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Bias Alert: Our Top Running Belt

Beam Belt By Runner's Goal

We've just released a running belt of our own, the Beam Belt, which holds all your gear + has a detachable LED light on the front to keep you safe. We think it's pretty awesome, click below to check it out: 

Runners Goal Lights

Cell phones have become our lifelines. We can’t go anywhere without them––they keep us constantly updated and in touch with what’s happening around us.

Runners in particular love carrying their iPhones with them for safety reasons. When your safety hangs in the balance, you need to find the best running belt for your iPhone.

Quick Picks - Top Running Belts

Why Should I Carry My Phone With Me While Running?

The thought of lugging your iPhone on a run can seem silly at first. After all, one of the reasons you run is to clear your mind and get away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life. It’s your release, your quiet time, and you don’t want to be bothered while you’re doing it.

But once you get over your initial knee-jerk reaction to carrying your phone, you might realize that it’s actually a really good idea. There are several reasons why you should carry your phone with you.

  • If there’s an emergency: In this crazy world we live in, you never know what’s going to happen. Your family could have an emergency while you’re out for your run and there might be no way to reach you if you don’t have your phone with you. Or, you might witness an emergency while you’re out there logging your miles. We runners cover a lot of ground, which gives us many opportunities to witness car accidents that we’ll need to call in.
  • If you feel scared: Runners, especially women runners, can get more than exercise while we’re out there. We also get our fair share of scary moments. Some of us have had the unpleasant experience of cars slowing down to creep behind us as we run. Some runners have been attacked during their runs. In those situations, it’s good to know help is just a phone call away.
  • If you get hurt: Training isn’t always the breeze we wish it would be. Sometimes when we’re running, we suffer an injury that we can’t walk off. When that happens, you’ll need a phone to call someone for a ride. It’ll save you from having to limp your way home.
  • If you get lost: Running in unfamiliar areas is fun. Whether you’re hitting some rural roads or running in a new city, it can be easy to get turned around and end up lost. Having your phone with you so you can pull up a map gives you the confidence to run in new places. Changing up your running routine can be just the shot in the arm you need to keep your training regimen fresh.

  • If the weather conditions change: How many of us have set out on a run while the weather looked nice, only to have it start raining or turn unbearably cold or hot on us? It happens all the time, especially during long runs. If the weather takes a dangerous turn on you, your phone will allow you to get safely home by calling for a ride.

  • If you want to listen to music: Phones can provide enough motivation to keep you training longer and harder. Whether you listen to podcasts or music while you run, keeping your mind off of how hard you’re working can make the time sail by.

What Should You Look for in a Running Belt for Your iPhone?

Not all running belts are good options for your phone. Some won’t work at all. Others can fit your phone but have other drawbacks that make them less-than-ideal choices. We’ve given a lot of thought to what makes a good running belt––we’ve even made our own running belt.

Here are a few things that you should consider before buying a running belt for your iPhone.

  • If it will fit: Some phones are bigger than others and so won’t fit in the belt compartment, no matter how much you try to stretch the fabric and squeeze it in. Others will fit, but only if they aren’t in their case. You need to find a belt that will fit your iPhone comfortably, which can be a challenge if you have a bigger phone.
  • If it has a separate compartment that can be used for your keys: Nobody wants to finish a run and find out their phone screen has been scratched up by their keys. For that reason, you’ll want a running belt with two different compartments. It will keep your keys safely tucked away from your phone so you don’t damage it.
  • If it has an opening for earbuds: Some of us want to quit our run during the first few minutes when we don’t have some inspirational songs to propel us onward. If you use your phone for music, you’ll want a port that the wire from your earbuds can travel through. That’s a nice feature for those of us who can’t stand to run in silence.

Top 5 Running Belts

Bias Alert: Our Top Running Belt

Beam Belt By Runner's Goal

We've just released a running belt of our own, the Beam Belt, which holds all your gear + has a detachable LED light on the front to keep you safe. We think it's pretty awesome, click below to check it out: 

Sport2People Running Pouch Belt, USA Patented, Runner Waist...
  • WATER RESISTANT: high-quality...
  • BE SAFE AND SEEN while running IN...
You’ll need a belt with a bigger or stretchable pouch when you have an iPhone, especially if you plan to keep it in its case. This belt has a pocket your iPhone can comfortably fit in without you having to work extra hard just to get it in there.


