Run Like a Girl!: Girls on the Run Offers Young Girls the Opportunity to Shine

A rotating corps of Girls on the Run volunteers drop in on an end-of-the-season social.  The more practical goal of this gathering is to collect the coaches’ training boxes, the lessons and materials the coaches use over the twelve week course of the running program.  Inevitably though, the volunteers stop to chat, swapping season stories … Read more

How to Start a Running Group: Tips and Advice for Establishing a Successful Running Group

This article was written for by Lindsey Appleford, a guest author.  Lindsey is a freelance writer, longtime runner, and one-time reluctant triathlete.  Though she sometimes misses her knee cartilage, Lindsey can’t imagine a life without running, and she is currently flirting with the idea of completing her first 50K.   Like so many things, running groups … Read more

Weight Loss for Marathon Runners

Running is a very accessible way to get fit, lose weight and provide an outlet for your competitive urges and, for a large proportion of runners, the marathon is the ultimate endurance challenge. Needless to say, if you want to run well, you need to conserve energy so that you don’t get too tired too … Read more

Stephen’s 2014 Goal Inventory

Well it is close to June 2014 and I figure that it is time to take inventory of how I am doing on reaching my 2014 running goals to see how I am doing at this point. If you recall I have 10 running related goals for this year and as today I have completed … Read more

Stephen’s 2014 Running Goals

I am a huge fan of setting goals for my personal running endeavors.  The thing about goal setting is that while it is not realistic to be 100% successful all of the time in achieving your goals, you will get a whole lot farther in your endeavors if you shoot for a goal and fall … Read more

Profile of an Ultramarathon Runner – Will Thomas

Running an ultramarathon is a unique experience and in many ways is very much different than the mainstream running that many of us have grown accustomed to.  I have always marveled at ultramarathoners who run some of the most difficult races and push themselves to limits many of us would not even fathom.  In his … Read more

13 Ways to Improve Your Running Speed

ways to improve running speed

I decided long ago that I was not going to be a fast runner. I don’t think it was an actual choice, though, since I really couldn’t make myself run faster. I started running after spending a few years smoking and being a couch potato, so running at all was a feat. When I look … Read more

Why is Steve Prefontaine Important?

“You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.” –Steve Prefontaine Steve “Pre” Prefontaine has been called the greatest American distance runner … Read more

Does Ultra Running Cause Heart Damage?

It seems reasonable to assume endurance athletes face risks from putting extreme pressure on their bodies.  Prolonged physical stress and strain can easily go beyond the body’s limits, and it’s not always easy to know where that limit is.  For many people, it’s perfectly safe and healthy to train up to half marathon or marathon … Read more

2013 Goal Inventory – There’s Always Next Year…

It is crazy how the year has almost come and gone.  The fall running season is coming to an end as most of the big races and along with them the opportunities to attain many of the running goals that we all set for ourselves almost 10 months ago. With that in mind I have … Read more

How to Build Mental Strength

Building physical strength is relatively easy.  You can train for endurance and build your cardiovascular abilities by adding more time and distance to your runs.  Strength training and cross-training help you build muscle and use parts of your body that supplement the muscles you use to run.  All you have to do is workout!  This … Read more

How to Regain Lost Motivation to Run

Motivation can be an elusive thing.  Some days, I get home from work and cannot wait to put my running shoes on.  I literally hit the ground running.  Other days, I get home and see the couch and there is no chance I’m going to make it out the door.  It happens to everyone, and … Read more

How to Run a Marathon in Under 4 Hours

Run a marathon in 4 hours

Running a marathon in under 4 hours is a hallmark achievement for many runners out there and it should be.  My first marathon is over 4 hours and I have a number of friends who have a sub-4:00 marathon as a target goal for this fall. Recently I wrote an article on about what … Read more

Best Shoes to Run a Marathon In

If you are getting ready to run a marathon – whether it is your first or your tenth – you will want to have the best possible shoes on your feet when you walk to the starting line.  Quite obviously, your shoes are the only piece of equipment that touches the ground during your run, … Read more

Best Diet for Runners to Lose Weight

Losing weight as a runner is not always as easy as it might seem.  Sure, running is one of the best forms of exercise available and will burn calories both during and after your run.  However, because of the physical demands that running places on your body, you will want to eat enough to replenish … Read more

How to Train for Your First 5K

Working up to your first 5K run can be an exciting time.  Maybe you have just started running and wanted a goal to keep you focused on those days when you just don’t feel like getting out there.  Perhaps you are a long-time runner who has never made the choice to enter a race until … Read more

Best Running Headphones For Every Budget

Thanks to all of the new technology available, it has never been easier to take your music with you wherever you run. Rare is the runner who doesn’t plug into their iPod or other MP3 player before heading out onto the road or climbing aboard the treadmill. With everything that is out there, it can be … Read more

Benefits of Running vs. Walking

If you want to start a quick argument, tell an avid runner that walking one mile and running one mile have the exact same fitness and health benefits.  This is a hot button issue among many runners, and the debate has points on both sides of the coin.  Walkers will talk about how fewer injuries … Read more

10 of the Best Races to Qualify for the Boston Marathon

​One of the most common goals among avid runners is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Unlike most other marathon events, one cannot simply sign up for the Boston Marathon. Rather, you must run a qualifying time at another approved event in order to have your entry to Boston accepted. Because of this process, it … Read more

How to Run a Race in the Heat

Many of the races that you will find in your local area, whether they are full marathons or shorter 5k or 10k races, are held in the sunny summer and early fall months.  While that means that you shouldn’t have to run in the rain, you might have to run in some pretty serious heat. … Read more

How to Treat Runner’s Knee

Injuries are the dark side of the running hobby that we all enjoy so much.  While running is a great way to keep your body in shape, keep your mind fresh, and simply enjoy the outdoors, it does come with a price sometimes.  All of those strides can add up to sore joints, ligaments, and … Read more

How to Run a 5k with Kids

Running has become a hot new favorite sport for families with children of all ages.  Whether you are rolling tots in a stroller or taking stride with your older kids, the 5K is the perfect distance for children to take their first steps into the racing world.  Running with the family can create memories to … Read more

The Boston Marathon: Disney World for Runners

It has been 3 months since I ran the 2013 Boston Marathon. I posted previously about some of my perspectives on the tragic events that happened that day but as time has passed I cannot help but feel that I have been remiss in not sharing my thoughts and feelings about the actual running of … Read more

Night Running – 7 Tips To Stay Safe When Running In The Dark

Running at Night - Safety Tips

In a perfect world, you would be able to plan your entire day around your run, and head out onto the road whenever the time was right. However, this is not a perfect world, and you have to plan around work and various other commitments. If you want to keep up with your running schedule even when … Read more