Best Reflective Walking Gear – Reviews & Comparisons

Even though you may be a runner, there are times when you need a break. Sometimes you’d rather be walking, or sometimes walking is better for you, given your circumstances.

In order to be on the safe side while you’re out for a stroll, you should check out the best of reflective walking gear. It will help you stay safe while you’re getting your daily dose of exercise and sanity.

Quick Picks – Top Reflective Walking Gear

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Running Safety Kit

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Why Do You Need Reflective Gear While Walking?

Whether you’re rehabbing from an injury or simply taking a day off of running to prevent injuries, walking may seem like a less risky activity than running. And in many ways it is.

It’s easier on your joints and your heels, and although walking doesn’t have as many cardiovascular benefits as running, if you’re speed walking, you’ll still elevate your heart rate and metabolism, and do your body some good.

But walking still carries some of the same risks as running, even if a high chance of overuse injuries isn’t one of those concerns. Many streets, especially in smaller towns or more rural areas, don’t have sidewalks for you to use. That means your only hope of walking will be on the street, just as if you were running.

Like runners, you are still at risk of being hit by motorists. Even though you aren’t traveling as fast as runners and may be paying more attention to what’s going on around you than a runner who is trying to reach a personal best, all it takes is one distracted driver to seriously change your life.

While being a pedestrian on the road is always going to pose some risk, you can up the odds of a motorist being more likely to spot you before they hit you by simply adding bright, reflective material to your walking outfit. These kinds of accessories, of course, will be especially useful during low-light situations like pre-dawn or evening walking.

What Should I Look For in Reflective Walking Gear?

A lot of running and walking gear contains a small reflective stripe here or there, but when you’re walking on the road in early morning or night hours, you shouldn’t count on that being enough. While every little bit helps, it’s better to wear something that will really get you noticed. And that means more reflectivity than a little stripe on your shoes would provide.

It can be tempting to pick up a construction worker–like vest for a couple of dollars and call it good enough. But you should put more thought into your reflective gear purchase.

We’ve put so much consideration into safety gear over the years that we decided to create our own.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to narrowing down your search for reflective gear, here are some things you should think about before you make a purchase. This criteria will prevent you from feeling buyer’s regret.

Where Do You Want to Wear the Gear?

If you want a bigger area of reflectivity because you think it will increase your visibility, you might consider a reflective jacket or vest. It will cover your whole trunk instead of just creating a flash of reflectivity like arm bands would.

Even if the weather is hot in the summer months, a vest should still work for you without adding much heat. It should be lightweight and allow plenty of air to circulate in and out.

If you don’t relish the idea of wearing anything on your torso, you can go for arm bands instead. While they encompass a smaller amount of your body than a jacket or vest would, they do have an added benefit: most runners constantly move their arms.

That arm movement will draw extra attention to you while your armbands are aglow with their reflective light. While your trunk will be fairly stable as you move along, your arms will attract attention just because of their normal movement.

If you really want to cover your bases, you can mix and match reflective gear. You could wear your vest, but also add wristbands or ankle or leg bands.

How Much You’re Willing to Pay

If you’ve got more month than money left after your paycheck, you need to find reflective gear that you’ll be able to afford. Luckily, there are a lot of great options out there that will fit into almost any budget.

While you don’t have to buy expensive gear to end up with a decent amount of reflectivity, you should opt for something that will last.

How Durable It Is

Walkers are like runners in some ways. There are runners who fit in as many miles a day as they can and there are walkers who do the same. If you’re a heavy-duty walker who isn’t happy until they’ve logged multiple miles during one outing, you’re really going to have to pay attention to durability.

You may want to look for well-known brand names that have a long reputation of quality. If you only walk occasionally and don’t go out for many miles at a time, you won’t have to worry as much about whether your reflective gear can take heavy usage.

5 Best Running Reflective Gear

Bias Alert: Our Night Safety Kit

Running Safety Kit

We’ve just released a complete reflective gear set for runners. It includes an LED headlamp, reflective vest, arm bands, and red strobe lights. We think it’s pretty awesome, click below to check it out: 

The 247 Viz Reflective Vest 

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If you have small items to carry with you on your walk and you don’t have any pockets on your workout clothes, this vest has an inside pocket for you to use.


