Should Runners Take Glucosamine?

Runners Take Glucosamine

Running can be tough on your body. It is a strenuous sport that can cause wear and tear on your joints and leave you vulnerable to injury. Is glucosamine the miracle answer to injury prevention and joint healing? Should runners take glucosamine?What is glucosamine?Glucosamine is a nutrient which is naturally produced in the human body. … Read more

Can You Improve Your VO2max?

VO2max is a relatively strange concept to a lot of runners, and especially the general population. It turns out, however, that there is a relatively easy way to improve it dramatically and improve running performance. Important first, though, is to understand what exactly your VO2max is. What Is VO2max? Your VO2max is the measure of … Read more

What Is The Optimum Age For Peak Marathon Performance?

People worry about age a great deal. There are people who constantly feel like they are either too young to train properly or too old  to be able to withstand the damage that is possible during a marathon. The answer of the best age isn’t set in stone and is actually hard to pin down … Read more

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