What to Eat on Race Day – Tips from a Pro


If you’ve ever wondered what you should be eating on race day, then Ethan Newberry (a.k.a. the Ginger Runner) has got some advice you definitely don’t want to miss. In this video, he shares some of his favorite foods and brands that will “get you to the finish line”, although you should also bear two things … Read more

How To Fuel For a Half Marathon + 4 More Training Tips

Eat Nutrient Dense Food To Fuel For Half Marathon

If you’ve committed to running those 13.1 miles that are a half marathon, then you’ve probably got quite a few questions – especially if you’re a beginner.  One of the common questions is “how to fuel for a half marathon.”  In other words, what kind of things should I be putting in my body on race … Read more

Weight Loss for Marathon Runners

Running is a very accessible way to get fit, lose weight and provide an outlet for your competitive urges and, for a large proportion of runners, the marathon is the ultimate endurance challenge. Needless to say, if you want to run well, you need to conserve energy so that you don’t get too tired too … Read more

How Much Water Should You Drink While Running?

Water makes up 70% of your body and is vital to life. Despite that fact, many people take in an amazingly small amount of it each day. Everyone has head that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day, but is that true for everyone? At what point should you be worried about having … Read more

Can Runners Be Successful On A Plant Based Diet?

Plant based diets have caused a lot of controversy in recent years. People say that a plant based diet cannot provide enough protein or fuel for a runner’s body, or any body for that matter. In truth, however, there is a large population of the running world that relies on a plant based diet and … Read more

What Should you Eat while Training for a Race?

When you are training for a long distance race, such as a half marathon or a marathon, what you eat matters. Caloric intake needs to compensate for what you burn on the road, trail or treadmill during your runs. When you are training, your body undergoes significant stress and depletion of energy stores. The energy … Read more

Effective Carb Loading for a Marathon

Carb loading before a marathon is an essential way to build your energy stores prior to the big race. The body relies heavily upon these stores for a successful race. Pushing yourself through several hours of hard or even moderate running will deplete your energy more quickly than you think. While many runners carry gels … Read more

Best Energy Chews for your Endurance Chase

Any runner who is acquainted with distance training has also been introduced to the world of energy replacements. These often come in the form of goop or glob, but they are well worth the grimace when it comes to on the road nutrition. There is nothing worse than hitting a wall of fatigue on a … Read more

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