The Best Running Shoes for Runners with Wide Feet Reviewed

Wearing the right kind of shoes is very important for runners to avoid dealing with injuries, pain, or discomfort. Not all running shoes are the same, just as not all feet are the same.

Aside from size, our feet vary in form, too. Some people have narrow or slim feet, and some have wide feet. Although most running shoes are narrow, there are some which are better for runners with wide feet. If you fall into the latter category, it is essential to determine the best running shoes for wide feet to enhance your running experience.

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Common causes of having wide feet

  • Most of the time, having wide feet is hereditary. Your parents may not necessarily have wide feet, but other family members may because it is in your genes.
  • Aging can also cause wide feet. As you grow older, your feet tend to widen, because of stretched ligaments and muscles.
  • Another common cause of wide feet is obesity. When you gain weight, there is more pressure on your feet, which can cause ligaments and muscles to flatten and widen.
  • Among women, pregnancy is another cause of having wide feet. During pregnancy, there is also weight gain, so there is pressure on the muscles and ligaments. Once pregnant women give birth, some women return to their normal foot size, but some don’t.
  • People who spend long periods of time standing also have a higher tendency to have wide feet. Security guards, nurses, waiters, and attendants are just some of the professionals who might acquire wide feet as years go by.

Some tips when buying shoes for wide feet

Know the exact measurements of your feet; this is important, especially when you buy online. You can determine your shoe size by having your feet measured at a shoe store. Take note of it, and use it as your reference every time you buy a new pair of shoes.

Running shoes are easier to fit because they have straps or laces which allow you to adjust the shoes to expand with your feet, as much as they are able. You just have to make sure that you choose a running shoe with wide toe box so that you do not have to squeeze your feet into them.

Remember, while all brands should have the same standard width, there may be significant differences, even among athletic shoes. Sometimes, a particular brand caters to those who have slim feet, and your regular size may not fit.

Different models of the same shoe brand may also vary. That is why it is better to buy from a store, rather than online. This way, you can try on the shoes first before paying for them. If you buy online, make sure the retailer has an adequate return or exchange policy.

Importance of finding a pair of shoes with the perfect fit

When you buy clothes and shoes, whether for daily use or for special occasions, you always want to make sure that you get the right size. When buying running shoes, the same suggestion applies. The fit is everything. Your run will not be a great one if you do not wear comfortable running shoes that provide the perfect fit for your wide feet.

Runners cannot disregard the significance of investing in a great pair of running shoes. The best shoes with the perfect fit are those which wrap around your feet, providing security and comfort at the same time. The perfect fit offers flexibility and just enough room for your feet to breathe while running.

If you run while wearing an ill-fitted pair of shoes, there is a great chance that you will get blisters, injuries, or worse. If you feel that your shoes are too restrictive, that is a clear sign that you should get a new pair of shoes – one that is designed for wide feet.

Don’t needlessly suffer the consequences of wearing the wrong kind of running shoes. If you continue to wear ill-fitting shoes, your performance may be affected, and your natural running form may be hampered. Your blood circulation may also be affected, no matter how much you try to adjust the laces to make them as wide as possible.

Restrictive shoes may also make you feel unstable because your feet will continue straining within the confines of your shoes. It is like being on the edge of a platform every time you take a stride.

If you are preparing for a marathon, you would not want to have blisters, blue toes, and other types of irritation, so to avoid this from happening. Wear shoes which are designed for wider feet.

There are hundreds of running shoes from which you can choose, but you can be an informed buyer by doing a little bit of research before purchasing. To help you get started, here are five of the best running shoes that are recommended for runners who have wide feet.

5 Best Running Shoes for Runners with Wide Feet

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Tesla Men’s Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe BK30

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Distributors of Tesla Men’s Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe recommend that you buy a half size up from what you normally wear. For instance, if your shoe size is 7.5, you should buy an 8 for a better fit. If you are on a budget and want a more economical pair of good running shoes, this pair might work for you until you can afford a more high-end pair of shoes.


  • This ultralight shoe has a slightly cushioned zero-drop barefoot trail, which means it may actually provide the feeling of being barefoot.
  • Since it has a flat heel to toe, this shoe encourages a midfoot or forefoot strike.
  • It features a midsole with an arched footbed, which helps stabilize your foot strike even without artificial support.
  • One of the selling points of the Tesla BK30 is that it can be worn for long periods of time without making your feet feel too cramped up and restricted.
  • Aside from its lightweight design, it is also made with breathable mesh fabric that wicks moisture away, aiding in keeping your feet dry.

Things to be Aware Of

  • The primary downside of the Tesla BK30 is that it is not as durable as other shoes. B
  • Because of their more affordable design, a pair may get worn out sooner rather than later. Some would say you get what you pay for.

