Does Ultra Running Cause Heart Damage?

It seems reasonable to assume endurance athletes face risks from putting extreme pressure on their bodies.  Prolonged physical stress and strain can easily go beyond the body’s limits, and it’s not always easy to know where that limit is.  For many people, it’s perfectly safe and healthy to train up to half marathon or marathon … Read more

Runners Guide to Road Etiquette

Runners are generally polite people, so it is no surprise that there is actually an established system of road etiquette for runners. Although we typically think of our sport as one of solitude, we must all share the road – and not just with other runners. There are ways of maintaining politeness on the road … Read more

How to Run in Inclement Weather

We all remember inclement weather recess from our elementary school years. Rain, extreme heat, heavy winds or snow seem to automatically mean that staying indoors is required for play and exercise alike. Runners are a different breed. Many of us can be found outdoors in all weather and elements chasing our runner’s high. However, this … Read more

How to Run a Race in the Heat

Many of the races that you will find in your local area, whether they are full marathons or shorter 5k or 10k races, are held in the sunny summer and early fall months.  While that means that you shouldn’t have to run in the rain, you might have to run in some pretty serious heat. … Read more

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