5 Great Running Blogs to Follow

Blogs are where a large portion of the world gets its information from nowadays. Major news agencies, and even many running magazines, are not a reliable source of information when it comes to the always up to date, constantly evolving, and constantly improving world of blogs. There are a number of running blogs on the web right now, but I’ll show you the top 5 that you should be reading to always have the best and newest information.

Fetch Everyone

This is owned by Runner’s World, but it has its own taste and has grown into a top notch source of information for beginning runners. Calculators to understand every part of training and diet, route planning services to figure out the perfect place to run, logs for your training, and a variety of other features make this important. You’ll also find one of the best online running communities in the forums.

Mud, Sweat, & Tears

This is the best option for the trail runners that want to punish their bodies as much as possible. This blog covers 5k runs, ultra marathon treks, and more. This blog also covers races all over the world, unlike many that focus on a single location. The true feeling of adventurous, reckless abandon running that is associated with trail running is found in full force here. Book reviews, race reports, features from other famous bloggers and more are all included, as well, making this an important part of any trail runner’s life.


For ultra marathon runners, iRunFar is the ultimate destination. One of the biggest running bloggers on the whole, this site aims to bring quality photography, ultra marathon training, reviews of products, and plenty more resources all fill the needs of any runners and makes sure that no one is lost as to what they should be doing with their diet and training regimen.

Running Physio

Injuries are a devastating part of running training, no matter how experience they are. Understanding physiology and what part it plays in running is of the utmost importance. There are plenty of bloggers that cover the injury prone runner, but this is the finest resource for honest and helpful information. Tom Goom runs the site and he pages an unmatched attention to detail. Case studies, honest scientific reports, and incredibly helpful articles on a variety of injury related topics are all available here and are incredibly important when compared to the snake oil that many running sites sell when injuries are concerned.

No Meat Athlete

This isn’t the best option for everyone, but for a vegetarian runner, this cannot be beat. Matt Frazier is the writer for this blog and he offers a large variety of recipes, helpful articles, and resources that cater exclusively to vegetarian runners. There is plenty of good information that applies to any runner, regardless of diet, but vegetarians will benefit the most from this blog.

All of these blogs provide vital information to runners. Finding a one stop shop kind of blog can sometimes sacrifice quality, but for a particular need, these are all blogs that must be read if you are in need of real information.

This article was written for RunnersGoal.com by James S., a guest author.