What are The Best Running Apps?


Smart phones seem to have been made for runners by runners. The sheer volume of available running apps indicates that this is at least plausible. Narrowing the list down to find the best running apps is no easy task; however, I have selected a few of my favorites for your review. For just about everything pertaining to running (except getting your mileage done for you), an app is available for download. Whether you are looking to track your mileage, map your course, or get chased by some zombies, there is literally an app for that.


Runkeeper is an app that is first on the list because it is not only free, but completely versatile. This app literally brings the function of your running journal to your smart phone with a few easy buttons. With this handy app, you can keep track of your routes, mileage, calorie burn and progress. Initial download is free, and upgrade to Runkeeper Pro is a mere $9.95. The pro option, available for the iPhone, offers pace tracking options that can be stored to track progress more precisely. Both options also offer GPS tracking and customized playlists to accompany your long run.


Endomondo is similar to Runkeeper, but has a trash talking option to get your friends in the game with you! It also allows you to plan routes, plot courses and keep track of your workouts. This app is available for download on most smart phone devices, including Android and iPhone. One really cool feature that I love about this app is the running coach option, which gives great tips for specific workouts. I really love the virtual coaching feature. There are times on the road that we all need a boost, and this app helps me keep focused and in tune with my body during my workouts. I also love that I can communicate with my running friends to boost my bragging rights. Oh, and if you don’t want to trash talk your friends, you could always send them some positive reinforcement. This app does it all.

Zombies, Run!

This is the most fun app on the market, hands down. What can possibly make your training program more fun than zombies on the loose? This handy app was designed by a team of running experts, and is available for download at the Apple store, and provides you with structured training programs and hordes of zombies. The app is designed as an interactive game, complete with audio tracks and life-saving missions which you must run to complete and conquer. Zombies, Run! brings the fun and excitement of a video game to your run, providing endless motivation and probably panic attacks. (Just kidding about the panic attacks.)

Running apps are a great addition to your bag of tricks. Many of them are free or low cost, and can help you fine tune your workouts to target the precision that will improve your performance as a runner. For more fine tuning, check out our other articles at Runnersgoal.com.