Profile of an Ultramarathon Runner – Will Thomas

Running an ultramarathon is a unique experience and in many ways is very much different than the mainstream running that many of us have grown accustomed to.  I have always marveled at ultramarathoners who run some of the most difficult races and push themselves to limits many of us would not even fathom.  In his … Read more

Perks of Trail Running

Trail running has a lot to offer athletes who are looking to change up their routine, build strength or find motivation outside of the gym. Trail runs have a way of reviving your running routine, rejuvenating your mind and relaxing your body after putting in mile after mile on the road or treadmill leaves you … Read more

Interview with Ultra Runner Christopher Brill

There are few experiences that can top ultra-racing to test the human mind, body and spirit.  Ultra runner Christopher Brill of San Diego, California shares his race experiences with ultra-racing and gives us here at a chance to look inside the run from the perspective of one who has conquered it.  Brill, a seasoned … Read more

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