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Simple, Indispensable Tips From a Pint-Sized Running Pro

Ever heard of Isabella Fons? I hadn’t either. But now that I have, I’ve quickly become her number one fan. Isabella is a 15-year-old high school freshman with her own YouTube channel, where she uploads tons of fun videos about her passions, which range from veganism to running.She has more than 10,000 subscribers and a very impressive resume, which […]

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The Untold History of Women’s Running: Runners You May Not Have Heard About (But Need to Know)

We all have a general idea of women’s running history.  We know that women were largely banned from the Olympics and organized races until the 1960s.  We know about Kathrine (aka “K”) Switzer and her famous run at the Boston Marathon.  We also know about Rosie Ruiz and her more, shall we say, infamous bid […]

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Run Like a Girl!: Girls on the Run Offers Young Girls the Opportunity to Shine

A rotating corps of Girls on the Run volunteers drop in on an end-of-the-season social.  The more practical goal of this gathering is to collect the coaches’ training boxes, the lessons and materials the coaches use over the twelve week course of the running program.  Inevitably though, the volunteers stop to chat, swapping season stories […]

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Profile of an Ultramarathon Runner – Will Thomas

Running an ultramarathon is a unique experience and in many ways is very much different than the mainstream running that many of us have grown accustomed to.  I have always marveled at ultramarathoners who run some of the most difficult races and push themselves to limits many of us would not even fathom.  In his […]

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