Setting SMART Goals to Meet Your Running Objectives

Setting goals in your running is smart or should I say SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.  The SMART criteria actually have their roots in industry where it is a common mnemonic guide to aid people in setting objectives.  While serving as a common tool for project and resource managers to set key … Read more

3 Simple Steps to Finding Your Goal Marathon Pace

As I mentioned recently, I have just signed up for the Leavenworth Marathon in October 2012.  Now as I get more serious about developing a running strategy, I am thinking about what my goal marathon pace should be.  What follows here is some of the best advice that I could gather from experts along with … Read more

Leavenworth Marathon: Learning the Ropes for the Big Race!

I just signed up for the 2012 Leavenworth Marathon!  This will be marathon number 3 for me.  As I prepare for the marathon, I’m obviously preparing a training schedule, but today I wanted to review the course itself and what to expect on race day.  I actually personally know a couple of people who have … Read more

Interval Training Workouts for Distance Runners

If you are looking to improve speed, loose weight, or overall increase your cardiovascular capabilities, you should really consider interval training.  Interval training is essentially running faster than you normally would for a short period of time and then do a short rest jog or walk, then alternating again to faster run. Interval training workouts … Read more

Shoe Life: When to Replace Running Shoes?

If you have been running on the same pair of running shoes for a while, perhaps its time for a change!  But if you are anything like me (cheap), you want to squeeze every last mile out of a pair of running shoes before you have to throw down another chunk of change on a … Read more

Does the Runner’s High REALLY Exist?

I’m going to be up front, I don’t know if I have ever experienced a “runner’s high”.  To be honest, I’m wondering if it really exists.  I mean when I go running, it usually involve strenuous activity, pushing myself, and is overall difficult.  After all, that’s why running is such a great weight loss tool, … Read more

Spencer’s 2012 Running Goals

I created this site to help me accomplish some of my running goals. I don’t have any ambitious goals of becoming an Olympic champion or anything like that, but I do believe that if I can accomplish my goals I will see a significant impact on my health and overall quality of life. After all, … Read more