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoe

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The Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoe has been recommended for flat-footed runners as well as for runners with wide feet. It promises a perfect balance of stability and reliability when it comes to supporting your feet.


  • Its V-Groove tech and segmented crash pad offer better release and an improved transition, which make it feel more cushioned.
  • If comfort is your top priority, you might like its no-sew upper feature, which gives this shoe a comfortable sock-like fit.
  • The GTS 16 also has a conformable saddle with adjustable eyelets, which can be pulled from the heel. As a result, it can create a more secure fit, which can be fully customized as well.
  • For additional support, it has a progressive diagonal rollbar and HPR Plus for long lasting durability.
  • Its Omega Flex Grooves allow fluidity and natural foot movement.
  • The sole under the forefoot is wider than the toe box and the midsections, which is great news for wide-footed runners.

Things to be Aware Of

  • There have been quality issues reported by consumers.
  • Due to reports that this shoe has durability issues, you may want to reconsider if you want a shoe that will last and give you value for your money.

Nike Men’s Revolution Running Shoes

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If you are particular about your shoes’ brand name, you might be delighted to know that Nike has designed products which are geared for runners with wide feet. These Nike shoes have a reputation for offering comfort while delivering a good fit.


  • These shoes have protective padding, which adjusts to mold well to your feet as you continue to use them.
  • The single-layer mesh design, with its soft foam and no-sew overlays, provides a comfortable fit, even for most people who have wide feet.
  • Protective padding in the ankle area offers excellent support in that area.
  • This can be a good support shoe to help alleviate the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.
  • Both flat-footed and wide-footed runners have reported positive results with this shoe and compared the feeling to walking on a pillow. It can be considered a neutral shoe because it has less arch support.
  • The Nike Revolution Running shoe not only provides support and comfort. It offers stability and aids in keeping your feet in place so they don’t slide around.
  • Since it is made by Nike, one of the leaders in the athletic apparel industry, it is also known for quality and durability.

Things to be Aware Of

  • If there is one thing that can be improved on the Nike Revolution, it would be the insoles. If the insoles were removable, they could be cleaned, or orthotics could be inserted.

Reebok Men’s Runner Running Shoe

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The Reebok Men’s Runner Running Shoes are recommended for daily use as well as training, because they remain comfortable, even when worn all day long. The Reebok Runner delivers a reliable fit, even for runners who have wide feet.


  • There is enough space in the toe box which will allow your toes to spread out and relax when needed.
  • The Reebok Runner is made from synthetic and imported materials with an open-weave mesh upper for breathability.
  • The materials used make these Reebok Runner shoes lightweight. These shoes also have a low-cut design and wide 4E sizing, which adds to the overall appeal to consumers.
  • The midsole features memory foam, which can allow you to have a customized underfoot experience.
  • Overall, the Reebok Men’s Runner is considered a good performing running shoe, due to its design and efficiency at an affordable price.

Things to be Aware Of

  • The only drawback about the Reebok Runner is that it seems to run one size larger. If you are planning to buy online, you might want to check your size first to ensure that you do not have to go through the hassle of returning a product, while waiting for a replacement.

Under Armour Men’s Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoes

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This Charged Bandit 2 from Under Armour is considered to be one of the best running shoes from UA. It can be a great choice for runners with wide feet, because of the generous toe box and the soft and stretchy materials the shoes are made from.


  • The internal heel cup provides an anatomical fit throughout the foot.
  • The shoes have a rubber sole that provides full ground contact.
  • Its deep flex grooves offer more flexibility.
  • The molded Micro G footbed provides great cushioning and fits by adhering to the shape of your feet.
  • The combination of support and comfort is due to the two-piece charged-cushioning midsole, making this shoe’s performance top-notch. The midsole is firmer below the heel and softer below the forefoot.

Things to be Aware Of

  • The Charged Bandit 2 seems to run small.
  • Some runners may find the shoe too soft, especially those who prefer more grip under the toes.


Among the five running shoes that we have reviewed, the last three can be considered the top choices. When evaluating the overall pros and cons of each, the best choice is the Nike Men’s Revolution Running Shoes. For one thing, you can seldom go wrong with Nike. The only drawback is the inability of the insoles to be removed. Other than that, it pretty much does what running shoes are supposed to do and even works well for runners with wide feet.

You no longer have to take chances when buying your next pair of shoes. There are other products which may be similar, or even better than those that we have reviewed. Just remember, when looking for the best running shoes for wide feet, you should look for something which will give your feet enough room for comfort, which will allow your feet to breathe and not feel restricted or hurt during your runs.