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Hey there.  My name is Spencer, co-creator of RunnersGoal.com.

I wanted to give you a quick insight into who I am and why I created this site.  I’m a 30 something married man (to a beautiful wife!) with 3 fun-loving children. I own a small business and have the privilege of working from home.

I’m also a runner.

I wish I could say that I was some sort of elite runner, but I’m not.  I’m a very typical runner (perhaps like you?); I don’t finish first (yet!) but enjoy the competition.

A big part of distance running for me is challenging myself to see how much I can improve my times.  And to be honest, if I couldn’t run in races, I probably wouldn’t run nearly as much as I do.  Being able to sign up for a race with hundreds or thousands of people is an exciting and highly motivating event for me.

Race day gives me an end goal to look forward to that helps me stay motivated as I train and log the miles.  In fact, I always enjoy the competitive nature of sports which is why I was so active in my younger days with things like wrestling, sprinting, baseball, or anything else.

However, I honestly never did any distance running, until my early 20s.  At that point, I came to the sad realization that there weren’t any adult wrestling tournaments (what’s up with that? πŸ™‚ ), or any other competitive sports for adults that I played as a youth.  However, there were TONS of running events that could fill my need for being involved in a competitive sport!

This is really why I started running.

I ran a couple of 5k races and then tried out a few sprint triathlons.  I had fun and did okay, but again I was never at the front of the pack…always somewhere in the middle.  But these races have began years of running on and off for me.

The Purpose of this Site

Now I’m in my mid-30s and ready to start setting some serious goals for running, health, and overall involvement in distance running.  I don’t know exactly where these goals will take me, but this is the purpose of my site: to document my own goals, motivate YOU to achieve your goals, and educate myself and others with everything involved in distance running.

My Running Goals

Overall, I hope that my goals will evolve with time as I accomplish one and set new goals.

You can see what my current goals are right here: See My Goals!

Goal 1: Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Goal 2: My second type of goal is to set personal records in basically every distance of race: 1 mile, 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon.  This is an ongoing goal that will be updated with time.

Goal 3: This is more of long term goal.  I want to place in the top 3 of my age group for basically all the distances listed.  I know this is an ambitious goal and honestly at this point can’t see anyway that I would ever be able to compete with any elite marathoners, but it gives me something to strive for right?

I figure if I find the right race where all the good people stay home one day, I just might be able to do it! Let me know if you think I’m crazy on this one.

Overall, that’s a little bit about me, the purpose of this site, and some of my goals.  In reality, I hope that you get even more out of this site as you can look to it for motivation and education to achieve your own running goals.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you in the comments, or feel free to contact me here.

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