Best Walking Shoes for Women – Comparisons and Reviews

Best Walking Shoes for Women

You may not realize it, but anytime you intend to go on a lengthy walk or plan to be standing up for a long time, you should protect your feet. Many women trust walking shoes for these reasons. The best walking shoes for women will be lightweight, comfortable, and offer good traction.What to Look ForNot … Read more

Benefits of Running vs. Walking

If you want to start a quick argument, tell an avid runner that walking one mile and running one mile have the exact same fitness and health benefits.  This is a hot button issue among many runners, and the debate has points on both sides of the coin.  Walkers will talk about how fewer injuries … Read more

How to Stay in Running Shape While on Vacation

The only thing more difficult that training for a half or full marathon during your regular work week, is training during vacation.  At least that’s the case for me. When I have a normal week, I have my schedule fully planned, and I know exactly what time I will be running.  However, when a vacation … Read more

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