  • This vest comes in three bright colors.
  • It also includes two reflective safety bands you can wear around your wrists or ankles.
  • This vest can be seen from up to 1,000 feet away by motorists so they’ll have plenty of time to react before they reach you.
  • If you’re caught in a rainstorm, this vest will dry quickly.
  • It’s so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing it.
  • It’s soft and not stiff at all, which is nice if you’re worried about comfort when you’re walking.
  • This vest has an adjustable waistband.
  • It’s not a one-size-fits-all vest––it comes in different sizes, up to an XX large.


  • The Velcro on the waist can get caught on your workout gear when you adjust it for a looser fit, leading to snags.
  • It’s too short for women with long torsos.

Freemove Reflective Running or Walking Vest 

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If you’re a petite person who always has trouble with reflective vests being way too large, you might like that this one comes in six different sizes, including smaller ones. If you’re a larger walker, you can get it in XX large.


  • The reflectivity on these is visible from 750 feet away, which gives motorists enough reaction time to avoid hitting you.
  • This vest offers 360-degree reflectivity so drivers will see you no matter from which direction they approach.
  • It comes with a large pocket that has a zipper for storing your essentials.
  • It has Velcro closures so you can get the fit you’re looking for.
  • The mesh fabric it is made out of ensures that you won’t get too hot because it it is so breathable.
  • This vest also includes two reflective arm or wrist bands that close with Velcro.
  • It’s more affordable than some other reflective vests are.


  • It only comes in one color, but it is fluorescent for extra visibility.
  • These vests run a little larger than expected so you should keep that in mind when you order one.

Tuvizo Reflective Vest

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Hate the thought of wearing a full vest while walking? You might like this vest then––it looks more like suspenders that have a waistband. It’s not a traditional vest.


  • It comes in two colors––pink and yellow.
  • This vest comes in multiple sizes and even has kid sizes if you want walking to be a family activity.
  • At night, drivers will be able to see this vest from 1,500 feet away.
  • The vest gives walkers 360 degrees of visibility so they can be seen from all directions.
  • This strappy vest is comfortable and easy to put on––you can even wear it over your winter coat or a jacket.
  • If you’re walking before dawn and are gone so long the sun comes up when you’re on your journey, this vest can easily fit in your pocket.
  • It comes with an emergency identification label so you’ll be able to list all your essential information in the case of an emergency.


  • There aren’t any pockets on this vest to help you store any items you may need on a walk.
  • Some walkers said the straps dig into their necks while they are exercising.

EvoLike Reflective Vest

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If you love getting accessories with the products you buy, you should like this vest. It comes with two reflective slap wristbands, two reflective Velcro straps, and a bag.


  • It comes in your choice of three colors.
  • Made out of polyester, this vest dries quickly if you’re caught in the snow or rain during your walk.
  • It offers 360-degree visibility.
  • This vest comes in four different size ranges, including a kid’s size.
  • The vest is bright enough that you’ll even be visible during the day.
  • It has a front pocket that’s easy to access on the inside of the vest––it’s big enough to fit your phone or wallet.


  • Some walkers say the wristbands are too tight.
  • Because the material is solid instead of breathable mesh, it isn’t as cool feeling as some other vests are.

BodyStrive Reflective Vest

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If affordability is a concern of yours, along with visibility, this vest may be appropriate for your needs. It’s more affordable than some other brands.


  • You’ll be protected by 360-degree visibility with this vest.
  • It uses scotchlite material, which has a higher-end value than some of the other materials used by companies that offer reflective vests.
  • You’ll get great reflectivity with this vest––it can be seen up to 1,000 feet away.
  • This bright color is great for daytime walking too.
  • This design is more fashionable than some other vests are.
  • It’s body hugging, but isn’t too tight.


  • It doesn’t include any wristbands like some other brands do.
  • This vest only comes in three sizes and doesn’t offer any plus-size options.

And the Winner Is … 

While you won’t get reflective wristbands with the BodyStrive reflective vest, it still tops the list of the best reflective walking gear.

It scores high marks for affordability, as well as visibility––the fact that this can be seen from 1,000 feet away gives drivers plenty of time to notice you’re on the side of the road.

You’ll get excellent breathability with these vests and it’s cooler looking than many of its competitors.