37 Funny Marathon Signs That’ll Make You Chuckle

Running is good, but do you know what’s even better? Standing on the sidewalk cheering the people running.

If you’re planning to watch an upcoming marathon, you might as well have a witty poster to hold. In this post, we go over 37 funny marathon signs for you to consider.

Runners in marathon with people cheering from each side : Funny Marathon Signs
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Ideas for Funny Marathon Signs

Without further ado, let’s get started with our run slogans!

1.   Run Forest, Run!

There’s no better ambassador for marathons than Forest Gump. It’s an iconic movie about overcoming limitations while still being lighthearted enough to joke about.

2.   Free High Fives

Yes, this is a serious event and all, but no one is too busy for a puppy high five. We would all take a break and pet this good boy.

3.   Stop Here and Dance

This one isn’t as urgent as pooch high fives, but no harm in dancing a little before the finish line. After making it to 22.5 miles, you’ve earned the right to show off your moves.

4.   Why?

Who needs fancy signs when this adorable kid’s expression just says it all? Guess this little fellow doesn’t get the point of running marathons just yet.

5.   I’m Sure It Seemed Like a Good Idea Four Months Ago

It’s a good reminder that, at some point, you were motivated to run this race—so motivated that you booked a place in advance and paid for it, too.

6.   They Towed My Car For This

Preparing for a marathon is hard for everyone. You didn’t think those streets were empty by chance, did you? People had their cars towed for the sake of sports! It’s the price we pay for city marathons.

7.   That’s a Lot of Work for a Banana

Yeah, you’ll keep your heart healthy and get to brag about the accomplishment. You might also get a free banana along the course, but at what cost?

8.   Hurry Up Mom, This Is Boring

So, you’re a mom and a runner, too. Get your kid to hold this sign for you at the marathon. It’s adorable, sassy, and perfect!

9.   You Love Cardio. I Love Cardi B. Same Thing?

Sometimes cardio is just too much effort and you’d rather just listen to music. To each their own, but one of those is definitely better for your heart.

10.  Chuck Norris Never Ran a marathon

Hey, if running a marathon is so good for your body, how come Chuck Norris never ran one?

11.  Mortuary One Block Ahead, Look Alive!

It’s a good way to get a laugh out of the runners. They’ll probably fix their hair quickly, too, just to be safe.

12.  Finish Strong (Unlike Game of Thrones)

Ouch! This one will resonate deeply with many GoT fans out there.

13.  Don’t Poop Your Pants

We love honest signs, but maybe this one’s too blunt? Anyway, it could be a reminder to take a break!

14. RIP Matt’s Toenails

Matt, wherever you are now, we’re sorry for your loss. The sacrifices we have to make for sports are worth it.

Kids running in a marathon with parent and people cheering on the side

15. Toenails Are Overrated

Another toenails sign. However, this one takes pride in athletic toes. Black toes are a sacrifice that runners have to endure, I guess.

16. Bandaids

It sounds like it’s making fun of runners for chafing, but that’s actually a pretty good idea. It’s a nice little thing to offer at a marathon.

17. Blisters Are Braille for Awesome

When you can’t get your hand on some bandaids, parade your blisters instead. Sort of like a warrior’s scar.

18. You’re Running Faster Than the 405 Traffic

You might not be Usain Bolt, but this friendly pup thinks you’re faster than the interstate 405 traffic. So that’s something.

19. At Least You’re Not at Work

Yeah, running is tough and all, but at least it’s not a workday. It’s the little blessings that keep us going.

20. Pain Is Just French for Bread

We fact-checked it and it’s true. Next time your legs hurt from running, think about that for a second.

Finish Line Promises

Do you know what is a really good motivational tactic? Promising someone a hearty meal after the race. Or a nap. Whichever gets them going.

21. Chafe Now, Wine Later!

A friend stood with this sign to promise her friends wine later after the race. They may be chafed, but at least they’re going to have a good night.

22. Hurry Up Dad, I’m Hungry

Someone brought a runner’s dog to cheer him on from the sidelines. That’s actually pretty good motivation. Who wouldn’t run a little faster for those puppy eyes?

23. Pain Is Temporary… Race Photos Last Forever

Some people run for the thrill, some people run for the pics. We’re not judging, marathon running makes great social media posts.

24. There’s Queso at the End

This one’s a promise you have to keep, though. Get a friend at the finish line to wait with a charcuterie board if you have to. I’d be disappointed if I ran for hours and there wasn’t any cheese after all.

