Best Laces for Running Shoes Comparisons & Reviews

Best Laces for Running Shoes

You finally found your dream shoe that will get you through mile after mile of your runs without any injury. But a couple miles in, you realize you hate the shoelaces. No problem — you can still love the shoes. You just need to find the best laces for running shoes.Do Running Shoelaces Really Matter?We … Read more

The Best Running Tights For a Confident and Comfortable Run

Best Running Tights

If you’re looking for the best running tights to compliment the rest of your running apparel while protecting you from the elements, here’s our top choices. Running tights can sometimes make you look like a wannabe superhero. They cling closely to your body and come in crazy, bright colors. But, having the best running tights can … Read more

The Best Underwear for Running – Comparisons & Reviews

Best Underwear for Running

If you wear the wrong underwear on long runs, it can feel like your nether region is on fire. You can get painful chafing that will make you reconsider your training goals. Instead of giving up, you should look for the best underwear for running to help solve the problem.Quick Look: Our Top PicksWhy Does … Read more

Best Shoes for Zumba to Make the Most of Your Dance Workouts

Best shoes for zumba

Zumba. Maybe you’re asking yourself, what is Zumba? Zumba is a type of exercise that mixes many different types of Latin dances with traditional exercise moves. There are many different sub-types and levels of Zumba classes. This type of dancing is a fun alternative to regular workout routines. You can get reap all the same benefits … Read more

Best Running Rain Jacket To Keep You Dry While You Train

Best Running Rain Jacket

When you’re preparing for a big race, you don’t have the luxury of taking days off just because Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with your training. You have to stay on schedule. But training in the rain can leave you soaking wet, which can lead to unpleasant chafing. To keep your plans even when it’s pouring … Read more