How to Find the Absolute Best Shoes for Marathon Training


You’ve made the decision to run a marathon and you want to make sure you’re totally prepared. You’ve picked out your race, you’ve selected your training plan, and you’ve got your eye on that technical shirt that you’re proudly going to wear when the race is over. There’s a lot to do to get ready for … Read more

7 Magical Tips for How to Run with Shin Splints

Shin Splints–They Don’t Have to Last ForeverYou were running the other day and you felt a pain near the tibia in your lower leg. It could be a lot of things. But if you determine that your injury is shin splints, don’t worry. This is an injury that affects a lot of runners from time to time. The … Read more

30 Scary Explanations for What Causes Calf Pain While Running

Running is a source of great joy for runners. The pleasure that comes with pushing your body to move faster and further is like no other. But sometimes that joy can turn sour when runners are forced to join the ranks of the walking wounded because of an injury.Uh-oh!​One of the most common​ sources of pain … Read more

4 Practical Tips for Running a Faster 400m Race

If you’re a track athlete looking to improve your times in the 400m, we’ve got some great tips from Brian Blake, a track coach at Shaper: E. Movement from North Carolina.   But if you’re a distance runner, I also encourage you to stick around for Coach Blake’s tips. Many distance runners turn up their noses at … Read more

How To Become a Better Cross-Country Runner

The hottest days of August are some of the most exciting of the year. It’s almost time for cross country season again. Very few things can match the joy of running cross country, but it’s not just for fun. You want to dominate. You want to take maximum advantage of your abilities.  What’s the most important … Read more