The Untold History of Women’s Running: Runners You May Not Have Heard About (But Need to Know)


We all have a general idea of women’s running history.  We know that women were largely banned from the Olympics and organized races until the 1960s.  We know about Kathrine (aka “K”) Switzer and her famous run at the Boston Marathon.  We also know about Rosie ... continue reading

Avoiding Cross-Training? Try These Unique Workouts to Add a Little Fun to Your Cross-Training Regimen

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It’s on our training schedules every week.  That dratted training day that most of us secretly ignore.  While we’d never dream of missing a long run or a speed workout (or any other running day, for that matter), the spot on our schedules marked ... continue reading

A Quick Review of the Best New Men’s Running Shoes – 2014

This article was written for by Melissa G., a guest author. Shopping for running shoes can be overwhelming. What kind of foot do you have? Are you an over- or under-pronator or do you have a neutral gait? That’s just the first question you ... continue reading

Run Like a Girl!: Girls on the Run Offers Young Girls the Opportunity to Shine


A rotating corps of Girls on the Run volunteers drop in on an end-of-the-season social.  The more practical goal of this gathering is to collect the coaches’ training boxes, the lessons and materials the coaches use over the twelve week course of the running ... continue reading

How to Start a Running Group: Tips and Advice for Establishing a Successful Running Group

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This article was written for by Lindsey Appleford, a guest author.  Lindsey is a freelance writer, longtime runner, and one-time reluctant triathlete.  Though she sometimes misses her knee cartilage, Lindsey can’t imagine a life without ... continue reading

Weight Loss for Marathon Runners

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Running is a very accessible way to get fit, lose weight and provide an outlet for your competitive urges and, for a large proportion of runners, the marathon is the ultimate endurance challenge. Needless to say, if you want to run well, you need to conserve ... continue reading

2014 Rainier to Ruston Race Recap


A couple of weeks ago, I was able to run the Rainier to Ruston relay race as part of a team of six.  Being a part of any race is always a lot of fun and brings great experiences; however, being a part of a team brings a whole other level of camaraderie and ... continue reading

Stephen’s 2014 Goal Inventory


Well it is close to June 2014 and I figure that it is time to take inventory of how I am doing on reaching my 2014 running goals to see how I am doing at this point. If you recall I have 10 running related goals for this year and as today I have completed 2 ... continue reading