Is a 50K Trail Race Harder than a Road Marathon?


A lot of people have started making the transition from traditional marathon running to ultra marathons, soul crushing endurance runs. The most common of this is going to be a 50k trail race, which is only another five miles or so. Anyone who has run a ... continue reading

Spencer’s 2013 Running Goals in Review


The year of 2013 has ended, and I'm excited to finally start setting my goals for 2014 and seeing what my old body can do!  But before I jump into looking forward, its important to take a quick peek in the rearview mirror and see how my 2013 goals ended ... continue reading

Stephen’s 2014 Running Goals


I am a huge fan of setting goals for my personal running endeavors.  The thing about goal setting is that while it is not realistic to be 100% successful all of the time in achieving your goals, you will get a whole lot farther in your endeavors if you shoot ... continue reading

Who are the Marathon Maniacs and How Do I Qualify?

Marathon Maniacs

I have a couple friends who have mentioned that they are a 'marathon maniac,' but I have to admit that I did not know what that entailed. I know some races advertise as being a great race to pair with another, like 'earning your mittens' by running one ... continue reading

The Final Race of 2013 and Looking Forward to 2014

Finishing the Race (in bright yellow)

Well, its now been a couple of months since I updated the blog here with my running adventures.  The last time I wrote, I was preparing to run the Turkey trot on Thanksgiving day! I don't have a full race review for you today; but I will just say that I had ... continue reading

What are Minimalist Shoes?


Minimalist-style running has become popular over the last few years. Thanks to the availability of things like Vibram FiveFingers and Nike Frees (some of the most popular minimalist shoes), and exposure through books like Born to Run, minimalist runners seem ... continue reading

What are the World Marathon Majors?


Many of us are avid runners who enjoy distance running and may even do fairly well from time to time. Few people ever reach the heights of running by becoming elite runners, competing with the best of the best. For elite runners, there are some races that ... continue reading

Craziest Themed Runs


It’s true.  We take running pretty seriously.  Between the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), intricate training plans, and pre-race anxiety (that we subject ourselves to), running has the tendency to become more than just a hobby or fun way to exercise for ... continue reading