  • Your phone will be well-protected in this belt because it’s made out of water-resistant neoprene, so sweat or rainy conditions won’t harm your phone.
  • Because this belt has two compartments instead of one, your phone can ride solo in a pocket, which means it won’t end up with any scratches on the screen.
  • It has a hole for your earbud wire to go through so you can listen to music while you run.
  • The belt has reflective material on it to make sure you stand out to motorists if you’re running in the dark.
  • It can hold a lot––you’ll be able to carry your keys, phone, chapstick, and gels in here.


  • You don’t get many color options.
  • This belt will be too big around the waist for smaller runners and not big enough for heavier runners.

Neeuq Running Belt 

Running Belt Zipper Pockets Water Resistant Reflective for...
  • ADJUSTABLE This running belt is...
  • WATERPROOF Thin Waterproof Design...
  • COMFORTABLE Soft material band...
This running belt is an affordable option for runners who are looking for a place to store their iPhones while they’re out training or racing. 


  • It comes with four color choices.
  • This belt only weighs just over 2 ounces, which makes it a good pick for runners who want a belt that doesn’t weigh them down.
  • The material is water resistant so it offers some protection for your phone, even when it’s raining, snowing, or you’re sweating heavily.
  • The belt can hold any phone that is no bigger than 6 inches and it even works with cases.
  • It has a special hole for your earbuds, which makes it easier if you need music when you run.
  • The fabric will feel comfortable against you.
  • It does have two different pockets so your keys won’t scratch up the screen of your phone.


  • The belt does seem to loosen as you run, so you may need to cinch it back into place.
  • It won’t hold a ton of gear, just your phone, keys, and some cash or hotel key. You won’t have extra space for nutritional items.

SevenBlu Fashion Running Belt

SevenBlu HIP - Fashion Money Belt / Extra Pocket / Running...
  • YOUR POCKET ON-THE-GO! - Stylish...
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If you want to be fashionable as you work on fitness, this may be the belt for you. It has a sleek look that will blend into your outfit rather than stand out.


  • This isn’t the cheapest belt available, but it’s still highly affordable.
  • It comes in so many color options––you should be able to find one that will go with any outfit you have.
  • It fits big phones.
  • It seems to mold to your body and doesn’t have as much bouncing as some other belts do.
  • It has a zipper on the side so you can put it on without stepping through it––that’s nice for after your run when you’re trying to peel a clingy belt off your sweaty body.
  • You get two pockets––one in the front and one in the back.
  • You can wear it under your clothes if you want to use it as a money belt when you aren’t running.
  • It is unisex.
  • You can clean it in the washing machine.


  • You’ll have to follow their size chart to make sure you get the right fit.
  • Some runners have had problems with the zipper on the side sliding down on their runs because it isn’t a locking zipper.

Running Belt Max

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If two pockets aren’t enough for you because you need to carry a lot of gear with you, you could try this running belt. It has three separate pockets for you to fill up.


  • This belt adjusts to fit a large range of sizes––it can work for waists from 27 to 48 inches.
  • This is made of Lycra, which feels softer than neoprene and is still water resistant.
  • The belt comes with two extras––a fitness eBook and a water holder that clips onto your belt and lets you carry water without using your hands.
  • It has a keyring holder that will stop your keys from jingling around too much on your run. You don’t want the runner in front of you to know you’re about to pass them, do you?
  • It will hold any large phone because the main pocket is big.
  • It’s a good unisex option.


  • It doesn’t sit as flat as some running belts do.
  • Some runners have had issues with the belt bouncing too much on a run.

Tune Belt Running Belt

Running Belt for iPhone X, iPhone 8 7 6s 6 PLUS, Note 8,...
If you’re constantly switching songs or doing things on your phone while you’re running, this could be the belt you’re after. You have touchscreen control through the window of the belt so you can play with your phone to your heart’s content without going through the hassle of removing it.


  • It can fit larger phones, even when they are in a case.
  • In addition to the front phone compartment, there is a small pocket that can hold other items.
  • The phone pocket has a side opening that uses an elastic strip––that helps protect your phone from any moisture.
  • It has openings for your earbuds.
  • The material for the belt is durable so you’ll get a lot of use out, as it will hold up during your workouts.


  • You won’t be able to fit a lot of gear into this belt. You won’t have room for many energy gels.
  • Some runners have complained there is some bouncing with this belt.

And the Winner Is … 

The sleek SevenBlu belt is the best running belt for iPhone carriers. It can make you look and feel like a superhero out there, which is always welcome when you’re trying to fight your way through a difficult run.

You’ll have a lot of color choices and it fits bigger iPhones. It has a second pocket to keep your keys away from your phone’s screen. If it gets sweaty, you can just throw it in the washing machine and it’ll be as good as new for your next run.

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