profile, Speakers & Slim Folding - 8730,Black

If you prioritize features and functionality over affordability, the ASUNA Premium treadmill may be what you’re looking for. It dons a decent 49-inch deck with a 17.5-inch width, making it suitable for most sizes of runners.

The treadmill folds down to a thickness of 5.25 inches, making it easy to store under beds and in tight spaces. It weighs 95 pounds, and to make storage easier for you; it boasts two bottom wheels for easy transportation.

Despite its relatively lightweight body, the ASUNA has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. For such a thin frame, the maximum capacity is pretty decent.

On top of that, the treadmill features a 2.5-HP motor with a maximum speed of 8MPH. The speed could’ve been better, but considering the thin frame and the lightweight, we’d say it’s good enough for most runners.

Aside from the main functions, the ASUNA treadmill packs some extra features that are worth your money. For starters, there’s an LCD display that monitors time, speed, distance, number of steps, and burned calories. You won’t need to wear your smartwatch during exercise, thanks to these features!

Moreover, the treadmill has built-in speakers that allow you to listen to songs out loud while running. You can connect them to your phone using an AUX cable. That way, you don’t have to bother with headphones during your workout session.

Generally, the ASUNA offers pretty good features considering its price point. It’s compact, functional, and convenient. Plus, if you’re worried about it, you have a 5-year warranty to keep your mind at ease. The only major drawback is the lack of incline and decline options.


  • The deck has a shock-absorbent surface
  • Bottom wheels for easy transportation
  • Available dock for connecting devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No incline or decline options

Botorro Folding Treadmill Exerciser Walking/Running

Folding Treadmill Exerciser Foldable Walk Running Machine Portable Treadmills for Home and Apartment LCD Display and Bluetooth Speaker No Assembly

The Botorro foldable treadmill can be used by the whole family, which is more than I can say for the rest of the treadmills on this list. It dons an adjustable handrail that goes up to your height and goes down to your kid’s height.

Once you adjust the height, you can lock the handle to keep it in place. Plus, it’s supported by gas spring bars and a double-column structure for stability.

Moving on to the belt, the Botorro features a 7-layer anti-slip tread belt with shock absorption. It reduces the chance of runner’s knee and keeps your joints safe. It also measures 50 x 18.5 inches, which is sufficient for most users.

The treadmill has a multi-function console that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. You can connect your phone and listen to music while working out. There are also control buttons that you can use to adjust the sound or change the treadmill’s speed.

Not only that, but the Borotto also comes with a phone holder and a slot for the kettle.

The machine folds down without the need for a bolt. It has a built-in mechanism, so you can fold it down with a couple of pushes. Additionally, there are bottom wheels for easy transportation. You can either store it in an upright position or lay it flat under a bed.

Since the treadmill isn’t exactly affordable, you get a 12-month warranty for parts replacement, eligible for all parts except the pad.


  • Adjustable height to fit all family members
  • Pre-set programs available
  • Highly durable and sturdy


  • The folded frame is a bit too bulky to fit under all beds.

Features to Look for When Buying An Under Bed Treadmill

Buying a treadmill isn’t an easy feat. It’s a worthwhile investment, and chances are you’ll have it for a long time without getting a replacement. So, you’ll want to make the right choice on the first try. To do that, look out for these features while choosing.


A weak motor can be total overkill. It’ll limit what you can do with the treadmill, and you won’t be able to run the treadmill over its limit to avoid burnout.

You can settle for a smaller motor if you only tend to jog on your folding treadmill. Other than that, opt for a 2.5-HP motor or larger. To do strides and fast running sessions on the treadmill, you need to be sure the motor will handle it. Otherwise, you’ll be putting a lot of strain on it.


For most runners, the deck is an essential part of the treadmill because it absorbs the shock of their feet. If it’s not sturdy enough, you’ll keep feeling vibrations as you run, which isn’t ideal. Besides, if the deck is smaller than you need, you won’t have enough room to swing your feet comfortably.

If you’re one for heavy running sessions, choose a treadmill with a large running surface. It’ll help you exercise strides without feeling like you’re about to fall off.

