26-Week Marathon Training Schedule: How To Prepare For Your First Marathon

26-Week Marathon Training Schedule

You’ve watched in awe how thousands of normal, everyday folks complete the New York City Marathon. Such a feat must entail a grueling 26-week marathon training schedule. If they can do it, so can you, right? Witnessing such determination and grit stirs up something deep inside us all. Maybe you’re ready to take the plunge. You … Read more

How Fast Are You Really? A Summary of Average Marathon Times by Age

Average Marathon Times by Age

Have you ever wondered how your own marathon times stack up against that of other runners your age? Sure, we’re all our own biggest competitors. But how fast are you really? Perhaps knowing the average marathon finishes for your age group will inspire you to have a long-term goal to work towards?Average marathon finishes across the … Read more

Shin Splints vs. Stress Fracture: Here’s how to tell the difference

Shin splints or a stress fracture

If there’s one thing that most runners dread even more than sub-zero temperatures and torrential downpours — it’s getting injured. Whether it’s a shin splint or a stress fracture, neither are fun. How can you tell the difference and what can you do about it so that you can back to the business of running? If … Read more

How to Clock Faster Running Times with the Help of Cruise Intervals

Cruise Intervals

Are you stuck on a running plateau? Have you been chasing the same old PB for years without success? Don’t throw in the towel just yet — we’ll show you how to clock faster running times with the help of cruise intervals.What exactly are cruise intervals and how will it benefit you?What exactly are cruise … Read more