The Techy Guide to Running: Great Gear to Keep You Moving


Running is the perfect sport for techies. There is more technology available for runners than almost any other type of athlete. Watches can track your mileage and measure your heart rate, shoes can be fitted with chips to track your runs and keep your data, and you can fly cyborgs with certain sets of headphones. Just kidding about the cyborgs; but you can improve your training significantly with smart technology that is available for almost any goal you have for your running.

The following list of techy products is sure to leave you techy runners out there drooling and ready to hit some pavement.


The Sennheiser Adidas PMX 685i are made for runners from their back of the head fitting shape to their sweat resistant speakers. These bad boys are even washable, making them sanitary and safe for multiple uses. The band fits comfortably behind your head, preventing the ear buds from falling out of your ears during your hard runs.

The best feature these sweet ear pieces offer is the unique design; they do not block out all sound (even though you can still blast your tunes like a boss) making them safe for road runs. The Sennheisers sell for about $90, and they are well worth every penny. Their universal fit was designed by runners for runners. Take my money!

The Best Watch EVER

The Garmin Forerunner 910XT sets you up with GPS, personal record data, vibrating prompts when you are about to hit a new PR, and general awesomeness in a sweet, waterproof package. This watch does everything but run your miles for you. Personally, I love the motivation factor this one offers with the race features that allow you to compete with your best times.

That little buzz provides the best push possible to get your best times on each training run. This smart little feature brings precision to training like no other techy tool on the market.

Looking for more? See our full guide to the best running watches.

Nike+… Nuff Said

The Nike + iPod running chip is one of my favorite techy devices on the market. For the low price of $19, you can order the shoe sensor that transmits every footfall on your run and translates into complex data to keep you running with precision every time you train. I also really love that I can post my updates for friends to see when I hit a personal best… of course not so much when I don’t. The Nike + iPod chip keeps me honest, tracks my mileage and pushes me past my limits. One of my favorite features is that I could sync it to my iPod to play a favorite song when I needed a boost on a training run or during a race.


The North Face Better than Naked Jacket weighs a mere 4.2 ounces and provides optimal protection from the elements without overheating you during your training runs. While it keeps rain out, it also lets sweat out through small holes in the back. Made of a poly-blend for wicking with a cut designed for comfort, this is the best $129 you can spend on a running jacket. You won’t want to peel it off and leave it on the road with the rest of the layers. Fortunately, it is light enough to keep on during your whole run or tie around your waist in case the rain stops.

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