The same goes if you’re a tall person; you’ll need a large deck to accommodate your legs without throwing you off.

If you usually only jog or run at an average speed, you can do well with a small deck.

Aside from the size, try to choose a deck with cushioning to absorb the shock and keep your joints safe. It can come incredibly in handy if you suffer from a runner’s knee frequently.


In treadmill terms, a larger motor means you get higher speeds. So, if you’re mindful of your running speed and have a goal to achieve, make sure to choose a treadmill that matches your potential.

Some treadmills can only go up to 4MPH, which isn’t only low for runners but also puts a limit to what you can achieve. Such speeds are only suitable for beginners, and even then, they’d need to go faster eventually.

Opt for a compact treadmill with a maximum speed of at least 10MPH or whatever matches your speed goals for the upcoming period.

Additional Features

Although folding treadmills are smaller than commercial ones and have fewer features, they still come with some features that you may like to have. For example, most treadmills on the market now have screens that monitor your speed, distance, calories burned, and all running data. In my opinion, these are essential to keep track of your progress, so you may want to choose a treadmill with a decent screen.

Additionally, some treadmills have heart rate monitors, but in cheaper models, they’re seldom accurate. So, if you want this specific feature, you may want to look for a high-end model.

You can also consider some other features, like incline settings. If you constantly like to challenge yourself, you may want to amp your session up by running up an incline. In this case, you’ll need to choose a treadmill that offers this option.

Lastly, there are some unnecessary but luxurious features that you may want to look for, like a water bottle holder and a tablet holder. Some treadmills also have built-in speakers, which is a bonus.


Foldable treadmills are often flimsy because of the mechanism, so you may want to be extra careful when choosing yours. Make sure it’s made of durable material, like aluminum. There’s also stainless steel and titanium, but these are on the expensive side of the market.

In addition to that, try not to get a treadmill that’s too lightweight. That often means that the material isn’t sturdy enough. For a machine that’ll hold your weight, you want it to be stable enough on the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions About Under Bed Treadmills

If you still have doubts about treadmills, these answers to frequently asked questions may help you reach a better conclusion.

How should I store an under-bed treadmill?

To store an under-bed treadmill, start by unplugging it from the wall outlet and letting its handrails go down. To fold it down, grab its bottom and lift it while keeping the handrails stable. It’ll fold down on its frame; you can then push it on its wheels or sliders.

Slip it under your bed or sofa, and you’re done.

Can I drag an under-bed treadmill on the floor?

Most folding treadmills come with wheels on the bottom for easy transportation. However, if yours doesn’t have wheels, you can always attach furniture sliders on the bottom. They won’t only allow you to drag it, but they’ll also protect the floor from scratches when you do so.

How large should the running deck be?

Most folding treadmills have moderate running decks, measuring 40 x 15 inches. These are considered small for tall users, but they should be fine for short and moderate ones. For taller users, running decks with 50-inch length and 20-inch width would be better.

Are under-bed treadmills sturdy?

Some of them are sturdy, and some of them aren’t; it depends on the manufacturer’s quality. However, an under-bed treadmill is generally less sturdy than a regular treadmill because of the folding mechanism. They’re made to be folded, so they’re not as stable as other treadmills.

You can make sure of your treadmill’s sturdiness by checking its maximum weight capacity. If the capacity is large, the treadmill is likely sturdy enough.

Are walking treadmills good for exercise?

Walking treadmills are a nice option for people who prefer gentle exercise. They come with low maximum speeds, and they’re often more affordable than running treadmills. There are also some 2-in-1 options in case you want the best of both worlds. Two examples of those from our list are the Goplus 2 In 1 and the LSRZSPORT.

The Final Verdict: The Best Treadmill for You

All the treadmills I listed are good and worth a shot. However, in my opinion, the best folding treadmill would have to be the Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Premium. For its price, it offers plenty of good options and features. It has a decent maximum speed and a powerful motor.

On top of that, it has some extra features, like a built-in speaker and a monitor for tracking your data.

If you don’t mind going above your budget for your under-bed treadmill, you can give the 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill a shot. It has the features of a fully-fledged treadmill, although it’s a foldable one. It may be the best compact treadmill on the market.