Most Common Running Injuries

Long distance running is a sport that contains risk.  Unfortunately, runners of any serious mileage caliber can claim a few injury stories.  On the road, we refer to them battle scars. Some of them can be serious enough to derail your training for a significant amount of time if they aren’t handled with the proper … Read more

Toughest Races in the World

Since Pheidippides completed the first marathon, man (and woman) has been fascinated with following his footsteps.  Of course, we humans haven’t stopped at distance; we have found ways to make it tougher and more bad ass than previous challenges.  This article will describe some of the toughest races around the world, and hopefully inspire you … Read more

The Best Cross Training Exercises for Distance Runners

The key to successful racing is in balanced workouts that include cross training.  Cross training offers the runner the benefit of training different muscle groups while taking a rest from the grueling pounding of running on the feet and joints.  Cross training also offers the runner a mental break from distance workouts while maintaining the … Read more

Interview with Ultra Runner Christopher Brill

There are few experiences that can top ultra-racing to test the human mind, body and spirit.  Ultra runner Christopher Brill of San Diego, California shares his race experiences with ultra-racing and gives us here at a chance to look inside the run from the perspective of one who has conquered it.  Brill, a seasoned … Read more

Training for a Marathon while Sick

Training for a marathon is a process of precision that requires strict adherence to schedule and timing.  There is not a lot of room for illness in the marathon training schedule, especially when it is prior to race day.  Added to this is the probability that you will likely get sick while training for a … Read more

Best Running Documentaries to Keep you Motivated

Few human experiences are more inspiring than the marathon.  The energy of a race, the hours on the road, the rush of completing a hard run with a personal record and even muscle soreness can be downright thrilling.  However, even the most enthusiastic runners need resources for motivation at certain points in their training.  One … Read more

Common Mistakes for a First Marathon

Many first time marathoners make it through the big event without too much trouble.  However, there are runners, like myself, who learn absolutely everything the hard way and make several mistakes in their debut marathon.  Fortunately, I am also willing to write about them to save you some of the same trouble! Marathon blunders can … Read more

Why you Should Run with a Charity Organization

Running with a charity organization is one of the most rewarding ways to accomplish your running goals.  Besides the obvious benefit of giving something good to the world with your workout and helping to fund a worthy cause, there are many more to be found.  Many charity organizations offer coaching support to their charity runners, … Read more

Benefits of Joining a Running Group

Running is a sport of solitude.  For many, it is the chance to clear the thoughts of the day between themselves and the road.  It is also the opportunity to work on performance goals and personal records.  Running with a group may seem to pose a threat to the runner’s autonomy, but it is actually … Read more

How to Run in Inclement Weather

We all remember inclement weather recess from our elementary school years. Rain, extreme heat, heavy winds or snow seem to automatically mean that staying indoors is required for play and exercise alike. Runners are a different breed. Many of us can be found outdoors in all weather and elements chasing our runner’s high. However, this … Read more