How Can I Avoid Injuries as a Runner?

Running is one of the healthiest things that you can take part in, especially if you are overweight. No matter what kind of physical shape you are currently in, however, there is a very good possibility that you’ll become injured at some point. For many people, it is just unavoidable and a part of life. … Read more

5 Great Running Blogs to Follow

Blogs are where a large portion of the world gets its information from nowadays. Major news agencies, and even many running magazines, are not a reliable source of information when it comes to the always up to date, constantly evolving, and constantly improving world of blogs. There are a number of running blogs on the … Read more

When To Start Carb Loading For A Marathon?

Preparing to run a marathon is a unique experience. Many runners argue over the right time to start carb loading, what diets should be until that point, what kinds of carbs, and more. In the end, however, knowing the proper thing to do, the thing that has been proven by science, is one of the … Read more

What State In The US Is Best For Runners?

Deciding which state is best for runners is a complicated quest. Every runner has their own preference when it comes to running routes, mountain uphill runs, long expanses of flat roads, and the overall community of runners in a location. That being said, however, there are very few runners who would argue that Oregon is … Read more

How Much Water Should You Drink While Running?

Water makes up 70% of your body and is vital to life. Despite that fact, many people take in an amazingly small amount of it each day. Everyone has head that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day, but is that true for everyone? At what point should you be worried about having … Read more

Why Foam Rollers For Runners Are Important

Why Foam Rollers For Runners Are Important

No matter how much experience you have as a runner, injuries are going to happen. Whether you are a beginning runner that is plagued with shin splints and runner’s knee, or you are a lifelong runner that has to deal with more serious problems, injury prevention is of vital importance. Long term runners find that their … Read more

Can You Improve Your VO2max?

VO2max is a relatively strange concept to a lot of runners, and especially the general population. It turns out, however, that there is a relatively easy way to improve it dramatically and improve running performance. Important first, though, is to understand what exactly your VO2max is. What Is VO2max? Your VO2max is the measure of … Read more

Which Colleges Have The Best Running Programs?

College is one of the most important parts of life to millions and millions of people. Continuing a running career into college is just as important to runners. Finding the college with the best running program is difficult, but there are a number of colleges that offer a number of running programs that can’t be … Read more

Can Runners Be Successful On A Plant Based Diet?

Plant based diets have caused a lot of controversy in recent years. People say that a plant based diet cannot provide enough protein or fuel for a runner’s body, or any body for that matter. In truth, however, there is a large population of the running world that relies on a plant based diet and … Read more

Do Marathon Runners Have Bad Knees Later In Life?

One of the biggest concerns that runners, and non runners alike, have pertains to their knees. Knee problems can severely harm your life if they do not heal and running can certainly cause problems of its own. If you are a marathon runner, though, you should really have a greater understanding of what is at … Read more

Setting a Marathon PR: Leavenworth Marathon Race Report!

After months of training and just about as long strategizing and calculating potential results, I completed the Leavenworth, WA Octoberfest Marathon on October 5th, 2013. The completion of ANY race brings with it excitement, feelings of accomplishment (or failure), and the inevitable thoughts of what’s next!  However, this is especially true when you complete a … Read more

What Is The Best Way To Improve VO2max?

Your VO2max is the measure of how much oxygen your body is able to deliver to your muscles.  Without oxygen, your muscles are not going to work.  It stands to reason that the higher your VO2max, the more oxygen your muscles will have, the better they will perform.  With me?  If you can only increase … Read more

The Benefits of Compression Socks for Runners

Any runner knows that it does not take a whole lot to convince you to try something new.  Especially when it promises to enhance your performance.  Faster races, easier recovery, superhuman powers and more are all associated with the hot new product for runners, but compression socks stand out as something that truly can enhance … Read more

Is it Better to Run Late at Night versus Early in the Morning?

​Your daily running routine is a very personal thing, including the question of what time of day is optimal. Once you start talking about morning runs, midnight runs, and anything in between… you can easily start getting into heated debates about  which is best. Studies have found that there are benefits to each of them, but … Read more

How To Get Your Kids Interested In Running

Having children is one of the greatest joys in life.  It is also a joy that many people think has to replace their daily running ritual.  It does, at least for a while.  However, once you peak an interest in running within your child you will not only have a way to spend time together. … Read more

How Do I Know When I Should Get New Running Shoes?

Running in old, worn shoes is going to cause you as many problems as running with poor technique.  Your running shoes are responsible for absorbing shock, stabilizing your feet, and preventing the injuries that normally come with overuse.  The easiest way to avoid injuries that come with these is to buy new shoes when you … Read more

Does Running Really Cause Long Term Knee Damage?

Most people run to be healthy.  Some are trying to lose weight, some are preparing for a marathon, and some are just trying to have a little fun.  No matter which of these categories you fall into, however, someone has no doubt told you that you are going to destroy your knees, that you won’t … Read more

Why Do Most Of The World Class Runners Come From Africa?

If you have participated in, or even watched, a long distance race, you have no doubt seen the pack of Kenyan born runners that have broken away and are rushing toward the finish line.  While some people attribute some racial stereotype to this phenomenon, the fact is that there are very good reasons as to … Read more

How do you Stop a Side Stitch while Running

You woke up early today, had a quick drink, and headed out the door.  As the morning fog is lifting and the early workers are driving by, you are enjoying your morning run.  Just as you get going good, though, a side stitch starts creeping in.  This stabbing pain can quickly have you doubled over … Read more

How Accurate Are GPS Watches?

GPS watches seem like a gift from above for runners. The ability to track time, distance, pace, and more are all built in and let you analyze them all against previous runs with the help of a computer. When you want to know how much you have truly improved this is one of the most … Read more

Snoqualmie Railroad Days 10k Race Review

Last Saturday, I packed my bags, got in my buddy’s stick shift Toyota Corolla and rode shotgun for 3 hours to North Bend, WA. Now why in the world would I do that?  To run the Snoqualmie Railroad Days 10k race of course! I’ve never run the Railroad Days race before, but I have a … Read more