The Best Stretches Before and After You Run a Race

Stretching before and after a run

Stretching before running is almost a universally known rule, probably because it’s drilled into us at school from a young age. We are taught that if you don’t stretch you’ll probably pull a muscle and end up injured. We completely agree that stretching is important, but you might be surprised to know that the type of … Read more

Is it Better to Run Late at Night versus Early in the Morning?

​Your daily running routine is a very personal thing, including the question of what time of day is optimal. Once you start talking about morning runs, midnight runs, and anything in between… you can easily start getting into heated debates about  which is best. Studies have found that there are benefits to each of them, but … Read more

How to Properly Warm-up for a Race

I recently decided that I was going to enter a few “shorter” races just for fun.  Over the last several years I have been more focused on marathon running with the occasional half-marathon thrown in.  Next week I am doing the Sage Rat Run 12K in Grandview, WA followed by the Memorial Freedom 5K in … Read more

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