Best Laces for Running Shoes Comparisons & Reviews

You finally found your dream shoe that will get you through mile after mile of your runs without any injury. But a couple miles in, you realize you hate the shoelaces. No problem -- you can still love the shoes. You just need to find the best laces for running shoes.

Quick Look: Our Top Picks

Color: You’ll want to find a pair of shoelaces that doesn’t clash with your running shoes. The good news is that should be an easy task -- shoelaces come in every color imaginable.

Lock Laces

The end clips flop around a bit when you run, which might be distracting to some runners.

OrthoStep Round Athletic Shoelaces
Xpand No Tie Shoelaces

If you’re the type of runner who loves to accessorize and match everything about your outfit, you’re going to be thrilled with how many color choices you’ll have with these shoelaces. There are more than 40 colors to choose from.


  • Some of the colors include reflective shoelaces, which is nice for runners who are concerned about visibility while they’re running on the road.

  • Unlike some other elastic laces, these don’t have annoying closures that bob around on your shoes -- the closures are discreet if you want them to be, or visible if you prefer that.

  • While most other no-tie shoelaces are round, these are flat, which may appeal to some runners, because they seem to stay in place better.

  • The anchors for the shoelaces shouldn’t break or warp.


  • It’s a bit expensive for one pair of shoelaces.

  • The anchors do sometimes fall off and get lost.

  • The installation process will take you a few minutes.

Fast Compete No-Tie Laces

If you only want one pair, you’ll still have to buy two.

Accotcole Round Shoelaces

You can’t order color combinations of the shoelaces -- they all have to be the same color, which can be a downer if you want to order a fun, bright color because it will have to match your future shoes too.

Shannon Serpette

Shannon Serpette is an award-winning writer and avid runner. She ran her first 5k two years ago, and hasn’t stopped running since. She has completed a half marathon and recently earned her first Top 3 performance medal for her age category in a race.

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