The Techy Guide to Running: Great Gear to Keep You Moving

Running is the perfect sport for techies. There is more technology available for runners than almost any other type of athlete. Watches can track your mileage and measure your heart rate, shoes can be fitted with chips to track your runs and keep your data, and you can fly cyborgs with certain sets of headphones. … Read more

How to Build a Running Base before Starting a Training Program

Building a running base before tackling a marathon training program is strongly encouraged by most running experts, coaches and veteran runners. Training for a marathon involves strenuous workouts and heavy mileage. Without establishing a proper base, you open yourself up to potential injuries and delays in your training program. You may not even make it … Read more

What Gear to Bring to a Race: How to Pack Your Race Bag

For runners, packing a race bag for a first race is somewhat akin to first time parents packing a diaper bag for a first outing with the new baby. Many first time participants feel the urge to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Many do pack everything but the kitchen sink. When you pack for … Read more

Best Place to Buy Running Shoes

Running shoes are the most important gear a runner can purchase. Ask anyone who has attempted to run a race in ill-fitted or otherwise inadequate footwear. Proper shoes are the most essential part of a well-prepared runner’s attire. They should suit a runner’s stride, size and foot shape. Running any sort of distance without proper … Read more

How to Achieve your Weight Loss and Running Goals

Running is an excellent way to achieve your weight loss goals. I can personally attest to this statement; I ran off 60 pounds in under one year, and kept it off. Running at a 10 minute pace for 30 minutes burns a total of 318 calories for the average person.  Achieving your running and weight … Read more

How to Train on a Treadmill

Treadmill workouts are not nearly as much fun as hitting the road or the trail, but they can afford some real benefits for your training program. Treadmills offer feedback that is immediate and progressive. They also offer precision to your training program. While it can be tough to spend hours running on a belt, there … Read more

What Should you Eat while Training for a Race?

When you are training for a long distance race, such as a half marathon or a marathon, what you eat matters. Caloric intake needs to compensate for what you burn on the road, trail or treadmill during your runs. When you are training, your body undergoes significant stress and depletion of energy stores. The energy … Read more

Finding Your Best Running Playlist to Keep You Motivated

Nothing gets your run boosted like a great playlist bumping in your headphones. You know a good song is playing when you are tempted to break your tempo and raise your pace during a run simply because the beat is a good one. It is somewhat comparable to driving too fast (we all know we … Read more

Best Interval Training for a Marathon

Training for a marathon is a daunting task. I often advise beginners to think of running the marathon as they would think of eating an elephant; one bite at a time. The marathon, marked by the extreme distance of 26.2 miles, is a true test of human endurance. Attempting to go out and run the … Read more

What are The Best Running Apps?

Smart phones seem to have been made for runners by runners. The sheer volume of available running apps indicates that this is at least plausible. Narrowing the list down to find the best running apps is no easy task; however, I have selected a few of my favorites for your review. For just about everything … Read more

Benefits of Track Training for Distance Runners

Track running has benefitted many a distance runner in both speed and endurance economies. Time on the track is well spent for runners at any level. Elite distance runners spend at between 2 and 3 days on the track improving speed and mental endurance. New and midlevel runners would do well to follow their example. … Read more

What Are the Health Benefits of Running Half Marathons?

Running a half marathon has many health benefits for athletes who are just starting out as well as for those who are veteran runners. The half marathon is a good running distance for both the mind and the body. The distance is not too long to take over your whole schedule or drain your energy, … Read more

Effective Carb Loading for a Marathon

Carb loading before a marathon is an essential way to build your energy stores prior to the big race. The body relies heavily upon these stores for a successful race. Pushing yourself through several hours of hard or even moderate running will deplete your energy more quickly than you think. While many runners carry gels … Read more

How to Build Mileage for a Marathon without Getting Hurt

Building mileage while training for a marathon is a very serious business. Building too quickly, or not quickly enough, can leave you injured and ineffective on race day. Running 26.2 miles is a sobering effort; one that requires months of training on top of base mileage. There is no shortage of training plans available to … Read more

What is the Best Running Headlamp for Night Runs?

best running headlamps for night runs

For runners, there will always be obstacles- hills, uneven roads, trails- to overcome that stands in the way of a good run. While most of these challenges can be accomplished without any equipment, night running requires the use of a headlamp and without one you could experience a little turbulence. Nighttime workouts can be rewarding, especially … Read more

How to Effectively Hydrate During a Long Distance Race

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of running a successful race. The body uses an enormous amount of fluid during a long distance run. Sweat removes healthy fluid from the body which must be replaced to maintain health. Successful running is dependent upon proper hydration on and off the road. There are many … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Hill Training for Runners?

Few things offer a runner greater benefits than hill training. While most runners groan at the sight of a looming ascent of road or trail, it is precisely the thing that will condition your muscles and cardiovascular system to excel at the demands of hard core training. Hill training also offers runners the dual benefits … Read more

What is a Tempo Run and How do You Properly Run One?

Tempo runs are something we hear a lot about in the running community. According to some, we are supposed to include at least two of them in each training week. Tempo runs are not difficult to figure out once you have a basic idea of what you are trying to accomplish on the road for … Read more

When to Begin Tapering Mileage before a Race

Tapering your mileage before a long distance race is all about conserving energy and ensuring race readiness. Long distance running, particularly training for a marathon, brings heavy fatigue with it. Shorter races, such as the 10k or even the half marathon (if you are a seasoned runner) may not require a taper, but the marathon … Read more

Common Mistakes in Strength Training for Runners

Whether or not to incorporate strength training while training for a marathon has long been a topic of debate for runners and coaches. Until fairly recently, many believed it was counter- productive and potentially injurious for runners to lift weights while training for a race or maintaining high mileage. However, this paradigm is shifting among … Read more

Best Energy Chews for your Endurance Chase

Any runner who is acquainted with distance training has also been introduced to the world of energy replacements. These often come in the form of goop or glob, but they are well worth the grimace when it comes to on the road nutrition. There is nothing worse than hitting a wall of fatigue on a … Read more

Perks of Trail Running

Trail running has a lot to offer athletes who are looking to change up their routine, build strength or find motivation outside of the gym. Trail runs have a way of reviving your running routine, rejuvenating your mind and relaxing your body after putting in mile after mile on the road or treadmill leaves you … Read more

Most Important Stretches for Runners

Stretching is perhaps the most vital element of your core training as a runner. Stretching does more than reduce muscle soreness and loosen you up for the next workout; it also improves muscle strength and recovery by up to 30%. If you are like me, at some point during your training you could be caught … Read more

Why you Should Race Shorter Distances while Training for your Marathon

Running a marathon requires intense and steady training to ensure readiness. Most runners follow a meticulous training plan to prepare for the big day, full of tempo runs, speed workouts, long runs and strength training. These are the core elements of any good training plan, but there is one more component that can boost both … Read more

Runners Guide to Road Etiquette

Runners are generally polite people, so it is no surprise that there is actually an established system of road etiquette for runners. Although we typically think of our sport as one of solitude, we must all share the road – and not just with other runners. There are ways of maintaining politeness on the road … Read more