Hamstring Pain While Running and What You Can Do About It

hamstring pain running

Doing speedwork is a crucial element for improving your running times. But all that sudden movement isn’t always kind to your body. In some cases, it can result in hamstring pain while running.What Does Hamstring Pain Feel Like?When you pull a hamstring, you’ll know it. There’s nothing subtle about it. Hamstring injuries can be felt at the … Read more

Do You Have Pain on Top of Your Foot During Running?

pain on top of foot after running

Running is a sport that can cause a lot of injuries. Some are minor and others can permanently put the brakes on your running career. So when you feel pain on top of your foot after running, you wonder if it will go away or if it will become a bigger problem. Here’s everything you need … Read more

Should Runners Get Pedicures? Tips For Caring For Your Feet

Should runners get pedicures

Runners don’t exactly make the best foot models. Our feet take a lot of abuse, and it shows. We have calluses, blisters, and sometimes even missing toenails. Should runners get pedicures to make their unsightly feet a little less grotesque?The Cosmetic Downside of RunningDuring a typical run, your feet will strike the pavement thousands of times. … Read more

What Should Runners Drink – A Guide To Athletic Hydration

If you’re a runner, then you know that hydration is a key part of your nutrition plan. So what should runners drink? What you drink really depends on what you are doing and when you will be it. For example, if you are planning on going for a 10 mile training run, guzzling a gallon of water … Read more

How to Treat Runner’s Knee

Injuries are the dark side of the running hobby that we all enjoy so much.  While running is a great way to keep your body in shape, keep your mind fresh, and simply enjoy the outdoors, it does come with a price sometimes.  All of those strides can add up to sore joints, ligaments, and … Read more

5 Unique Benefits of Running Backwards

Of the many decisions you make when you head out to run, which direction to look probably isn’t one of them. You have to pick your clothes, your path, your music, and more, but you probably just run forward without thinking twice. What if I told you there were many benefits to running backwards that … Read more

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