Perks of Trail Running


Trail running has a lot to offer athletes who are looking to change up their routine, build strength or find motivation outside of the gym. Trail runs have a way of reviving your running routine, rejuvenating your mind and relaxing your body after putting in mile after mile on the road or treadmill leaves you needing more. Whether you are a newbie runner or a seasoned athlete, there are plenty of reasons to change shoes and hit the trails in your neck of the woods. We at guarantee that your mind and body will be grateful for it.

Easy on the Joints

Pounding pavement might be an integral part of your training regime for most marathon road races, but over time this can cause problems. Constant impact sustained from long distance running almost always leads to some kind of injury, whether it is in the feet or the rest of the joints. Your knees, hips, back, shins and feet are sure to take a beating from mile after mile on the pavement. Trails provide a much softer cushion for foot strikes, easing some of the harshness from running hard. Working in a trail run at least once a week is sure to reduce your risk of sustaining a running injury. Trails, especially those that are run on dirt, are the best surface for runners since they absorb much of the impact and provide the least resistance to pounding. If you have found that your body is suffering after each long run on the road, try switching it up and tackling a trail.

Easy on the Eyes

Trails are most often found off the beaten path. This allows you time to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life and get outside among the trees, grass and local wildlife. Good scenery makes for a good run. It also provides a refreshing respite from your day to day routine on and off the road. Trail running allows you to free yourself from the constraints of a tight schedule and the monotony of the same old workouts every single day. If you find yourself growing weary of your training schedule, throw a trail run into the mix and see how motivating it can be to switch up your routine.

Easy Way to Build Muscle

When you run trails, you work different muscles than you do when you run on the road. Trail running typically means that you are moving through different terrain than you normally do. Uneven ground and rolling hills allow your body to experience varying degrees of difficulty, and to use different muscles to accomplish the run. This gives the muscles you work regularly both a boost and a break. One thing to watch out for is holes or steps which can cause you to trip and get injured. While the uneven ground might be fun to navigate on the run, it can also get you hurt if you aren’t careful.

Trail running is good for the soul. I try to get out at least once a week on a trail run, even if it isn’t a very long one. For more information about trail running, check out for tips and tidbits.