Our Top Picks for Best Running Visors – Comparisons & Reviews

Visors may not be the most popular type of headwear, but they can be helpful when you’re running in sunny weather. They protect you from the sun, keep you cool, and allow you better visibility. Here is a look at some of the best visors for running and how to choose one.

Quick Look: Our Top Picks


You may think that visors are just hats that have the top chopped off of them, but they can actually come in quite handy. Both runners and people that are outside for extended periods of time benefit from wearing visors.

  • Keeps the sun out of your eyes. One of the most important aspects of any headwear is that it will keep the sun out of your eyes. You never know what to expect when you go outside, since the sun can be extremely bright or hiding behind the clouds. The bills of visors are designed to give you a wide area of protection, so you can see, but you are still shaded from the sun.
  • Keeps sweat from bothering you. Most of the best models of visors have terry cloth interiors or bands that will either wick moisture or absorb it, so it doesn’t end up getting into your eyes. This won’t prevent sweating, but it can help out substantially.
  • Allows for maximum airflow. Since your head isn’t completely covered up, you will still be able to get air flow on the top of your head, which may be crucial in keeping you from overheating. Besides that, there are numerous models that are made of mesh materials, so the entire product has good airflow.
  • Stays in place. This is a bit of a necessity if you run marathons or do long distance running. You don’t want your visor to shift and move around so much that it becomes uncomfortable. The majority of them have adjustable or elastic bands to ensure the proper fit for a wearer.
  • Comfortable and lightweight. They are often made of materials like nylon or polyester, so they fit well and don’t weigh a lot. This means they won’t weigh you down.

What to look for

When you’re shopping for a visor, there are a few things you have to know before you choose one. First, you need to determine what you want to use it for. Will you use it for just running, or will it be for all your outdoor activities? This answer will help you narrow down your choices.

Some of the best options come in many different colors, so you’ll be able to find one you’ll want to wear. If a certain color is important, you probably want to shop around to find just the right shade.

You’ll also need to have a general idea of the size of your head. Even though there are many adjustable models to choose from, they still are not designed to fit every head. Your head may be too big or too small for certain visors.

You should pay special attention to the bill shape as well, to be sure that the visor will sit flat on the forehead. Otherwise, it may not be comfortable, and it might not offer enough protection when it comes to shielding your eyes from the sun.

The washing instructions are something you’ll want to know about a visor before you buy it. If it is going to be hard to wash, it may not be worth it, as it will likely have to be washed frequently. Runners sweat each time they run, and you don’t want to keep wearing a visor that is inundated with perspiration and germs.

Why not a hat?

There are people that prefer hats, but some experts say that a visor is a better solution for runners. One reason for this is that you are able to pour water or ice on your head during a marathon, which will cool down your body. On the other hand, if you wear a hat, you won’t have to worry about putting sunscreen on your scalp or getting sunburn on the top of your head.

It is largely a matter of preference, but there are other reasons why you should consider a visor. It is lightweight since it isn’t a complete hat. If you have a lot of hair, there is room for it at the top, which sometimes isn’t a solution when it comes to wearing a regular hat.

2XU Run Visor


  • Made of nylon: This one is made of synthetic materials, which can be important if you are a runner and don’t want to have to worry about natural fibers and all the headaches that can come with them.
  • Wicks moisture: Since it is made of nylon, it is able to keep moisture from saturating the entire visor. This may help you feel cooler for longer, even when you’re outside.
  • Adjustable strap: This is a one size fits all product, but it has an adjustable strap in the back, so it is able to accommodate many different sizes of heads.
  • One year warranty: There is a 12-month warranty, so if you end up not liking it, you can return it. This can be especially helpful if it ends up falling apart soon after you receive it.
  • Lightweight: It won’t weigh you down when you wear it, especially since it stays dry. It weighs less than one pound.


  • May still allow sweat to run down: There is a terry cloth band on the inside to help with comfort and keep sweat from getting into your eyes. However, after a while, the sweat may saturate this area, allowing sweat to run down your face.

