What are The Best Running Apps?

Smart phones seem to have been made for runners by runners. The sheer volume of available running apps indicates that this is at least plausible. Narrowing the list down to find the best running apps is no easy task; however, I have selected a few of my favorites for your review. For just about everything … Read more

What is the Best Running Headlamp for Night Runs?

best running headlamps for night runs

For runners, there will always be obstacles- hills, uneven roads, trails- to overcome that stands in the way of a good run. While most of these challenges can be accomplished without any equipment, night running requires the use of a headlamp and without one you could experience a little turbulence. Nighttime workouts can be rewarding, especially … Read more

Best Energy Chews for your Endurance Chase

Any runner who is acquainted with distance training has also been introduced to the world of energy replacements. These often come in the form of goop or glob, but they are well worth the grimace when it comes to on the road nutrition. There is nothing worse than hitting a wall of fatigue on a … Read more

Best Running Headphones For Every Budget

Thanks to all of the new technology available, it has never been easier to take your music with you wherever you run. Rare is the runner who doesn’t plug into their iPod or other MP3 player before heading out onto the road or climbing aboard the treadmill. With everything that is out there, it can be … Read more

Best Running Shoes in 2013

  The 2013 shoe review is in, and there is plenty to be excited about.  Truth be told, I have never met a runner without a shoe fetish.  Running shoes are the most important gear you can get for optimal training and racing.  Whether you are training on trails, roads or track, there are differences … Read more

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