How Many Calories Does Running in Place Burn?

We all know that losing weight can be a dragging feast to take on. It takes a lot of patience, will, and hard work to reach your weight goal.

Luckily, there are clever ways to go about burning fat without having to sign up for a gym or pay for a personal trainer—jogging in one spot is one of them.

It’s a quick and easy exercise that allows you to reap many physical benefits.

In this quick guide, we’ll answer a few questions that’ll help you get into this activity, including how many calories does running in place burn and how to do it correctly?

Let’s get to it!

How Many Calories Does Running in Place Burn?

The calories you burn when you run typically depend on other factors—whether you’re doing it in the same spot or not.

Elements that play a part in how many calories you’ll get rid of are:

  • Your age and gender
  • How much you weigh
  • Time spent jogging in place
  • The intensity of your workout

That being said, multiple research concluded that running in place burns just as much fat as running on a treadmill or outside.

For instance, a person who weighs 125 pounds will lose about 60 calories for every ten minutes of jogging.

On the other hand, heavier people, those who weigh over 180 pounds, for example, end up burning around 90 calories during a ten-minute run.

Keep in mind though, that the number of calories might increase or decrease depending on how intense your jog was.

As for gender, the golden rule is that the larger the body, the more calories it burns with every exercise. Since most men are bigger than women in terms of size, they get rid of their calories much quicker.

Additionally, our bodies agree with us less as we age. Your twenties are the prime time to lose weight and take up running because your metabolism is still working with you.

As the thirties close in, however, your odds of muscle loss and fat gain increase.

This process continues as you get older since your metabolism continues to slow down. Even your daily intake of calories decreases too.

Couple running in place: How Many Calories Does Running in Place Burn

How to Run in Place Correctly

Running in the same spot is typically an exercise associated with HIIT workouts, agility drill activities, and as a warm-up method to gradually increase your heartbeat.

With that in mind, to go about jogging in place, you need to consider the following first:

  • Warm up beforehand if you’re planning an intense run.
  • Make sure that you wear sneakers. Avoid running barefoot or in house slippers.
  • Begin with light exercise to get your heart up gradually.
  • Try wearing a heart rate monitor to check that you’re in tiptop shape.

If you don’t know where to start with your stretches, here are a few of our tips:

  • Start with a light jog where you lift your feet for only half an inch off the ground.
  • Increase the momentum to an inch or two after the first few minutes.
  • Remember to hop from one foot to another, never landing on your heels.
  • Always engage your arms while running to balance yourself.

As you run in place, keep in mind the following so to avoid injuring yourself:

  • Lift your knees while you run. The higher you go, the more intense the jog will be.
  • Keep your thighs parallel to the ground at all times.
  • Land on your toes and not on your heels.
  • Alternate between high and low speeds as you go. This allows for recovery time.
  • Factor in enough hydration breaks to keep your oxygen levels up.

3 Reasons Why You Should Run in Place

You’re probably wondering by now: what benefits do I stand to gain from running in the same spot?

While many shy away from this exercise, it’s actually a quick and great way to get a workout in without too much effort.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness

Your cardiovascular muscles improve your overall health. Not only that, but by making them stronger you’ll be adding years to your life expectancy.

You increase your lungs’ oxygen capacity and regulate your blood’s circulation flow by running in place as well.

With strong cardiovascular fitness, you can easily carry out other aerobic exercises, such as hiking and swimming.

You can maintain a good form and keep burning calories well after your workout has ended!

Say No to Future Heart Problems

With regular exercise, your heart becomes better and stronger. With a heart like that, you’re also supporting other vital organs and protecting them from future damage.

By running in place, you’re reducing possible health risks, such as heart attacks and Coronary heart disease. It’s a great way to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

You can start running for at least 30 minutes in the same spot, three or five times a week. You’ll end up with clearer skin and a better form over time too.

Pair on-the-spot jogging with a healthy diet that’s rich in greens to see quicker results.

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Easily Lose Those Stubborn Pounds

While you’re running in place, your body turns to where fat is stored so it can convert it to energy. That’s why exercise helps promote weight loss.

With an easy aerobic exercise such as intense jogging, you can burn up to 563 calories in just one hour! (Provided that you weigh around 155 pounds).

Make sure too that your calorie intake is less than your calorie expenditure. By retaining a balance, you’re sure to lose those stubborn pounds.

If you’d rather have a guilt-free day to eat what you want, involve a 30-minute run to burn anywhere from 200 to 500 calories.


If you’ve asked how many calories does running in place burn before, we hope this guide has helped you reach an answer.

There are many ways to calculate the number of calories you burn with each session. What’s important is that you factor in your age, weight, gender, and how intense you want your jogging to be.

Remember to hydrate and land on your toes!