The Best Cross Training Exercises for Distance Runners

The key to successful racing is in balanced workouts that include cross training.  Cross training offers the runner the benefit of training different muscle groups while taking a rest from the grueling pounding of running on the feet and joints.  Cross training also offers the runner a mental break from distance workouts while maintaining the … Read more

How to Train for Your First 5K

Working up to your first 5K run can be an exciting time.  Maybe you have just started running and wanted a goal to keep you focused on those days when you just don’t feel like getting out there.  Perhaps you are a long-time runner who has never made the choice to enter a race until … Read more

Training for a Marathon while Sick

Training for a marathon is a process of precision that requires strict adherence to schedule and timing.  There is not a lot of room for illness in the marathon training schedule, especially when it is prior to race day.  Added to this is the probability that you will likely get sick while training for a … Read more

Why you Should Run with a Charity Organization

Running with a charity organization is one of the most rewarding ways to accomplish your running goals.  Besides the obvious benefit of giving something good to the world with your workout and helping to fund a worthy cause, there are many more to be found.  Many charity organizations offer coaching support to their charity runners, … Read more

Benefits of Running vs. Walking

If you want to start a quick argument, tell an avid runner that walking one mile and running one mile have the exact same fitness and health benefits.  This is a hot button issue among many runners, and the debate has points on both sides of the coin.  Walkers will talk about how fewer injuries … Read more

11 Best Running Dogs – Which Breeds Can Go The Distance

Image Source: FlickerThe right training partner can make your training experience a great one. As it turns out, dogs are a runner’s best friend. I personally trained for 3 marathons with my faithful black Lab, Jack, who enjoyed every minute on our trail runs together. At his peak age of 5, Jack was trainable beyond the puppy … Read more

5 Unique Benefits of Running Backwards

Of the many decisions you make when you head out to run, which direction to look probably isn’t one of them. You have to pick your clothes, your path, your music, and more, but you probably just run forward without thinking twice. What if I told you there were many benefits to running backwards that … Read more

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