Best Running Shoes in 2013

The 2013 shoe review is in, and there is plenty to be excited about.  Truth be told, I have never met a runner without a shoe fetish.  Running shoes are the most important gear you can get for optimal training and racing.  Whether you are training on trails, roads or track, there are differences in each shoe that will make or break your running experience.  Newbies, if you have not been to your local running center to be assessed for proper shoes, you should go immediately.  You can read all the shoe guides you want, but unless you know how they apply to you and your stride, you are wasting your time.

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Saucony Women’s Hurricanes

Not surprising, Saucony Hurricanes have topped the list among seasoned runners with a lightweight stride and moderate pronation once again.

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Brooks Women’s Adrenaline

Personally, I am a girl who can’t get enough Brooks Adrenaline’s to satisfy my dwindling closet space. However, I am a fan of Saucony shoes, especially for road training.


I own two pairs of last year’s Hurricanes, and this year they were taken to the next level.  Sporting sassy red this season, they offer even more stable support for runners like me who tend to over pronate and suffer from typical foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis and stressed Achilles tendon.

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Brooks Women’s Ravennas

Next on the list are Brooks Ravennas, which are featured at a surprisingly reasonable cost of only $110.  I doubt this compromises their quality, and this year’s model promises to offer steady support for us old pronators.


Adidas has become an unlikely contender as a top shoe this year, which has this runner somewhat baffled.  I know, I know – they are a strong athletic shoe company with a long standing history of quality.  I just wouldn’t have pegged them as marathon favorites.  According to reports, these snazzy striped shoes outperformed in every category, and are priced at under $100.  Personally, I just can’t trust a shoe that doesn’t almost break the bank, but I am working on it. Really, I am.

New Balance and Asics have ditched their standard minimalist style this year in favor of what seems to be the running theme of the year; stability and support.  Added cushioning and side supports offer runners with heavier strides something on the aisle typically trodden by light steppers.

This isn’t to say that minimalist shoes haven’t topped the market lists; but there is definitely a dwindling trend going on.  Brooks Pure Grit and Sketcher’s GOrun shoes have hit pavement in running communities with enthusiasm.  However, these are reserved for runners who need very little correction in their stride and who tread very lightly on the course.

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New Balance Women’s Leadville 1210

Top of the trail running list was New Balance Leadvilles which offer support and flexibility along with a strong tread for even the toughest terrains.

I don’t hit too many trails since I prefer the open road, but if I were to deviate from my course I would definitely be toting a pair of these along.

This article was written for by Kari H.

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