How To Become a Better Cross-Country Runner

The hottest days of August are some of the most exciting of the year. It’s almost time for cross country season again. Very few things can match the joy of running cross country, but it’s not just for fun. You want to dominate. You want to take maximum advantage of your abilities.  What’s the most important … Read more

Here Are The Top 3 Treadmill Running Tips You Might Be Missing

Running Tips for Indoor Treadmills

In many places across the world, running year round means running on a treadmill for part of the year. It’s a great way to keep your running performance at peak levels year round, and to get some exercise even when it’s raining cats and dogs and the ground seems to be made of slush. ​Treadmill running … Read more

5 Breathing Hacks Every Runner Needs To Know

runners breathing

Breathing while running – this is something that seems like it should be a no-brainer, right? That’s not always the case! Although breathing is an everyday thing that most people don’t take the time to think about, it can actually be quite the struggle for runners who haven’t had breathing guidance, especially when starting out.How … Read more

Best Running Shoes For High Arches – Men and Women

Best Running Shoes for High Arches

If you’re a runner with high arches, you are well aware of the struggles with finding the right shoe for your foot.  In short, having a running shoe with plenty of padding is essential, since high arches tend to result in less shock absorption happening in the foot.  ​Identify Your Foot TypeOne of the most important, … Read more

How To Boost Your Endurance: 3 Proven Tips For New Runners

How To Boost Your Endurance

For new runners, the thought of running a marathon can seem as daunting as climbing Mount Everest. ​This is completely normal! ​Ask any marathoner about how they felt when they first started running and they will tell you the same thing. ​The good news is that endurance is something that you can train for and improve methodically. ​Whether your … Read more

Chocolate Milk? The Top 3 Distance Running Tips for Beginners

Chocolate Milk? The Top 3 Distance Running Tips for Beginners

Thinking of getting into long distance running but don’t know where to start? It might seem like a great idea to just go out and hit the pavement, but without proper preparation you risk injury or simply giving up due to lack of motivation. The professional runners over at Built With Chocolate Milk have provided some excellent … Read more

3 Simple Tips On Form That Every Runner Should Know

3 Simple Tips On Running Form

Most beginner runners that I speak to are dumbfounded when I tell them that there is such a thing as proper running technique.  I was the same way.  I mean, it’s just like walking but faster, right? You don’t have to think about walking, so why do you have to think about running?  Boy was … Read more

5 Minute Warm Up Routine For Runners – 5 Dynamic Drills From Oscar Sanchez

dynamic warm up drills

If your a new runner, one of the most important areas you don’t want to neglect is the warm up drills before you run. It may be hard to believe but, dynamic warm up drills are the stepping stone to improving many areas of running including: Running Mechanics PerformanceFlexibility ​More importantly they are designed to improve the range … Read more

How To Build Stamina and Run Farther with Sage Canaday

how to run farther

When it comes running, most people quit because they don’t see the results quick enough or they don’t want to put it the time it takes to run long distances. ​However, there are the select few, like you obviously, who want to improve stamina, endurance, speed and learn how to run farther and faster. It doesn’t matter what type … Read more

How To Fuel For a Half Marathon + 4 More Training Tips

Eat Nutrient Dense Food To Fuel For Half Marathon

If you’ve committed to running those 13.1 miles that are a half marathon, then you’ve probably got quite a few questions – especially if you’re a beginner.  One of the common questions is “how to fuel for a half marathon.”  In other words, what kind of things should I be putting in my body on race … Read more

A Quick Review of the Best New Men’s Running Shoes – 2014

This article was written for by Melissa G., a guest author. Shopping for running shoes can be overwhelming. What kind of foot do you have? Are you an over- or under-pronator or do you have a neutral gait? That’s just the first question you have to face. What are your running goals and how much mileage … Read more

Run Like a Girl!: Girls on the Run Offers Young Girls the Opportunity to Shine

A rotating corps of Girls on the Run volunteers drop in on an end-of-the-season social.  The more practical goal of this gathering is to collect the coaches’ training boxes, the lessons and materials the coaches use over the twelve week course of the running program.  Inevitably though, the volunteers stop to chat, swapping season stories … Read more

How to Start a Running Group: Tips and Advice for Establishing a Successful Running Group

This article was written for by Lindsey Appleford, a guest author.  Lindsey is a freelance writer, longtime runner, and one-time reluctant triathlete.  Though she sometimes misses her knee cartilage, Lindsey can’t imagine a life without running, and she is currently flirting with the idea of completing her first 50K.   Like so many things, running groups … Read more

Weight Loss for Marathon Runners

Running is a very accessible way to get fit, lose weight and provide an outlet for your competitive urges and, for a large proportion of runners, the marathon is the ultimate endurance challenge. Needless to say, if you want to run well, you need to conserve energy so that you don’t get too tired too … Read more

2014 Rainier to Ruston Race Recap

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to run the Rainier to Ruston relay race as part of a team of six.  Being a part of any race is always a lot of fun and brings great experiences; however, being a part of a team brings a whole other level of camaraderie and experience … Read more

Stephen’s 2014 Goal Inventory

Well it is close to June 2014 and I figure that it is time to take inventory of how I am doing on reaching my 2014 running goals to see how I am doing at this point. If you recall I have 10 running related goals for this year and as today I have completed … Read more

Spencer’s Running Goals for 2014

Each year I sit down and try to write out what my goals will be for running.  As you can see, its now May, and I’m barely getting these goals posted. Today, I’d like to cover some of these reasons (good or bad) why it has taken me so long.  And then of course, I’ll … Read more

Is a 50K Trail Race Harder than a Road Marathon?

A lot of people have started making the transition from traditional marathon running to ultra marathons, soul crushing endurance runs. The most common of this is going to be a 50k trail race, which is only another five miles or so. Anyone who has run a marathon can tell you that another five miles seems … Read more

Spencer’s 2013 Running Goals in Review

The year of 2013 has ended, and I’m excited to finally start setting my goals for 2014 and seeing what my old body can do!  But before I jump into looking forward, its important to take a quick peek in the rearview mirror and see how my 2013 goals ended up. In a nutshell, I … Read more

Stephen’s 2014 Running Goals

I am a huge fan of setting goals for my personal running endeavors.  The thing about goal setting is that while it is not realistic to be 100% successful all of the time in achieving your goals, you will get a whole lot farther in your endeavors if you shoot for a goal and fall … Read more

Who are the Marathon Maniacs and How Do I Qualify?

Marathon Maniacs

I have a couple friends who have mentioned that they are a ‘marathon maniac,’ but I have to admit that I did not know what that entailed. I know some races advertise as being a great race to pair with another, like ‘earning your mittens’ by running one marathon in Michigan and one in Wisconsin, … Read more

The Final Race of 2013 and Looking Forward to 2014

Well, its now been a couple of months since I updated the blog here with my running adventures.  The last time I wrote, I was preparing to run the Turkey trot on Thanksgiving day! I don’t have a full race review for you today; but I will just say that I had a great time … Read more