5 Unique Benefits of Running Backwards

Of the many decisions you make when you head out to run, which direction to look probably isn’t one of them. You have to pick your clothes, your path, your music, and more, but you probably just run forward without thinking twice. What if I told you there were many benefits to running backwards that … Read more

Best Running Shoes in 2013

  The 2013 shoe review is in, and there is plenty to be excited about.  Truth be told, I have never met a runner without a shoe fetish.  Running shoes are the most important gear you can get for optimal training and racing.  Whether you are training on trails, roads or track, there are differences … Read more

How to Lose Weight

Ok this is the subject I know little about but I really need to learn – losing weight through diet. It was a desire to lose weight that got me back into running a few years ago and it certainly proved effective…to a point. In all seriousness, through running and focusing a little but on … Read more

How Many Runners Can Run a Marathon in Under 4 Hours

Spencer wrote a very interesting article recently on Runnergoal.com about running a sub-2:00 half marathon.  In that article he outlined the number of people who actually can run a sub-2:00 half and you know what, the results underscore just what an achievement a sub-2:00 half is. That got me to thinking about race statistics and … Read more

How to Properly Warm-up for a Race

I recently decided that I was going to enter a few “shorter” races just for fun.  Over the last several years I have been more focused on marathon running with the occasional half-marathon thrown in.  Next week I am doing the Sage Rat Run 12K in Grandview, WA followed by the Memorial Freedom 5K in … Read more

Best Boston Marathon Advice

The Boston Marathon is less than a week away and I cannot believe it is here.  I have been training for a while for this one and have been planning for a while.  I have been very focused on having a specific race plan and setting certain race-specific goals but the more learn the more … Read more

What to do after a Bad Race

I am pretty sure you have been there.  I know I have been there.  Pretty much anyone who has laced up their running shoes and stood behind a white line waiting for a race to start has been there.  We all have had bad races.  Some races are just bad.  Some are so bad we … Read more

Can You Run a Half-Marathon if You Hate to Run?

I was reading an article in a recent issue of Northwest Runner when I came across some words that sounded somewhat familiar which stated: “My freshman year in high school, the ’81-82 school year, was when I discovered my extreme dislike for it.  It was painful, provided no satisfaction, and wasn’t any fun at all.  Coach Q … Read more

When Should I Run Through Pain?

I would like to dispel a myth that is common among my friends – I do get injured!  I get injured more often that they think.  I have had to DNF in races due to injury and ran my first marathon basically held together with barbwire and duct tape.  Now that said, I have been … Read more

Most Important Preprations the Days Before a Race

So tomorrow I have a good friend of mine who is going to be doing his first ever half-marathon up in the Seattle area.  He has been nice enough to send me a few updates on his preparations for what is the biggest running event of his life to this point. The feelings of anticipation … Read more

5 Most Important Tips for First Time Half-Marathoners

Last week was the Tri-Cities Half-Marathon held in Richland, WA.  It was a great event despite the fact it was run under a high wind advisory.  Spencer did a nice job of summing up the event in review (See Spencer’s Review Here). I was happy with how the half-marathon went considering it was run in … Read more

When is it OK to Take the Day Off From Running

 So I was faced with an interesting running dilemma today – to run or not to run.  I have been very consistent in my training thus far as I prepare for the Boston Marathon but today was tough.  I am usually very structured in following a training program and today was supposed to be my … Read more

Setting SMART Goals to Meet Your Running Objectives

Setting goals in your running is smart or should I say SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.  The SMART criteria actually have their roots in industry where it is a common mnemonic guide to aid people in setting objectives.  While serving as a common tool for project and resource managers to set key … Read more