What Vitamins Should Runners Take? A Nutrition Supplement Strategy

what vitamins should runners take

Whether it’s to cure a disease or enhance performance, research is always being done on the 13 essential vitamins the body absolutely needs. However, some nutrition experts say it may not be necessary to supplement certain vitamins. Each vitamin has a specific Job to help the body grow and develop. In some studies, research shows vitamins can even help … Read more

Instant Motivation: 10 Cross Country Movies to Keep you Running

cross country movies

Planning on not going for that run you know you should take? The easiest thing anyone can do in life is quit- this is true in running as well.  The struggle is real! We put together a list of cross country movies that can inspire anyone to get back in the race when they lack motivation.  … Read more

Best Running Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis – Flat Feet and High Arches

For runners with plantar fasciitis, taking the first step in the morning can be the most painful and searching for the best insoles is a challenging task that can leave you a bit overwhelmed and under-satisfied.While insoles can help with a variety of foot ailments, plantar fasciitis- found most in people who run with flat … Read more

2 Mile Repeats: The Best Workout for your 10K Training Plan

2 mile repeats

As a runner, you should always be on the lookout for techniques, strategies, or workouts that can enhance our running abilities… Even the most challenging ones. For new and advanced runners training for 10k race, the key workout you should consider are 2 mile repeats. It is a super effective way to get down that hit that time … Read more

5 Minute Warm Up Routine For Runners – 5 Dynamic Drills From Oscar Sanchez

dynamic warm up drills

If your a new runner, one of the most important areas you don’t want to neglect is the warm up drills before you run. It may be hard to believe but, dynamic warm up drills are the stepping stone to improving many areas of running including: Running Mechanics PerformanceFlexibility ​More importantly they are designed to improve the range … Read more

How To Build Stamina and Run Farther with Sage Canaday

how to run farther

When it comes running, most people quit because they don’t see the results quick enough or they don’t want to put it the time it takes to run long distances. ​However, there are the select few, like you obviously, who want to improve stamina, endurance, speed and learn how to run farther and faster. It doesn’t matter what type … Read more