Why I Won’t Quit: 10 Good Reasons to Keep Running

I’m back!! Last week, I wrote a post where I really laid my heart out about running and how I was disappointed in my half-marathon race result.  I was questioning whether I should just quit running because I was not seeing the progress that I wanted to see. That post was very difficult for me … Read more

Can You Run a Half-Marathon if You Hate to Run?

I was reading an article in a recent issue of Northwest Runner when I came across some words that sounded somewhat familiar which stated: “My freshman year in high school, the ’81-82 school year, was when I discovered my extreme dislike for it.  It was painful, provided no satisfaction, and wasn’t any fun at all.  Coach Q … Read more

2013 Running Goals

Without a plan, nothing worthwhile gets done. I recently wrote about what I accomplished running wise last year.  I have found that as long as I’m setting running goals and striving to accomplish them, I’m much healthier, happier, and have results that I can look back on and be proud of. So, in the spirit … Read more

2012 Running Goals and Results Review: How Did I Do?

Near the beginning of 2012, I set 3 goals that I wanted to accomplish during the year.  You can read my original post with those 2012 running goals here. I’m writing this post in March, so its well past due!  However, I wanted to share some of my running accomplishments from 2012 because as I … Read more

Setting SMART Goals to Meet Your Running Objectives

Setting goals in your running is smart or should I say SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.  The SMART criteria actually have their roots in industry where it is a common mnemonic guide to aid people in setting objectives.  While serving as a common tool for project and resource managers to set key … Read more

3 Simple Steps to Finding Your Goal Marathon Pace

As I mentioned recently, I have just signed up for the Leavenworth Marathon in October 2012.  Now as I get more serious about developing a running strategy, I am thinking about what my goal marathon pace should be.  What follows here is some of the best advice that I could gather from experts along with … Read more

Spencer’s 2012 Running Goals

I created this site to help me accomplish some of my running goals. I don’t have any ambitious goals of becoming an Olympic champion or anything like that, but I do believe that if I can accomplish my goals I will see a significant impact on my health and overall quality of life. After all, … Read more

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