Do You Have Pain on Top of Your Foot During Running?

pain on top of foot after running

Running is a sport that can cause a lot of injuries. Some are minor and others can permanently put the brakes on your running career. So when you feel pain on top of your foot after running, you wonder if it will go away or if it will become a bigger problem. Here’s everything you need … Read more

Groin Pain From Running – Tips For Prevention And Recovery

Groin Pain From Running

If running has you suffering from groin pain, maybe you’ll be able to take comfort in the fact that it’s a fairly common problem for runners. Groin pain and running can go hand in hand if precautions aren’t taken.What Is Groin Pain?Groin pain is often felt on the inner thigh, the groin, or the lower … Read more

How Should Runners Deal With A Blister Under Their Toenail?

Blister Under Toenail

You’ve heard about the unsightly and painful blisters your running friends have experienced during their years in the sport. But now you’ve got your own, and you aren’t sure how to handle it. If the blister had appeared on your heel, you’d know exactly what to do. But what do you do when it’s under your … Read more

Should Runners Take Creatine?

Should Runners Take Creatine

You’ve heard some of your runner friends talking about their creatine supplements and you’re wondering if it could benefit you too. Should runners take creatine? What are the benefits, and are there any risks?What Is Creatine?Creatine is a supplement that is popular with athletes because of its supposed ability to enhance their performance. Creatine is a natural … Read more

What Can Cause of Blood in the Urine After Running?

Blood in Urine After Running

Everything seems to be going smoothly — you’ve been killing your runs lately. However, you notice blood in your urine after running and you begin to worry that something’s seriously wrong.What Could It Mean?First of all, take a deep breath and relax. While blood in your urine can be a frightening discovery, it doesn’t always … Read more

What Can Cause Ankle Pain from Running?

Ankle Pain from Running

Running is your favorite thing to do whenever you have a free hour, but you could definitely do without the ankle pain from running. Here’s what may be causing that pesky pain and what you can do to free yourself from it.Ankle Pain from RunningYou love almost everything about running — how your heart pounds … Read more

How To Deal With Big Toe Pain While Running

Big Toe Pain While Running

In your pursuit of the famed runner’s high, you’ll probably experience a few lows, like aches and pains. If you get big toe pain running, here is what’s happening in your foot.Big Toe Pain Can Cause a Big DisruptionIf you suffer from big toe pain from running, you might feel like you should be able … Read more

Should Runners Get Pedicures? Tips For Caring For Your Feet

Should runners get pedicures

Runners don’t exactly make the best foot models. Our feet take a lot of abuse, and it shows. We have calluses, blisters, and sometimes even missing toenails. Should runners get pedicures to make their unsightly feet a little less grotesque?The Cosmetic Downside of RunningDuring a typical run, your feet will strike the pavement thousands of times. … Read more

Should Runners Take Iron Supplements To Increase Iron Levels?

should runners take iron supplements

Runners sometimes need extra nutrients because of the vigorous exercise we put our bodies through. Most of us are well aware we need extra potassium because we tend to sweat a lot, especially in hot weather. But what about other key nutrients like iron? Should runners take iron supplements to make sure our performances and health … Read more

Does Smoking Affect Running? Here’s Why The Best Runners Kick The Habit

does smoking affect running

You already know smoking is a bad habit. You’ve heard the warnings enough to know it’s not good for your body or your health. But does smoking affect running too? If you’re serious about setting some new running goals, you’ll want to know how lighting up may be stopping you from reaching your full potential as … Read more

Quad Pain While Running – Why Do My Thighs Hurt So Bad?

quad pain while running

One minute, you’re Quadzilla out there on your run, gobbling up the pavement. The next, you’re limping along wondering where you went wrong. That, my friend, is what quad pain can do to you. If you get quad pain running, here is the 411 on what causes it and how to avoid it.Quads and HamstringsSometimes quad … Read more

What Should Runners Eat? The 11 Best Foods For Marathoners

what should runners eat

You’ve been putting in the hours and you’ve been sprinting hills. You’re doing everything you can think of to be the best runner you can be. What you might not realize is that your diet may be standing in the way of you reaching your goals. What should runners eat to give their bodies all the … Read more

Why Do I Have Stomach Pain After Running? Causes & Prevention:

stomach pain after running

You thought the actual running was supposed to be the hard and painful part of this sport. If your lungs, legs, feet and stomach are fine during the run, why are you getting stomach pain after running?Stomach Pain During Your RunMost runners are familiar with side stitches — that intense, take-your-breath-away pain you can get … Read more

How To Teach A Child To Run Faster – Speed Training For Kids

teach a child to run faster

Children are like adults — they tend to stick with activities they’re good at doing. After all, nobody likes to fail, or feel like they don’t stack up to their peers. When it comes to running, kids know how they compare to their classmates. Ask a kid who the fastest child in his class is, and … Read more

Run a Half Marathon in 6 Weeks – It’s Possible, Here’s How:

how to run a half marathon in 6 weeks

Runners don’t always tackle goals the same way. One runner may spend months preparing for a half marathon, while others simply show up race day with little training and decide to wing it. Unless you’re an elite athlete who logs countless miles every week, winging it isn’t a good idea.  Here are some reasons you actually … Read more

Running 3 Miles a Day – How to Make This Goal a Reality

Running 3 Miles Each day

If you’re new to the sport, running 3 miles a day may seem impossible, especially if you’ve been breathing and moving like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons after completing the first half mile of your runs. Why on earth would you want to put yourself through the torture of trying to complete three miles every … Read more

What To Do About Heel Pain After Running – Causes & Recovery Tips

heel pain after running

Whether you’re new to running or you’ve been at it for years, you’ve likely experienced nagging aches and pains in your pursuit of fitness. Heel pain is a common complaint with runners, and when you think about the punishment our heels take during each run, it’s no surprise they might act up occasionally.  Here is what … Read more

How To Run a Faster 10K Race – 9 Tips to Beat Your Personal Record

How to run a faster 10K

You’re tired of landing in the same finishing spot in every 10k you participate in — not first, but not worst. If you want one of the coveted performance medals at your next race, you’ll need some great tips on how to run a faster 10k. Quick Navigation 1. Speed Up Your Long Run2. Up … Read more

Can You Run a Marathon While Pregnant? Tips For Playing it Safe

can you run a marathon pregnant

You have two big dates coming up — the due date for your baby and a marathon you signed up for before you even knew you were pregnant. Can you run a marathon pregnant? Should you should scrap your plans to run a marathon, or lace up your sneakers anyway and kick some major butt with … Read more