How Many More Calories Does Running With a Stroller Burn?

There’s nothing more fun than including your little buddy on mommy’s or daddy’s personal running adventure.

Just buckle her up in her jogging stroller, wear your running gear and shoes, and you can both hit the road together to get rid of some stubborn calories!

But exactly how many more calories does running with a stroller burn?

The good news is that running with a stroller can burn up to 5% of the calories you’d normally burn when jogging alone at the same speed and distance.

Therefore, if you typically burn 100 to 120 calories per mile, that number could jump to around 105 to 126 calories with a stroller.

Ready to learn more about this topic in-depth? Let’s dive in!

Does the Way You Push a Stroller Affect the Calories You Burn While Running?


The aforementioned number of approximately 126 calories per mile is applicable if you run while pushing the stroller with both of your hands.

However, it can climb up if you change your position.

How Many More Calories Does Running With a Stroller Burn?

For example, if you push the stroller with only one hand instead of two, how many more calories does running with a stroller burn? the calories burned during running might increase by 6%.

So, instead of 120 or 126 calories per mile, you get to yeet 127 calories off your body!

While that doesn’t sound like much difference, all the extra calories that you shed will add up eventually.

I mean, if given the opportunity, even if it’s a tiny one, you’ll always want to lose more calories.

how many more calories does running with a stroller burn

Better still, how many more calories does running with a stroller burn when people pursue the push-and-chase method when running with their strollers.

This is another great idea to burn more calories since it increases the burning rate by 7%. In this case, you’ll get closer to the 130-calorie-per-mile mark. Neat!

Does Running With a Stroller Slow You Down?

Yes. It’s only natural for you to decrease your speed when running with a stroller for the safety of your kid, not to mention that the weight of the stroller can also slow you down.

Want more specific numbers on the speed associated with running with strollers?

On average, runners have found out that their pace is one minute slower per mile when they push a stroller.

While this might seem unfortunate, it’s not really the case because you end up burning more calories anyway!

The reason behind this magnificent occurrence is that your body uses up more energy to face the resistance of the stroller and its friction with the ground.

Therefore, running with a stroller can be a wonderful form of workout as well as a chance to spend some quality time with your kid.

Is It Safe to Run With a Normal Stroller Instead of a Jogging Stroller?

No. It’s important to keep in mind that running with a normal stroller isn’t recommended for many reasons; the most crucial one is that typical strollers don’t come with fixed front wheels.

At higher speeds, the front wheels can easily twist with movement, causing unwanted scenarios that aren’t very hard to imagine.

This isn’t the case with a jogging stroller, which is equipped with big, sturdy, fixed wheels that are fully prepared for the purpose of running.

Jogging strollers are easier to control, and they provide an extra level of steadiness to ensure the safety of your baby.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about them tipping over or steering to the side without your guidance.

Also, don’t forget that conventional strollers are a lot heavier than their athletic counterparts, which isn’t ideal for when you’re trying to reach higher speeds.

What Are Some Safety Tips to Follow When Running With a Stroller?

Because your top priority is the safety of your baby, you’ll want to follow a few safety measures when you take her running in her stroller.

If you’re unsure what to do to make that happen, this section has got your back.

Below is a list of guidelines to consider before jogging with a baby stroller. These tips aren’t only about the well-being of your little one but also yours.

How Many More Calories Does Running With a Stroller Burn: Man Running with a stroller

  • Wait until your baby is older than six months so that their neck and head are strong enough to keep them upright in a jogging stroller
  • Make sure your doctor gives you the green light to resume exercise if you’re a mom who has recently given birth
  • Ensure that your baby is securely strapped into the stroller’s safety harness
  • Pack only what the baby might need throughout your runs and steer clear of any unnecessary items that could slow you down
  • Always make sure that the front wheel is locked before you start running (if the stroller doesn’t come with a permanently fixed wheel)
  • Don’t hesitate to explore a terrain that’s slightly rougher than the sidewalk, but don’t pick a very bumpy road so as not to harm your kid
  • Consider running the stroller up and down hills, but only after getting used to pushing it on the flat ground first
  • Protect your baby from the weather on rainy or windy days (proper clothes, a wind shield, etc.)
  • Take breaks every now and then to rest and check on your baby
  • Perform periodic maintenance on the stroller to make sure it’s always in good shape

One important tip to remember, and this is less about your safety and more about the effectiveness of your exercise, is to run for a while without pushing the stroller.

Just park the stroller in a convenient spot in a park or on the beach and run back and forth in front of it.

This brings back trunk rotation and hip extension movements to your training, which will both be nonexistent when you run while pushing a stroller.

Final Thoughts

How many more calories does running with a stroller burn? Running with a stroller is a great way for a new mom to go back to her running routine without giving up quality time with her baby.

It’s also a nice chance for a dad to include his little fellow on his daily runs for some bonding.

Better still, running while pushing a stroller can also help you lose weight. So, how many more calories does running with a stroller burn?

After reading our article, you should be aware that running with a stroller can burn 5% to 7% more calories than those burned without a stroller.

That’s just awesome news for fitness-loving parents, don’t you agree?