The Best Haunted Races For Runners – The Top Scary Runs In The USA

Best Haunted Races

Want to share this image on your site? Just copy and paste the embed code below: <img src=”×1024.jpg” width=”540″ alt=”Best Haunted Races of 2017″> <a href=””> </a><p><strong>Best Haunted Races of 2017</strong>, courtesy of <a href=””>Runner’s Goal</a></p> As we talked about in our big list of the 50 best themed races across the country, Halloween is … Read more

4 Practical Tips for Running a Faster 400m Race

If you’re a track athlete looking to improve your times in the 400m, we’ve got some great tips from Brian Blake, a track coach at Shaper: E. Movement from North Carolina.   But if you’re a distance runner, I also encourage you to stick around for Coach Blake’s tips. Many distance runners turn up their noses at … Read more

2014 Rainier to Ruston Race Recap

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to run the Rainier to Ruston relay race as part of a team of six.  Being a part of any race is always a lot of fun and brings great experiences; however, being a part of a team brings a whole other level of camaraderie and experience … Read more

Stephen’s 2014 Goal Inventory

Well it is close to June 2014 and I figure that it is time to take inventory of how I am doing on reaching my 2014 running goals to see how I am doing at this point. If you recall I have 10 running related goals for this year and as today I have completed … Read more

Stephen’s 2014 Running Goals

I am a huge fan of setting goals for my personal running endeavors.  The thing about goal setting is that while it is not realistic to be 100% successful all of the time in achieving your goals, you will get a whole lot farther in your endeavors if you shoot for a goal and fall … Read more

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