Running in the Morning vs. Evening Running

When I was in college about 10 years ago, it was the first time I really started trying to run on my own.  Previous to that (high school, etc), I was always very involved on sports teams and usually had coaches with structured workouts.  However, I suddenly found myself without a team sport to join…so … Read more

Can You Run a Half-Marathon if You Hate to Run?

I was reading an article in a recent issue of Northwest Runner when I came across some words that sounded somewhat familiar which stated: “My freshman year in high school, the ’81-82 school year, was when I discovered my extreme dislike for it.  It was painful, provided no satisfaction, and wasn’t any fun at all.  Coach Q … Read more

Most Important Preprations the Days Before a Race

So tomorrow I have a good friend of mine who is going to be doing his first ever half-marathon up in the Seattle area.  He has been nice enough to send me a few updates on his preparations for what is the biggest running event of his life to this point. The feelings of anticipation … Read more

5 Most Important Tips for First Time Half-Marathoners

Last week was the Tri-Cities Half-Marathon held in Richland, WA.  It was a great event despite the fact it was run under a high wind advisory.  Spencer did a nice job of summing up the event in review (See Spencer’s Review Here). I was happy with how the half-marathon went considering it was run in … Read more

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