25. One Marathon = 450 Fries

Is that true? We haven’t done the math but we know that a large packet of french fries has a little more than 500 calories.

26. Imagine How That Sticker Is Gonna Look On Your Subaru Outback

Too long of a sign but it’s true. The adrenaline rush you get from bragging about your miles is something else. However, 26.2 miles is a lot of distance to run for a sticker.

27. 1.4 Miles Left To Go… I Think

Another puppy with a funny marathon sign, but it could work with a toddler or a little kid. Anyone who’s bad at math, really.

28. The End Is Near

Definitely not the context we’re used to seeing this quote in at all, but hey, we’ll take it.

Marathon Pun Signs

This is our favorite category for funny marathon signs. It always gets a chuckle from the runners. Not a full-on laugh, though. They’re all out of breath anyway.

29. You’ll Be Dino-Sore Tomorrow

The person who had this sign wore a dinosaur suit to match the quote. Do you think you could commit that much to marathon cheer?

30. May the Course Be With You!

For all the Star Wars fans out there: Stop the search, we’ve found the sign for you. Print out a picture of Yoda for maximum effect.

31. You’re Snailing It

This is the one to hold when your friend is making their first run and they’re not really fast, but you still want to cheer them up anyway. Getting to the finish line is a victory in itself.

runners dressed in white shirts in a marathon with people cheering on the side and taking photos

32. No Time for (Christopher) Walken!

This sign is almost a classic at any NYC marathon. It’s a clever play on words and we’re here for it.

Funny Motivational Marathon Signs

Some people decided to ditch the sarcasm and go for a positive vibe. After all, that’s why people go to marathons in the first place; to inspire and be inspired!

33. 26.2 Miles? Caaaaan Do!!

Mr. Meeseeks is like a productivity guru. The 26.2-mile run might seem like a challenge, but here’s a truly positive attitude from this Rick and Morty fan.

34. Tap for a Power-Up

One way to help the runner make it to the finish line is a speed-boost poster. Video gamers will love the idea!

35.  Finish, You Will

Yes, this is another Star Wars motivation sign. This spectator decided to pair it with the “May The Course Be With You” quote and a baby Yoda. Nice choice.

36. Run Total Stranger, Run!

Sounds ominous, but also kind of heartwarming. It’s nice to see marathon spectators trying their best to motivate random strangers.

37. Run.

Okay, now this sounds like a threat. When Walter White tells you to run, you better run.

How to Get Ready for Marathon Cheer

Marathons aren’t just for runners. It’s a nice hang out for families and friends. Being well-prepared is a huge plus. See when the next marathon is and start getting ready!

Check out these tips for spectators with cheering signs:

Get in the Spirit

We joke about how running is hard, but marathons can be really fun events. Even from the sidelines, you can enjoy the day with your friends and neighbors.

So, get in the cheering spirit, choose a fun quote, and make an awesome sign. Use colors, print out memes, and sprinkle some glitter. Marathons are busy events, you need maximum visibility!

Marathon days don’t always have the best weather and you’ll be tempted to stay in bed. It helps if you have a friend or a loved one in the race but you still need passion to power through it.

Pick a Good Spot

Try to get up early to find a good spot. In most marathons, the sidewalks are full before the race even starts. You’ll want to stand right at the first line so bystanders won’t hide your poster.

It’s also a smart idea to settle near water stations. Runners always slow down there and they’ll get a better chance at reading your sign.

If you have pets or kids with you, you might want to go for a quieter spot. It’ll be easier to rest and keep your group from the crowds.

Pack Snacks

It probably goes without saying, but the race is usually really long. Runners aren’t the only ones in need of water and snacks.

So, pack your provisions, charge your phone, and get ready for a long day. Don’t forget your sunscreen, too!

Getting a couple of foldable chairs is also a good idea. You can’t cheer for your friends with bad back pain.

Enjoy the View

If you have a friend running the marathon, let them know where you’ll be in advance. This way, they’ll slow down for a quick pic or even just wave.

It’s good to see your loved ones doing something they’re passionate about. They will also appreciate that you showed up for them.

Till your runner makes it to your spot, enjoy the view. It’s a chance to see people running despite the pain. Truly an inspiring thing!

Family and friends waiting to meet and greet the runners

Final Thoughts On Funny Marathon Signs

Running is tough, but a good laugh always makes things easier.

There are a lot of funny marathon signs to choose from; puns, movie quotes, sarcastic commentary, and genuine motivation. Maybe your witty slogans can get so