Spencer’s 2013 Running Goals in Review

The year of 2013 has ended, and I’m excited to finally start setting my goals for 2014 and seeing what my old body can do!  But before I jump into looking forward, its important to take a quick peek in the rearview mirror and see how my 2013 goals ended up. In a nutshell, I … Read more

Stephen’s 2014 Running Goals

I am a huge fan of setting goals for my personal running endeavors.  The thing about goal setting is that while it is not realistic to be 100% successful all of the time in achieving your goals, you will get a whole lot farther in your endeavors if you shoot for a goal and fall … Read more

How to Set Realistic Running Goals

Running is something that improves your health over time. The key word there being “time.” Many people jump into something like running or weightlifting and expect dramatic changes instantly. While it is true that many parts of your body will change rapidly throughout the fitness journey, it is also important to come to terms with … Read more

How to Achieve your Weight Loss and Running Goals

Running is an excellent way to achieve your weight loss goals. I can personally attest to this statement; I ran off 60 pounds in under one year, and kept it off. Running at a 10 minute pace for 30 minutes burns a total of 318 calories for the average person.  Achieving your running and weight … Read more

Best Interval Training for a Marathon

Training for a marathon is a daunting task. I often advise beginners to think of running the marathon as they would think of eating an elephant; one bite at a time. The marathon, marked by the extreme distance of 26.2 miles, is a true test of human endurance. Attempting to go out and run the … Read more

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