Runners Guide to Road Etiquette

Runners are generally polite people, so it is no surprise that there is actually an established system of road etiquette for runners. Although we typically think of our sport as one of solitude, we must all share the road – and not just with other runners. There are ways of maintaining politeness on the road … Read more

Why you Should Run with a Charity Organization

Running with a charity organization is one of the most rewarding ways to accomplish your running goals.  Besides the obvious benefit of giving something good to the world with your workout and helping to fund a worthy cause, there are many more to be found.  Many charity organizations offer coaching support to their charity runners, … Read more

Benefits of Joining a Running Group

Running is a sport of solitude.  For many, it is the chance to clear the thoughts of the day between themselves and the road.  It is also the opportunity to work on performance goals and personal records.  Running with a group may seem to pose a threat to the runner’s autonomy, but it is actually … Read more

How to Run a 5k with Kids

Running has become a hot new favorite sport for families with children of all ages.  Whether you are rolling tots in a stroller or taking stride with your older kids, the 5K is the perfect distance for children to take their first steps into the racing world.  Running with the family can create memories to … Read more

11 Best Running Dogs – Which Breeds Can Go The Distance

Image Source: FlickerThe right training partner can make your training experience a great one. As it turns out, dogs are a runner’s best friend. I personally trained for 3 marathons with my faithful black Lab, Jack, who enjoyed every minute on our trail runs together. At his peak age of 5, Jack was trainable beyond the puppy … Read more

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