Augusta Sportswear Mesh Visor


  • Plain design: This is a plain looking visor, which means it may come in handy if you are trying to avoid a hat which exposes a brand name. This allows you to put your own logo on the front.
  • Prominent bill: There is a large bill on this item, large enough for it to block out the sun for virtually any wearer.
  • Made well: It is constructed well, especially since the interior of it has additional material that gives it better structure. It is also adjustable and comes in a variety of colors, so you can have a good fit that also suits your tastes.
  • Comfortable: This product is made from polyester, so it isn’t itchy and is unlikely to cause any skin or irritation problems. You should be able to wear it for many hours without it bothering you.


  • Only mesh in appearance: The visor looks like it is mesh, but doesn’t allow air to move through it since it has more than one layer of protection.
  • Bottom may cause glare: Depending on what color you buy, the underside of the bill may cause glare, especially if you purchased a light color. You’ll need to try using it in the sun to see if the glare bothers you.

Headsweats Supervisor Sun Visor


  • Has elastic strap: Unlike some other models that have an adjustable band, this one has a wide piece of elastic that ensures a good fit. This can be quite handy for running since it should be harder for it to move around or shift.
  • Can machine wash: You can wash this one in your home machine, but you have to allow it to air dry. It should come out of the washer looking great each time.
  • Glare free underside: The brim bottom is made of white fabric, no matter what color the visor is, so there shouldn’t be any glare to worry about.
  • Comes in dozens of colors: There are so many colors to choose from, over 30 total, so you’ll likely be able to find one that matches the rest of your running clothes.
  • Stays cool and dries quickly: There is terry cloth on the inside of the band, which does a good job keeping this product dry, even in summer conditions.


  • Elastic may lose integrity: After using this one for a few years or using it quite a few times, the elastic may become loose. This will affect the fit of the visor.

Adidas Men’s Adizero Visor


  • Made of polyester and spandex: The spandex gives a little and the polyester keeps it lightweight and able to keep moisture off of you. There is even an adjustable strap in the back, to accommodate a variety of different head sizes.
  • Has good airflow: This visor has specially designed fabric and mesh that keeps moisture away and promotes air flow. This means it should keep you cool while ensuring that sweat stays out of your eyes. If too much sweat gets in your eyes, it can affect your performance or make you uncomfortable.
  • Contains integrated UV protection: Possibly the best feature of this product is that it has UPF protection, which means the item itself will protect you from UV rays.
  • Contoured bill: The bill is curved in a way that helps the user to see everything going on. This also gives you a better fit and lets it sit flat on the forehead.


  • Runs small: This is designed to be a men’s hat but is small enough to be used by a woman. This can be a real problem if you are a male with a large head, as it may not fit properly.

Under Armour Women’s Fly Fast Visor


  • Has reflective logos: The logos feature a reflective paint on them. This makes the product more attractive and helps drivers to see you if you go out running after the sun goes down. This offers a bit more safety than other options. It also comes in different styles and colors, which allows for more variety.
  • Keeps you cool: You shouldn’t have to worry when it comes to air circulation and moisture wicking with this model. It is great at both of these things. It keeps the sweat off your face.
  • Stays in place: It won’t move around a lot even if you are running, so you shouldn’t have a problem keeping the sun off of your face. It is also easy to get a good fit.
  • Works with glasses or sunglasses: This one lets you use any type of glasses with ease since it sits on your forehead in a place that doesn’t affect lens’ wearers.


  • Small brim: The brim may not be prominent enough for some people, as the sun might still shine on your face. It really depends on how well the visor fits you.


In my opinion, the best visor is the Headsweats Supervisor Sun Visor. It comes in a wide array of colors and has an elastic band in the back. This means you don’t have to worry about an adjustable back since it will always be the right size. You can easily wash it, and it will stay dry for the most part. It also doesn’t cause a glare, which can be a nightmare when you’re on sunny streets.

Even though the elastic can loosen up, there are ways around that, like securing it with a pin. Alternatively, you can make sure that you give it time to adjust back to normal after you wear it each time, to increase its life.